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Fred Cao

Criminal Defence Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Criminal Defence Lawyer
"A knowledgeable, passionate and highly-respected criminal defence lawyer with an exceptional track record of defending a wide range of matters".

Mr Fred Xikun Cao is a criminal defence lawyer with significant experience representing clients at all levels of the justice system.

Fred was responsible for the criminal law division of a large city-based law firm before joining our criminal defence team.

He is a knowledgeable, passionate and highly-respected criminal defence lawyer with an exceptional track record of defending a wide range of matters, from traffic cases such as drink and drug driving, licence appeals and driving whilst suspended or disqualified, to complex financial fraud, commercial drug importation, manufacture and supply, and serious assault and sexual assault trials.

Fred is a compassionate and dedicated lawyer who ensures his clients are kept informed throughout the court process, and his formidable courtroom skills have earned him respect both inside and outside the courtroom.

Fred’s Australian upbringing and Chinese heritage enables him to have a unique perspective into difficulties faced by different communities within Australia. He is well respected within the Chinese community and has perfect fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

He has a proven ability to to formulate and implement defence strategies that result in cases being withdrawn at an early stage or, in the event that they proceed to defended hearings or jury trials, result in not guilty verdicts.

Fred is an integral member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Fred's Clients Say

I couldn't believe the results

Great lawyer, I couldn't believe the results. I will definitely use them again but hopefully I won't need to. Fred really knows his stuff and was very professional, highly recommend.

Pertinent, conscientious, careful thinking, and clear

Thank you very much Mr Fred Cao. Attorney Cao is very pertinent, conscientious, careful thinking, and clear. Attorney Cao will patiently explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and then let the client know which is the best option. At the same time, Attorney Cao handled the questions raised by the client very promptly and responded quickly. Is a trustworthy good lawyer.

Thanks to him I got the best outcome possible

Fred Cao : professional, assertive, knowledgeable. I had never been in any legal trouble at all before. First time I needed a lawyer in my life on January 2020 I reached out to Sydney Criminal lawyers and Fred Cao took my case. I was a total nervous wreck . At first, Fred Cao seemed somewhat poised so I thought he wasn’t going to care about my case. Boy was I wrong! He never gave me any false hope and always listened to me. Being always calm, controlled and articulate he helped to ease my anxiety. Seeing Fred Cao in action at the final court hearing was very, very, very impressive. Thanks to him I got the best outcome possible. I can’t recommend him enough and I was very pleased with his skills and services. All in all, he’s like Michael Corleone in the Godfather movie “ he’s not a big, scary man. But certainly you never see him coming”

2 charges of Common Assault

I was represented by Fred Cao for a legal matter of 2 charges of Common Assault. With no experience dealing with the justice system, Fred took the time to talk through my situation, understand my side, discuss my options and come up with a strong case which inevitably allowed myself to have No Conviction & No charge on both charges. I can't thank Fred enough for the help he gave me & am super appreciative of the way he supported me through an unfortunate situation. You're a legend Fred, can't recommend you enough!

Could not have asked for a better outcome

Excellent service, could not have asked for a better outcome, stoked with my lawyer Fred Cao's work. Highly recommended.

I received no conviction

I am most impressed with Fred Cao, whose professional and timely representation today in Sutherland Court ensured that I received no conviction being recorded against me. Thank you Mr Cao!

Non criminal conviction and also squash 3 of my HABITUAL OFFENCE on the same day

Thank you Fred Cao for your knowledge and skills of handling my case of driving while disqualified for the third time, with such experience and helpful tips on the matter it help me get the result of a non criminal conviction and also squash 3 of my HABITUAL OFFENCE on the same day of matter. Words cannot describe how amazed I was with how much work he has put in for my case. I''m very grateful. Thank you so much

A non conviction and a clean record!

Fred was my lawyer who delivered the results, very happy customer. I highly recommend this law firm. He was very professional and committed. My outcome was unexpected and immensely the best ever - a non conviction and a clean record!

Fred was incredibly professional

Fred was incredibly professional, He walked me through the process on how to prepare and what courses I needed to finish to help my Case. A very unexpected result went my favour with the matter being thrown out which I credit all to Freds doing. I couldn't recommend Fred highly enough.

Absolutely fantastic results

Absolutely fantastic results achieved by Fred and his team for my case and I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and tactful advice in helping me through a most traumatic legal experience, I highly recommend their excellent services.
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