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Tuan Phan

Senior Criminal Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Lawyer
Criminal Defence Lawyer with Years of Experience Representing Clients at all levels of the Justice System

Mr Tuan Phan is a criminal defence lawyer with years of experience representing clients at all levels of the justice system.

He commenced his legal career as a paralegal and then a defence lawyer with a boutique specialist criminal law firm in Sydney’s south-west, before progressing to a larger criminal defence firm where he focused on a range of traffic and criminal law cases, from drink and drug driving, licence appeals and unlicensed driving cases, to assaults, drug possession and AVOs, all the way up to serious and complex cases such as commercial drug importation and supply, substantial frauds and crimes against the person such as sexual assaults and armed robbery.

Tuan is able to digest enormous amounts of material, ascertain weaknesses in the prosecution evidence, and develop and implement strategies that lead to the withdrawal, downgrading and dismissal of cases.

He is a persuasive courtroom lawyer who frequently succeeds in having cases thrown out of court, and obtaining non-conviction orders for clients who wish to plead guilty.

He is an active member of the Vietnamese community and of course speaks the language fluently.

Clients benefit from Tuan’s specialist experience, as well as his commitment to ensuring that his clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their criminal or traffic cases.

He is an integral part of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Tuan's Clients Say

Helped me feel reassured

I was represented by both Tuan and Kent Park, both were very helpful and made the entire experience a lot more comfortable and helped me feel reassured.

Very helpful and responsive

Called Sydney Criminal Lawyers for a driving offence matter on a Sunday and they put me in touch with Tuan straight away, he was very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Highly recommended.

Best outcome we hoped for

We got the best outcome we hoped for with Tuan Phan at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Tuan was a pleasure to deal with. He was thoroughly committed, respectful and realistic throughout the process over the past five months. My wife and I are grateful for his Service and recommend Tuan Phan to anyone looking for a great lawyer. Thank you for all you have done for my father-in-law.

Was able to secure an acquittal

Tuan Phan of Sydney Criminal Lawyers was of utmost importance with his guidance around my matter. Calm and professional, Tuan is very knowledgeable and was able to secure an acquittal. Would recommend Tuan and the entire team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Thank you.

Solid defence and a successful outcome

I was represented by Tuan Phan from Sydney Criminal Lawyers, Tuan was reliable for both appearances and phone communication, always contactable, he provided me with a solid defence and a successful outcome.

You want a good solicitor? Reach out and speak to Tuan

Tuan is one the most compassionate solicitors I have ever met. His precision to exacting the best outcome in a hearing from my experience is unsurpassed. Tuan is diligent, tenacious and professional in all of our conversations despite the content of the case before him. I have engaged previously to legal advisors and appointed approved officers of the court. They were below par. If you engage and enlist Tuan as your legal representative I assure you he will go beyond to ensure that you are not just a number lost in the flotsam and jetsam of the legal quagmire and complexities. Thank you Tuan. Mate you were great with the delivery of the facts. You want a good solicitor? Reach out and speak to Tuan.

I got the best result thanks to his expertise

I highly recommend Tuan Phan. From beginning to end he has been highly professional and available. I got the best result thanks to his expertise. Thanks again Tuan

Effective and honest legal advice

Tuan Phan provided highly accurate, effective and honest legal advice. He was extremely well prepared which enabled us to achieve the exact outcome we were hoping for.

He explained everything to me

Tuan Phan was excellent throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer, he explained everything to me in extreme detail and so I could understand. Very happy with my outcome.

Made things easier

Thank you Sydney Criminal Lawyers and Tuan for helping with my case. Tuan was very helpful, made things easier and we definitely received the best possible results. Cheers again
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