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Tuan Phan

Senior Criminal Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Lawyer
Criminal Defence Lawyer with Years of Experience Representing Clients at all levels of the Justice System

Mr Tuan Phan is a criminal defence lawyer with years of experience representing clients at all levels of the justice system.

He commenced his legal career as a paralegal and then a defence lawyer with a boutique specialist criminal law firm in Sydney’s south-west, before progressing to a larger criminal defence firm where he focused on a range of traffic and criminal law cases, from drink and drug driving, licence appeals and unlicensed driving cases, to assaults, drug possession and AVOs, all the way up to serious and complex cases such as commercial drug importation and supply, substantial frauds and crimes against the person such as sexual assaults and armed robbery.

Tuan is able to digest enormous amounts of material, ascertain weaknesses in the prosecution evidence, and develop and implement strategies that lead to the withdrawal, downgrading and dismissal of cases.

He is a persuasive courtroom lawyer who frequently succeeds in having cases thrown out of court, and obtaining non-conviction orders for clients who wish to plead guilty.

He is an active member of the Vietnamese community and of course speaks the language fluently.

Clients benefit from Tuan’s specialist experience, as well as his commitment to ensuring that his clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their criminal or traffic cases.

He is an integral part of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Tuan's Clients Say

Absolutely Professional Seiner Criminal Lawyer

Tuan Phan is absolutely professional seiner criminal lawyer, my case outcome was much wonderful than which I expected. Good advices it worked and good value for spending on it. Thank you for your hard work!

Out of jail for my driving offences

Hi my name is Fady Fyash
I would like to say what an amazing job Tuan Phan did for me keeping me out of jail for my driving offences. I would recommend Tuan Phan to anyone needing a criminal lawyer. AMAZING JOB!

Professional, thorough and communicates well!

Tuan at Sydney Criminal Lawyers is professional, thorough and communicates well!

He is an amazing lawyer!

I highly recommend Tuan Phan! He is an amazing lawyer! Thank you, Tuan for your exceptional service.

Remained professional and calm throughout all proceedings

Tuan helped immensely with a matter that whilst straightforward on paper, was made immensely more complex by some unfortunate, immovable timelines on my end. Nevertheless, he remained professional and calm throughout all proceedings and we managed to achieve a non-conviction. He was organised, kept me informed and I always felt like he took any feedback from me on board - would comfortably recommend Tuan to anybody!

Fantastic, professional service!

Fantastic, professional service! Thank you, Tuan Phan!

He is an amazing lawyer! Thank you

I highly recommend Tuan Phan, he is an amazing lawyer! Thank you, Tuan Phan for your exceptional service!

Result much better then we expected

I was a client of Patrick and Tuan. Patrick assisted me leading up to my court date going backwards and forwards with emails but ended up needing to follow through on his family duties but was super informative and reassured me my matter will be handled by his friend Tuan who will ensure I am looked after. After being a nervous wreck and unsure of my future, Tuan kept me calm and took me away from the courthouse to spend some time talking to me away from the court setting. He was informative of the process ahead, what he thought our likely and best scenarios were and our plan of attack as well the vibe for the court room through out the day. Tuan took the extra time to ensure some extra work was done that laid off and give us a result much better then we expected. Thanks Tuan for your assistance and will contact you and Patrick in future if the need ever arises!

I am extremely appreciative and very thankful

Tuan Phan at Sydney Criminal Lawyers, is defiantly recommended!!! Thank so much for putting the time and 100% effort into my case, It was stressful as is was on going for months and months. He regularly kept in touch with me and was interested in every fact and detail about the offence every time we spoke which made me feel at ease. Tuan is very knowledgeable and experienced, he did not back down in the court room for me to have the best possible out come, which I ended up with a better result than I expected I am extremely appreciative and very thankful I had Tuan for my case today!

Professional and compassionate towards my situation

I had never needed a lawyer or any type of legal assistance until recent and had no clue on what to do. I had sifted through quite a few firms online prior to having chosen Sydney Criminal Lawyers, and I can say that I am beyond satisfied and relieved that I did. Tuan Phan took my case and went above and beyond in his efforts to help me. He was very professional and compassionate towards my situation and made the whole ordeal a lot easier to bear. Tuan is very erudite in his profession, and I highly recommend him for any criminal case of any kind; I am certain you will be most impressed with his services.
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