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Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 25 April to 1 May 2022

Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Offence of Littering in New South Wales

A teen who became famous for warning motorists of an unfair speed camera has been fined for littering after allegedly leaving his sign and some cans behind.

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This Anzac Day, ADF Veterans Call on Government for War Powers Reform

Australian Defence Force veterans are calling for reform on the Prime Minister’s power to decide without consultation whether we enter foreign wars.

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Governments Fail Flood Victims

Providing desperately needed assistance to flood victims is low on the list of priorities for both the federal and state governments.

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NSW Barrister Guilty of Contempt for Refusing to Cease Work When Directed

A barrister who continued to practise law despite being directed to cease has narrowly avoided prison time.

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The Solomons: Australia Offered Fruit-Picking, While China Offers Economic Stability

Our government is upset about the pact between China and the Solomons, despite having exploited and belittled the latter over many years.

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Dangerous Driver Who Killed Pregnant Woman Wins Appeal

A man who killed a woman and her unborn twins in a head on collision while drunk and driving dangerously has had his sentence reduced.

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NSW Police Needs Greater Transparency Around Domestic Violence, Says DVNSW’s Renata Field

With a culture of toxic masculinity and several officers remaining on the force despite being convicted of domestic violence offences, it’s little wonder the public has lost confidence.

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WA Poisoned First Nations With Agent Orange: An Interview With Ngikalikarra’s Dr Magali McDuffie

During the 70s and 80s, WA sent hundreds of First Nations men to spray Agent Orange without advising them it was a potential death sentence.

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Julian to the Slaughter, as UK Moves Towards US Model of Killing Press Freedoms

The decision on whether to extradite the truth-teller is now in the hands of a UK politician who is pushing for laws to silence journalists.

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SAS Soldier Allegedly Lies to Cover-Up for Ben Roberts-Smith

An elite solder who testified for Ben Roberts-Smith has been charged with criminal offences over his alleged lies.

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To “Preserve Peace Is to Prepare for War”, Declares War Minister Peter Dutton

Having led the charge to legislate away our liberties, the defence minister now seems intent on a war with our biggest trading partner.

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Inmates Build Homes for Flood Victims

With government relief trickling in at a snail’s pace, prison inmates are building homes for those left without them.

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ATO Lets Down Hardworking Aussies

The tax office has failed to go after rogue employers who neglect to pay their workers’ superannuation.

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Wisened Up Quiet Australians Won’t Be Duped by Anti-Democratic Morrison This Time

Many ‘quiet Australians’ who led Scott Morrison to victory at the last election feel he has performed poorly.

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