Fixed Fees

At Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, we want you to have the highest quality legal representation while at the same time knowing exactly how much your case will cost.

That’s why we were the first Australian criminal law firm to publish ‘lump sum fees’, back in 2004.

We offer competitive fixed fees for a range of cases and services.

Click on a link below to find out how much your case will cost:

1. ‘Fixed Fees for Guilty Pleas’™ – If you wish to plead ‘guilty’ in the Local Court

All work up to and including a full day in court*, from:

2. Fixed Fees for Defended Local Court Hearings – If you wish to plead ‘not guilty’ and defend the case

Fixed fees are offered for less-complex local court defended hearings, from:

The fixed fee is for up to two court dates, comprising the first court date (called a ‘mention’), all conferences and preparations, and the hearing date. Additional fees apply if there are further court dates, which will be explained during the first conference and contained in the cost agreement.

Fixed fees can also be offered in more complex cases.

Your Lawyer will be able to advise you of the applicable ‘fixed fee’ during your free first consultation.

3. ‘Severity Appeals’ – Appeals to the District Court because the Local Court penalty was too harsh

Drafting and filing appeal (where necessary), and all work up to and including full day Appeal Hearing, from:

IF the Local Court Sentence was Full Time Imprisonment, from:

4. Driver Licence Appeals – Appeals against Penalty or Suspension Notices

All work up to and including a full day in court*, from:

5. Bail Applications in the Local or District Court

All work up to and including a full day in court, from:

6. Bail Applications in the Supreme Court

All preparations including prison visit (if necessary), conferences, preparing any necessary affidavits, initial court ‘callover’ date (if required), preparing and filing notice of readiness to proceed, and up to a full court hearing date, from:

7. Mental Health Applications – to have your case dismissed due to mental health

We may be able to have your charges dismissed on the basis that you suffer from a ‘mental condition’ such as depression, anxiety etc.

All work including briefing psychiatrist/psychologist, initial court date, all preparations and court hearing date, from:

Note that some applications are more complex and may involve ‘sentencing proceedings’ after the application has been made.

Your lawyer will be able to quote you a fixed fee for your particular case.

8. Prison Conferences – We Travel to All NSW Correctional Centres:
9. Attending Police Stations:
10. Applications to Quash Habitual Offender Declarations

All work up to and including a full day in court*, from:

11. Dangerous Dog Cases

1. Conference to Advise

2. Letter of Introduction to Council

3. Written Objection to Proposed Dangerous Dog Declaration

4. Appeal Against Dangerous Dog Declaration

All work up to and including Full Day in Court; including:

$2000 + GST & Local Court Filing Fee (currently $95), plus travel disbursements for regional areas

5. ‘Guilty Plea’ for Dog Attack Prosecution (eg s16 Companion Animals Act)*

All work up to and including one day in Court, from:

* Most cases can be completed on the first court date. However, if the matter goes beyond the first court date, there is an additional fee of $750 + GST for all work up to and including the next court date in Sydney City and Metropolitan Courts. The fee may be greater for cities outside Sydney and NSW Country Areas, taking into account travel time and expenses.

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