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Australia’s Best Criminal Defence Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is a highly respected team of vastly experienced specialist criminal defence lawyers with offices across the Sydney Metropolitan Area and beyond, including Sydney City, Liverpool, Parramatta, Sutherland, PenrithBankstown, ChatswoodNewcastleWollongong and Cessnock.

Our profession-leading defence team is spearheaded by lawyers who are certified by the Law Society of New South Wales as Accredited Criminal Law Specialists, and our unparalleled track record of success and client satisfaction has led to numerous awards and accolades, including “Criminal Defence Firm of the Year in Australia” for several years running.

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The right team behind you

Our firm is focused on results and client satisfaction, and our team of dedicated lawyers and support staff will ensure you receive the highest quality legal representation and are fully informed throughout the court process.

Our unsurpassed track record is evidenced by our consistently exceptional criminal and traffic case results, and the testimonials regularly sent to us and publicly posted by our valued clients.

Specialist lawyer guarantee

We guarantee that our clients will be represented by specialist criminal defence lawyers with substantial courtroom experience.

Our team is spearheaded by ‘Accredited Criminal Law Specialists‘, including our Principal Ugur Nedim who has been certified by the Law Society as an accredited specialist since 2005 and been practising in the criminal law  profession for more than 20 years.

All criminal and traffic cases

We represent clients in all types of criminal and traffic cases, including:

Free first appointment

If you are going to court for a criminal or traffic law case, we offer a free first appointment during which one of our experienced, specialist criminal defence lawyers will carefully explain the law, your options and the best way forward, as well as the fees involved.

Flexible conference options

We also offer flexible conference options including attending one of our many offices across the Sydney Metropolitan Area and beyond, over the phone, or via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

We also offer free parking at our head offices in the Sydney CBD, which are located in Museum Towers across the road from the Downing Centre Court complex.

Transparent and affordable fees

Our firm appreciates that not everyone can afford an expensive legal bill and so we offer a range of flexible options such as:

  • Fixed Fees for many of our services and for less-serious criminal and traffic cases,
  • Realistic cost estimates of for serious and complex criminal cases, and
  • Easy Payment methods.

All Courts, Prisons and Police Stations

We attend all New South Wales courts, prisons, and police stations to ensure you have professional legal representation to defend your rights.

We Speak Your Language

Our culturally diverse team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, and we have lawyers who speak Arabic, Korean, Filipino, Greek, Chinese (Cantonese), Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

And members of our administrative team can speak Chinese (Mandarin), Vietnamese, Greek, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Xitsonga, Tswane, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi and Sotho.

For other languages, we have a network of interpreters and translators to assist with communication.

So our valued clients have access to the very best legal representation, whatever their mother tongue.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Help Fund

As a socially responsible law firm, we have established the ‘SCL Help Fund‘ – which is a charity entirely funded by our practice.

The fund aims to help those in need – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or even species (animals included).

We have had the privilege of donating many thousands of dollars to a wide range of amazing charities that are making a real difference to the lives of those in need.

Our Help Fund has also allowed us to wholly fund the building and ongoing costs of a school in an impoverished region of Bangladesh – giving children access to education they would otherwise be unlikely to obtain.

Our commitment to social responsibility also sees our team participating in a range of fundraising events.

We Can Help!

Whether you are charged with a traffic offence or are facing criminal charges, we will fight to ensure you get the best possible result, whatever your particular situation may be.

Call Sydney Criminal Lawyers® today on (02) 9261 8881.

Benefit from the Expertise. Trust in our Experience.

Our Lawyers

The Sydney Criminal Lawyers defence team comprises some of the most highly-respected and experienced Criminal Lawyers in Australia. We work closely together to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Ugur Nedim

Principal Lawyer B.A., LL.B., G.D.L.P., LL.M. 25 years of experience

Vinny Vijay

Senior Associate BCom, LL.B, G.D.L.P

James Clements

Senior Associate B.A., LL.B, GDLP 19 years of experience

Mariecar Capili

Senior Associate B.Sc, LL.B, GDLP

Patrick O’Sullivan

Senior Criminal Lawyer B.A., LL.B, GDLP

Sherleen Chand

Senior Associate LL.B, G.D.L.P.

Deniz Nedim

Senior Criminal Lawyer B.A, LL.B, G.D.L.P.

Lingwei Kong

Criminal Defence Lawyer Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies, Juris Doctor, GDLP

Natalija Labanc

Criminal Defence Lawyer B.A., LL.B, GDLP

Tandy Machisa

Criminal Defence Lawyer B.A.(Psychology), LL.B, GDLP 

Christian Niyonsaba

Criminal Defence Lawyer LL.B

Our Administrative Team

Mia Kowalski

Practice Manager

Rosemary Van Niekerk

Assistant Practice Manager

Lilli Khalil

Law Clerk

Ash Enwiya

Legal Secretary

Lauren Di Donato

Legal Secretary

Haiyan (Helen) Xiong

Legal Secretary

Yichen (Cynthia) Zhang

Legal Secretary

Prisha Dave

Legal Secretary

Barristers We Instruct

Clive Steirn

Senior Counsel

William Brewer

Criminal Defence Barrister

Luke Brasch

Criminal Defence Barrister

Jack Tyler-Stott

Criminal Defence Barrister

Wali Shukoor

Criminal Defence Barrister

AJ Karim

Criminal Defence Barrister

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