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Ugur Nedim

Principal Lawyer
B.A., LL.B., G.D.L.P., LL.M., Accredited Specialist (Criminal Law)
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Accredited Criminal Law Specialist
Mr Ugur Nedim is the Principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

Mr Ugur Nedim is the Principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

He has a distinguished career as an exceptional criminal defence lawyer and has been recognised by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist since 2005.

Mr Nedim commenced his criminal defence career in 1992 as a law clerk with specialist criminal law firm Brezniak Neil-Smith and Co, under the mentorship of legendary criminal defence lawyer Angus Neil-Smith (now retired).

He began practising as a courtroom criminal defence lawyer in late 1998; independently representing clients in a range of criminal & traffic cases.

He regularly conducted difficult & complex defended hearings, trials and appeals, achieving an outstanding success rate.

He started ‘Nedim Lawyers – Criminal Defence Specialists’ in 2001, which later became ‘Sydney Criminal Lawyers®‘ and achieved the status of Accredited Criminal Law Specialist in 2005.

Mr Nedim has represented clients in some of Australia’s highest profile and most difficult criminal cases, including:

  • Australia’s largest ever heroin importation trial, which involved the importation of over 600 kg of heroin; all 3 clients found not guilty.
  • Over two dozen murder & manslaughter trials, including many arising from the ‘gangland wars’ in Western Sydney;
  • Over 100 serious criminal trials including dozens of sexual assault trials, commercial drug trials, complex fraud trials, grievous bodily harm, robbery, detain for advantage, intent to murder, dangerous driving occasioning death, proceeds of crime and various other trial matters;
  • Representing companies and individuals for allegations of corporate crime and investigations, anti money laundering, bribery and other forms of corruption, fraud and ‘white collar’ crime,
  • Protecting client interests in all types of courts and tribunals, including ICAC, Crime Commission & Coroner’s Court;
  • Successful Appeals at every level – from the Local Court, to hundreds in the District & Supreme Courts (including NSWCCA) all the way up to the High Court of Australia.

He has represented numerous well-known senior executives including CEOs of some of Australia’s largest corporations, as well as senior executives of multi-nationals with offices in Australia, several sporting stars including footballers and Olympic Athletes, actors on the international stage and professionals including lawyers and politicians who have entrusted him with their criminal cases.

He is a dedicated, knowledgeable and persuasive criminal lawyer who is respected by magistrates, judges and prosecutors alike.

He fights hard to have cases ‘dropped’ and is consistently able to defend and win serious criminal cases after clients have received advice from other lawyers that their cases have no prospects of success (see Recent Cases).

Mr Nedim has also conducted 4000+ local court cases over his career, with an emphasis on:

  • drink driving and major traffic offences,
  • drug possession & supply,
  • assaults and AVOs,
  • fraud & dishonesty offences, and
  • defended hearings, committal hearings, guilty pleas, bail applications and mental health cases.

However, he now focuses on serious and complex crime, with a special emphasis on corporate crime and investigations, large-scale fraud, commercial drug importation and supply, and murder/manslaughter cases.

Mr Nedim is a true specialist because he has always practised as a criminal defence lawyer – not a prosecutor, general lawyer or commercial lawyer, which have little relevance to high quality criminal defence work. Over and above this, he has independently carried his cases from start to finish since the start of his legal career – undertaking advocacy (courtroom) work where other lawyers may need the assistance of others.

He has developed specialised procedures, methods and techniques to achieve desirable outcomes for his corporate and individual clients.

He is respected for his ability to grasp large volumes of complex material, identify the relevant issues and formulate winning strategies, and his high-quality work is consistently praised by members of the judiciary.

With Mr Nedim, clients can rest assured of receiving the best defence whatever their particular criminal or traffic law case may be.

Ugur's Recent Cases

Sexual Assault and Detain for Advantage Charges Dropped

Our client is a 36-year old tradesman from North Western Sydney. He was at a hotel in the Sydney CBD when he entered into a conversation with a 25-year old female. Both had already been drinking, and they drank a number of further alcoholic drinks together, before catching a taxi together to our client’s apartment. While there, the female exchanged text messages with a female friend to the effect that everything was ok and for her friend not to worry. The next morning, the complainant sent further text messages to her friend to the effect that she had been forced into having sexual intercourse. She left our client’s home, met her friend and they both attended a police station where a formal complaint of sexual assault was made. In the complaint, the woman alleged that the pair were drinking on a couch at our client’s apartment when he forced himself on her and had non-consensual sexual intercourse with her. She claimed she had stated ‘no’ several times and attempted to ‘fight off’ our client. The complainant attended a hospital during which an examination was performed and samples taken. Police attended the home of our client several days later where they arrested him, placed him in custody and conducted an interview during which our client was adamant the sexual intercourse was consensual. Police nevertheless charged our client with one count of sexual intercourse without consent (also known as ‘sexual assault’) under section 61I of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) and one count of detain for advantage under section 86 of the same Act. They refused him bail at the police station and we made a successful application in court the very next day. Based on our client's instructions, we quickly subpoenaed CCTV footage from the hotel and from our client’s apartment complex, and managed to track down and obtain in-car footage from the taxi they took to our client's premises– all of which were highly suggestive of the complainant being a willing participant in the events leading up to the pair entering our client’s unit. We also relied on photographs of our client and the complainant which showed no evidence of any struggle. We wrote detailed ‘representations’ to the DPP – who eventually took the case over from the police – to the effect that neither of the offences could be proved beyond reasonable doubt on the admissible evidence available. Representations are a formal letter requesting the withdrawal of charges. We followed up our representations with extensive negotiations with the DPP, after which both of the charges against our client were withdrawn, saving our client the stress, expense and potential risk of a lengthy District Court jury trial.

Not Guilty of Manslaughter

Our client is a 40 year old man from Greystanes in greater Western Sydney. He lived with his older brother and elderly mother until her death in September 2017. On 23 August 2017, our client and his brother called an ambulance for their mother, explaining that she had become bedridden and that her food and water intake had decreased. Following admission to hospital, our client’s mother was found to have a number of bed sores which had become infected. That infection subsequently led to sepsis and our client’s mother passed away 10 days after being conveyed to hospital. Following the death of their mother, our client and his brother were charged with her manslaughter. The Crown alleged that they had been criminally negligent by failing to properly care for her, and that their failure to provide care caused her death. Both our client and his brother pleaded not guilty. We successfully reached agreement with the Crown to have the trial heard by judge alone. The Crown case was that as a result of assuming responsibility for the care of their mother, the brothers were required to exercise reasonable care for her health and nourishment. It was alleged that in the month before the mother’s admission to hospital, the brothers negligently breached that duty by failing to provide proper care and hygiene for their mother’s bed sores, by neglecting to obtain medical treatment and not providing adequate nutrition and hydration. It was further alleged that these omissions caused the 72-year old mother’s death because the infection, that ultimately proved fatal, entered her bloodstream through the bed sores. Our client and his brother did not deny owing a duty of care to their mother. They did, however, deny any negligence in that care and disputed that the infection resulted from any breach on their part. During to course of the case, our defence team obtained materials which suggested that the mother had full cognitive capacity, and that she had repeatedly refused medical care in the years leading up to her death. Given the nature and extent of the material obtained, and our successful cross-examination of the Crown’s medical experts – who conceded in court that there were refusals to receive medical care  – our defence team made the forensic decision not to call our client to the witness stand. Rather, our strong position at the end of the Crown case led to our decision to call only one defence witness, an elderly gentleman who had known the lady for several years through their interactions at the local church. The man’s evidence strongly corroborated our instructions and the medical evidence regarding the mother’s history of refusing medical treatment. The presiding judge found that the Crown had failed to establish that the mother suffered from dementia or lacked mental capacity prior to her admission to hospital. His Honour further found there was no evidence of long-term nutritional deficiency, which was again consistent with our client’s account that he provided his mother with all her meals. The judge additional found there was no evidence that our client “knew at any time prior to [his mother] being hospitalised how medically significant it was” and that the Crown failed to establish the brothers “exhibited less than reasonable care in failing to procure medical assistance…” His Honour agreed that the mother was “a conscious patient with full legal capacity.” He therefore rejected the Crown’s case, and found that a reasonable person in our client’s position should not be taken to possess the medical knowledge and expertise required to care for a person suffering from bed sores. Our client was found not guilty for those reasons.

Ugur's Testimonials

Passionate and thoughtful communicator

Ugur is a passionate and thoughtful communicator.

Supportive in and out of the courtroom

Great team really supportive in and out of the courtroom - from the Principal Ugur to my lawyer Fouad Awada. They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend their services to anybody looking for a team of lawyers who care.

Trust me you wont be disappointed!

Ugur Nedim is Legend! It was a pleasure working with him. Trust me you wont be disappointed!

Very helpful and understanding

Nedim is very very helpful and understanding, the willingness to help and provide support is there.

They obtained the best possible outcome

The team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® were very professional and diligent. Ugur Nedim organised quick representation, even though he was on holidays. Steven Patrick was very approachable and provided exceptional assistance with his wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend this team, as they obtained the best possible outcome. Very happy. Thank you again!

The best lawyer

I like thank the Mr Ugur Nedim. He good man. He good lawyer. The best! He talk me on phone long time and tell me good things for my case and my wife she stay with me now and very happy ending my case. Thanks much.

I got the section 10 today. You and your team are just so perfect

Dear Mr Nedim, Thank you so much for your help. I got the section 10 today. You and your team are just so perfect. I cannot believe that everything happened is real. It is really difficult to find words to express my gratitude. You really saved my life. Maryanne is so professional and dedicated. She helped me out. She saved my life as well. Would be able to convert my gratitude to her when you have free time. You and your team are best lawyers in the universe. My highest gratitude. Best regards,

Best Lawyers in Sydney!

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® provided me with an excellent level of service. They were cost effective and fought to have my case thrown out of court. Mr Nedim then got the Magistrate to order Police to pay my legal costs. Best Lawyers in Sydney!

Words can't express how much I appreciate all you've done for me

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the efforts of Mr Nedim and the amazing team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. Ive been in trouble with the law before and have used many lawyers. I was charged earlier this year with very serious allegations and police refused to give me bail. I call Sydney Criminal Lawyers® that night and they came to court the very next morning and got me out. My previous experience with lawyers is that they promise alot but never deliver. They usually just let the case run or tell me to plead guilty. Mr Nedim and the team are completely different. He said he would fight to get the case dropped and that's exactly what he did. I've never had lawyers work so hard for me before. They care and do what they say theyll do, awesome lawyers. I will be keeping your letter to the DPP and telling anyone who needs a lawyer to go straight to you guys. All of the charges against me were dropped and I didn't have to face another day in court. Words can't express how much I appreciate all youve done for me but I hope to never have to call you again!

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is undoubtedly the best criminal law firm in Sydney

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Nedim and Mitchell for the dedication, professionalism and the great efforts they put in my case. The outcome was much better than I expected. I only expected Section 10 with no conviction. But Nedim and Mitchell fought very hard to have my serious charge dropped. They saved me time and money of not having to go to a defended hearing. Thank you so much for your help. I will never forget. Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is undoubtedly the best criminal law firm in Sydney. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a dedicated lawyer fighting hard for their case.

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