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Recent Traffic Cases

Here are some of our recent traffic cases. Names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.


No Criminal Record, Licence Disqualification or Fine for High Range Drink Driving

Our client is a successful businessman, environmentalist and family man. He was charged by police with High Range Drink driving, having returned a positive breath analysis of .159. We immediately contacted police to ask for copies of their body worn... read more

District Court Severity Appeal Successful for Middle-Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 37-year old woman who lives in Maroubra, in Sydney’s south. She is employed as a doctor at a public hospital in Sydney. She attended a Christmas party for her workplace, where she consumed a number of... read more

No Criminal Record, Licence Disqualification or Fine for Mid-Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 65 year old woman who is employed as a clinical researcher for a pharmaceutical company and resides in the South Sydney area of Kensington. She attended a hotel in Kings Cross on an evening to meet up... read more

RMS Driver and Rider Licence Suspensions Set Aside on Appeal

Our client is a 35 year old consultant for a number of insurance companies. He has an unrestricted driver licence and a P1 motorcycle rider licence. He has several entries for speeding offences, two mobile phone offences, a red light camera... read more

RMS Driver Licence Suspension Set Aside for Red P-Plater

Our client is an 18-year old apprentice plumber. He is a red P-plater who had adverse entries on his traffic record, despite having had his driver licence for a short period of time. He was detected driving at a speed of... read more

No Criminal Record for Mid Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 42 year old criminal defence lawyer in Sydney. He attended a function on Friday evening during which he consumed a beer and several glasses of wine during the course of the night. He waited some time... read more

Negligent Driving Appeal Upheld

Our client is a 51 year old owner of a security company who lives in South-West Sydney. He was turning right at an intersection when his car collided with an oncoming car driven by a 20-year old P-plater. Police attended... read more

Another Licence Appeal Successful

Our client is a 26 year medical science student, with a part time job dropping-off medical supplies to various locations. He has a wife and young child. He was detected by police driving at a speed greater than 45 km/h,... read more

Not Guilty of High Range Drink Driving and Police Ordered to Pay Costs

Our client is a 35-year old IT professional who had never previously been in trouble with the law. He made a foolish decision to drive the short distance home after a work celebration, where he had been drinking alcohol. Police... read more

No Criminal Record Despite Pleading Guilty to Skye’s Law

Our client is a dentist in rural NSW. She is often required to attend several clinics in different areas on any one day. She was rushing from one clinic to another at 150kp/h when police activated their lights and siren... read more
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