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Mariecar Capili

Criminal Defence Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Criminal Defence Lawyer
"A criminal defence lawyer with substantial experience representing clients in criminal and traffic cases."

Mariecar Capili is a criminal defence lawyer with substantial experience representing clients in criminal and traffic cases.

She regularly appears in courts throughout New South Wales in a wide range of criminal and traffic cases including drink and drug driving, drug possession, apprehended violence orders, assaults, larceny, fraud and driver licence appeals.

She is also vastly experienced instructing barristers in serious and complex District and Supreme Court trials.

Mariecar’s clients benefit from her knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system, both within and outside the courtroom, and her dedication in ensuring that her clients achieve the best possible outcome, whatever their criminal or traffic cases may be.

Mariecar is an invaluable member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Mariecar's Clients Say

The judge dropped my charges and I got the best result

I had Tuan as my lawyer which we firstly decided to plea not guilty. My court date was set for 6 months. As the time went on we decided to make a plea of guilty with a more lenient set of facts from the police. We in the end decided to make a section 32 application. It was a very anxious time for me. I opened up to my lawyer Tuan about how all this time it was affecting my life. I couldn’t live normally for the entire time my court case went on. I wanted the case to end, there were many times I tried to get Tuan to bring my case forward so it could be dealt with, and there were times it would take him a week to 2 weeks to get back to me, which left me in the lurch and made me feel very abandoned, uneasy and unsure of my future. I think he was just a busy guy with many cases. If that was the case I’d wish he’d tell me. I was then passed to a different lawyer, Mariecar, who I thought was excellent, she answered all my calls, always responded quickly and efficiently with an honest answer. When we went into court she was very professional. And was the glowing star in the room. The judge dropped my charges and I got the best result anyone could have hoped for for any case. Mariecar was very pleasant to deal with and had a very patient and calm demeanour. I cannot recommend Mariecar enough. I give my thanks to Tuan and Mariecar for making my Case a complete success. Thank you again.

We got the best result available to us

Mariecar was great when we needed help. We got the best result available to us, and her communication with us was fantastic. Thanks so much M!

We ended up with a result that was in my favour

As someone who has never had an issue with the law previously this was all very new. Mariecar took the time to hear me out and understand my situation. At no time did I ever feel any judgement. Together we had a game plan and on the day it was executed perfectly and we ended up with a result that was in my favour and to be honest I didn't see coming. It was amazing.
Thanks again Mariecar.

The female "Harvey Specter" of Lawyers

If you are still looking for a Lawyer, look no further. SCL is the firm that'll get it done. For a first timer going to court, it was really intimidating for me, but my Lawyer Mariecar was absolutely amazing. She instructed me on what needed to be done and the steps and the cost from Day 1. The process was very streamlined and tailored and on Court Day, Mariecar won my case like a Boss. Cannot recommend them enough. If you're a First timer like me, you need SCL and a lawyer like Mariecar. She is the female "Harvey Specter" of Lawyers. Thank you SCL Team and a big thanks to Mariecar. Cheers.

I was so happy with the outcome

Lawyer Mariecar Capili was amazing, I was so happy with the outcome. Been charged with driving while disqualified twice, list of traffic offences about an arm length, I was fearing the worst. The cost for legal representation and winning, was a lot cheaper than representing myself, failed and paying the fine so I took a lawyer. Mariecar stayed in contact with me, and advice me thru the whole process, character reference letters were send back to me until she was happy with them, anything that she thought would help my case she looked into it. I left the courtroom on a section 10 - 1 year bond so cool yeah. Thanks Mariecar, you did it.

Helpful, professional, and got me a good case outcome

Mariecar was helpful, professional, and got me a good case outcome.

Amazing job

Just want to thank Mariecar did an amazing job thanks.

Extremely informative and responsive

Mariecar represented me and I felt that she was extremely informative and responsive providing insight throughout the whole process from beginning to end. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome and was glad to have her on my side on the day, thank you!

Better outcome than expected

Highly recommended. Mariecar was excellent! Much better outcome than expected. Thanks SCL.

Helpful in attaining a suitable outcome

My lawyer Mariecar was very helpful in attaining a suitable outcome in my matter, very professional but very easy to get along with.
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