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Sydney Criminal Lawyers® | Sydney City Office

PHONE: (02) 9261 8881

FAX: (02) 9264 0880

EMAIL: adminteam@sydneycriminallawyers.com.au

Museum Towers
503/267 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Opposite Downing Centre Courts


Our head office is located at Suite 507 / 267 Castlereagh Street, Sydney inside Museum Towers, which is across the road from the Downing Centre courthouse and around the corner from Central Local Court.

The nearest train station is Museum, which has a Castlereagh Street exit just across the road from our offices. Alternatively, Town Hall station is a five minute walk away.

If you are driving in for an appointment, we offer free visitor parking within our building. You can also use visitor parking free of charge on the day of your court case.

If you have a court date we offer a free first conference with an experienced criminal or traffic defence lawyer who will explain your options and the best way forward.

So call us anytime on (02) 9261 8881 to book your conference with Australia’s most awarded criminal law firm.

About Downing Centre Local Court

Downing Centre Local Court is on levels 4 and 5 of the Downing Centre courthouse, which is located at 143-147 Liverpool Street, Sydney.

The types of criminal and traffic cases heard in Downing Centre Local Court include:

  • Drink driving, driving whilst suspended or disqualified, and other traffic cases
  • Drug possession and small drug supply cases
  • Common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm cases
  • Apprehended violence orders (AVOs)
  • Fraud, larceny and property offences
  • Indecent assault and child abuse material cases
  • Firearms offences
  • Bail applications, sentencing hearings, section 32 applications, committal hearings, and defended hearings

About Downing Centre District Court

Downing Centre District Court is on the lower ground to 3rd floor of the Downing Centre courthouse.

The types of criminal cases heard in Downing Centre District Court include:

  • Drug cases including supply, manufacture, cultivation and importation
  • Assault and wounding-type cases
  • Break and enter, and robbery cases
  • Substantial fraud and property offences
  • Sexual assault and other sex offences
  • Sentencing hearings, appeals against severity and conviction, bail applications and trials.

About Central Local Court

Central Local Court is located at 99 Liverpool Street, Sydney.

The court deals with a large number of bail applications, committal hearings, defended hearings, sentencing hearings and a range of other matters.

It is the court where many serious offences start, before they progress to the higher courts such as the District or Supreme Court.

About the Supreme Court of NSW

There are a number of Supreme Courts across the Sydney CBD, including:

  • The Law Courts Building, Queen’s Square, 184 Phillip Street, Sydney. This building houses the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal where appeals against many decisions in the District and Supreme Courts are heard. It is also where the main court registries are located.
  • King Street Courthouse, Crn King and Elizabeth Streets, Sydney. This is where most Supreme Court bail applications are heard.
  • Darlinghurst Courthouse, Taylor Square, Sydney. This is where lengthy criminal trials often take place.

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