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Sydney Lawyer Allegedly Sacked for Refusing to Lie

by Ugur Nedim
A corporate lawyer has commenced proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court after he was terminated from his position as a senior legal adviser for Meriton Property Services for allegedly refusing to lie in an affidavit. Sydney lawyer Joseph Callahan is...

A Royal Commission Into Child Removals Now: An Interview With NSPTRP’s Megan Krakouer

by Paul Gregoire
National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project (NSPTRP) director Megan Krakouer has launched on online petition calling on prime minister Scott Morrison to prioritise a Royal Commission into Child Removals. The Mineng woman has done so in response to a...

Uniting Against Police Brutality: Officer Murders Civilian on Busy Street

by Paul Gregoire
Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt down upon the neck of George Floyd last Monday, as the African American man lay face down on the side of the road in broad daylight. The white cop continued to rest his body...

Good People Break Bad Laws: The Criminalisation of Whistleblowers

by Paul Gregoire
These days, Australia is known as a nation governed by those that attempt to silence the free press, have an ongoing agenda of eroding citizens’ rights, pass national security laws establishing surveillance state apparatus and persecute whistleblowers. However, the same...

Premier Freezes Public Sector Pay, Having Approved 15% Pay Rise to Police Commissioner

by Sonia Hickey
Despite having just recently approved a massive pay rise to the New South Wales Police Chief, equivalent to about 15% of his salary, The Berejiklian government is now proposing a wage freeze for public servants, including frontline health staff. In...

Man Imprisoned for Assaulting and Raping Own Mother

by Ugur Nedim
A Western Australian man who physically assaulted his 56-year old mother before sexually assaulting her three times has been sentenced to a full-term of 17 years in prison. According to court papers, the man – whose identity is subject to...

“Seven Dark Years in Detention for What?”: An Interview With Kangaroo Point Detainee Abdullah Moradi

by Paul Gregoire
Right now, the Australian government is continuing to hold over 100 men at Kangaroo Point Central Hotel in inner city Brisbane, in a similar manner to how these asylum seekers were previously locked up on Manus and Nauru. These men...

RIP Press Freedom: PM Pressures ABC to Change Report About COVID-19 App

by Sonia Hickey
Last year, when the Australian Federal Police raided the home of journalist Annika Smethurst over a story she wrote about government plan to spy on ordinary Australians, and, days later,  the Sydney offices of the ABC in relation to a...

COVID Commission’s Gas Fuelled Recovery Is Grounded in Climate Denial

by Paul Gregoire
The Morrison government has taken the moment the coronavirus lockdown has afforded the nation to present a somewhat strong proactive pandemic response front, while in the background, it’s simply forging ahead with its “business as usual” fossil fuel agenda. At...

China Continues to Detain Tibet’s Second Highest Leader 25 Years On

by Paul Gregoire
There are growing concerns that the Chinese government will move to appoint its own candidate for the next Dalai Lama: the Tibetan people’s most important spiritual leader. And these fears are warranted, as 25 years ago this month, Beijing disappeared...
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