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Talking Peace on ANZAC Day: An Interview with Raising Peace’s James Cox

“Australia can become a global champion of peace” asserts a recently issued statement from Raising Peace for ANZAC Day 2024, in which the peace alliance network outlines that while remembering fallen soldiers, the reflection shouldn’t be through a “war first”...

Former NSW DPP Nicholas Cowdery Calls on NSW Government to Reform Drug Laws

“We should all be accustomed by now to government promises - before and after elections - being broken or modified and this seems to be just another example,” former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicolas Cowdery said, regarding the go-slow...

Immediate Mass Mobilisation Required: A15 Action Naarm Activists on the Initial Escalation

AFR had a report out by midday on Monday 15 April, which featured Melbourne businesses “bracing” for more disruptions that afternoon, as the morning saw successful disruptions across Naarm, whether that be of roads, retail outlets or weapons manufacturing facilities....

The Law, Defences and Penalties for the Public Order Offence of Riot in NSW

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Three people have now been charged over the aftermath of a stabbing of a Bishop at the Christ the Good Shepherd church in Wakeley in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. The stabbing A 16 year old who is reported to have been...

The Gadigal-Sydney Pro-Palestinian Mass Protest: Six-Months of Nonviolent Social Cohesion

“We the people will not stand for genocide. We the people stand with our brothers and sisters in Gaza and all of Palestine,” said Mohamed Zorob, as he led the 21 April Gadigal-Sydney Free Palestine rally in chant. “We the...

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 April 2024

In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles: Albanese Is Turning Australia into a Nuclear Waste Dump: Interview with Senator Shoebridge A proposed law could lead to the US and UK using our...

Government Vaping Prohibitions Are Making Cigarettes the Easier Alternative

“The fact is they are vastly safer than smoking, and what I am here to say is, we need to stop this black market,” Dr Colin Mendelsohn told a NSW vaping inquiry last week. “We are not going to stop...

The Terrorism Designation Is Going to Haunt Us All, as Is Another Recent Wrong Call

“The NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team will investigate the stabbing of religious leaders at a church in Sydney’s southwest overnight,” read NSW Police News on Tuesday morning. “About 7.10 pm on Monday, police were called to a church… following reports...

Sydney Stabbings Highlight Need for Mental Health Reform, Not Tough-on-Crime Laws

Following the multiple stabbing murders in a Bondi Junction shopping mall last Saturday, and the stabbing assault of a western Sydney priest two nights later, the Minns government is now considering more tough-on-crime laws to prevent future knife attacks. This...

Western Sydney Riot: Why Would a Community Be Mistrustful of NSW Police?

Following a knife attack on globally renowned Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel of the Assyrian Orthodox Christ the Good Shepherd Church in the western Sydney suburb of Wakeley on Monday, a crowd of his followers began arriving, understandably upset by the...
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