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Israel is an Illegal Occupier Operating Apartheid in the Palestinian Territories, Advises the ICJ

The International Court of Justice published its findings last Friday in response to the UN General Assembly’s resolution A/77/400 adopted on 30 December 2022, which sought answers regarding the legal consequences arising from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territory, including East...
Israel is an Illegal Occupier LATEST NEWS

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 July 2024

In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles: How to Vary the Conditions of an Apprehended Violence Order in New South Wales An application can be made to vary conditions including approach, contact...

Boyle Is Facing Prison for Correctly Blowing the Whistle Due to Ambiguously Drafted Law

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth) (the Act) aims to protect Australian public service whistleblowers in making public interest disclosures (PIDs) about wrongdoing or corruption that they’re privy to in the workplace, and it dictates the path such a...

NSW Police Employee Charged with Accessing Restricted Data Without Authority

A civilian employee of the New South Wales Police Force is facing court over allegations he unlawfully accessed restricted data contained in the police computer system.  In May 2024, officers attached to Lake Illawarra Police District commenced investigations regarding access...

Law Enforcement Shuts Down ‘Little Palestine at Albo’s’ Protest and Arrests Key Organiser

Grayndler constituent Sarah Shaweesh appeared live on her Instagram feed a little before 1 pm on Thursday, looking a little distraught, as NSW police officers had just arrived at the electoral office of PM Anthony Albanese, as she’d been inside...

Christian Extremists Continue Attempts to Infiltrate Australian Politics

When Senator Fatima Payman quit Labor on 4 July, as it refused to condemn the Israeli perpetrated genocide in Gaza and also sanctioned her for speaking out against it, the old school white political establishment and media automatically went in...

Genocide Complicity Claim Against Australian PM Added to the ICC’s Palestine Investigation

In early March, Sydney law firm Birchgrove Legal presented a communiqué to International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan consisting of 92 pages of documented evidence, claiming that the Australian PM and a number of other high level local politicians are...

Police Officers Assault Youth in Adult Watchhouse

Footage emerged last week that shows a 17-year-old First Nations boy standing in a room in a Queensland police watchhouse. And at first glance, and without any details of the incident about to unfold, the boy appears to be walking...

Stand With Kostakidis, as the Zionist Federation Attempts to Suppress the Truth

Right now, the Albanese government, in cahoots with the opposition and the mainstream media, are continuing to suppress information about the barbaric genocide the Israeli state is perpetrating upon the Palestinians of Gaza, which comprises of mass killings and a...

Lifesaving Naloxone: The Free, Over-the-Counter Potential Antidote to Synthetic Opioid Overdose

Overdose deaths have been on the rise over recent months as a new type of highly potent synthetic opioid has hit the streets that’s even more deadly than fentanyl, which was the last extra strong synthetic opioid that started being...
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