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Sexual Intercourse Without Consent: Rape and Sexual Assault Laws in Australia

Being accused of a sexual offence is a traumatic and difficult experience, especially if it is one which comprises an allegation of non-consensual sexual penetration. But knowing what the law says is a good first step to understanding what the...

What Types of Legal Costs Can Be Ordered in NSW Civil Cases?

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In the long running battle to save his reputation, Ben Roberts-Smith has suffered a significant financial blow with a judge ordering him this week to pay the legal costs of several media outlets after his failed defamation suit. The Federal...

“For Palestinian Liberation”: Unionists for Palestine’s Erima Dall on the Police Protest Crackdown

As NSW police set upon the 500 nonviolent demonstrators at Port Botany on 21 November with unbridled force, it became apparent that pro-Palestinian protesters are facing criminal charges in the same manner as climate defenders have been over recent years. The...

McBride’s Crucifixion Highlights the Need for Whistleblower Protections in Australia

David McBride, a former Australian soldier and military lawyer, had little choice but to plead guilty to criminal charges including theft of property from a Commonwealth entity and unlawfully giving away defence information after his planned public interest defence - that he...

Stranded: Australia Cuts Lifeline to Remaining PNG Offshore Detainees

Of the 4,194 people who arrived by boat in Australian waters seeking asylum after the Gillard Labor government recommenced offshore processing in 2012 on the pretext that refugees would be resettled in third countries, there remains 60-odd detainees seeking asylum in Papua...

Activists Blockade Pine Gap Facility Due to Evidence of Complicity in the Gaza Genocide

Peace activists blockaded the access road leading to the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap on Monday morning, making it the second time the nonviolent direct action has been staged since the outbreak of the Israeli perpetrated genocide upon the Palestinians...

Getting Arrested at the Nation’s Largest Civil Disobedience Action for Climate

Getting arrested used to be something that the general public considered a mark of disgrace. But that’s changed now that the people understand that government ministers aren’t making decisions that consider the viability of a future for generations to come...

The Offence of Reckless Foreign Interference in Australia

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A Sydney businessman accused of unlawfully selling information to Chinese spies has vehemently denied the allegations and is vowing to defend the charges. 55-year old Bondi marketing director, Alexander Csergo, was charged earlier this year with one count of reckless...

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 20 to 26 November 2023

In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles: McBride’s Guilty Plea Has Sent a Chill Down the Spine of the Australian Polity The former defence force lawyer prosecuted for exposing war crimes was...

‘Stealthing’ Amounts to Sexual Assault in New South Wales

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Perhaps needless to say, it is not a crime to have unprotected sexual intercourse with a consenting partner – provided of course they have reached the age of consent, have the mental capacity to provide consent and have in fact...
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