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Governments Benefit From Drug Prohibition to the Detriment of Public Health

by Paul Gregoire
In a similar manner to the way governments like ours in Australia, continue to ignore warnings about the climate crisis coming from scientists, politicians across the globe choose to disregard the overwhelming and mounting evidence that drug prohibition has been...

The Offence of Failing to Vote in an Australian Federal Election

by Sonia Hickey
Unless you have been living under a rock over the past several weeks, you’ll know that the Federal Election 2022 is being held nationally tomorrow.   The offence of failing to vote in an Australian federal election Voting is compulsory...

NSW Coalition Government Launches Yet Another ‘Tough on Crime’ Drive

by Paul Gregoire
With a state election looming, and the integrity of the Liberal Nationals under question nationwide, the Perrottet government, in conjunction with the NSW Police Force, has launched something of a tough on crime campaign aimed at garnering voter support and...

Over 200,000 Australians Could Be Prohibited from Voting in Federal Election

by Sonia Hickey
Understandably, there’s public outrage over a recent decision by the Australian Electoral Commission which could – unless quickly reversed or rectified – prevent more than 200,000 people from voting in this weekend’s federal election. The ruling essentially means that anyone...

Greater Transparency in Defence Decision-Making: Interview With AWPR’s Dr Alison Broinowski

by Paul Gregoire
Current PM Scott Morrison dropped it on the nation last September that Australia had become a part of the AUKUS pact, with the US and the UK, and, as part of this China-focused defence alliance, our nation would be acquiring nuclear-powered...

Retired Judges Call for Federal ICAC, “Despite Recent Criticisms” From PM

by Paul Gregoire
Thirty one former Australian judges released an open letter on Monday addressed to the leaders of all major and minor parties running in this Saturday’s federal election, highlighting the urgency for a National Integrity Commission to be established. The ex-judicial officers...

Convicted Multiple Child Murderer to Have Case Reassessed

by Sonia Hickey
A woman convicted of killing her four children will have the case against her reassessed after the New South Wales Attorney-General recommended a fresh look at her case.  The story so far… In 2003 Kathleen Folbigg was convicted of the murder of...

Dutton Loses Defamation Case

by Sonia Hickey
Refugee advocate Shane Bazzzi has won his appeal in a defamation case brought by Defence Minister Peter Dutton.  The tweet The case centred on a 2019 tweet by Mr Bazzi in which he labelled Mr Dutton a ‘rape apologist’. The tweet...

Legislating Cannabis Legalisation: An Interview With Legalise Cannabis Candidate Gail Hester

by Paul Gregoire
When US Federal Bureau of Narcotics commissioner Harry Anslinger commenced his cannabis demonisation program in the 1930s, it was one of the most widely used medicines in Australia, with the first federal health director general having previously advised against any need...

“I Can Be a Bit of a Bulldozer”: Morrison Concedes Election Loss a Week Before Polling

by Paul Gregoire
“Australians know that I can be a bit of a bulldozer when it comes to issues, and I suspect you guys know that too,” Morrison told reporters on 13 May. “But, you know, over the last two years, that’s been pretty...
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