Traffic Lawyers for Red Light Camera Offences


Everyone makes mistakes on the road from time to time, and one of the most common offences is running a red light.

Being caught by a red light camera results in the accumulation of demerit points, which can mean the difference between keeping and losing your licence.

However, you can trust the traffic experts at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to fight hard to protect your innocence. We have years of experience winning red light camera appeals, so you can count on us to give you the best possible defence.

Your Options in Court

Appealing a red light camera offence

Usually, if you have been caught by a red light camera, you will receive a traffic infringement notice in the mail, as well as a fine.

You will also accumulate three demerit points, which can mean the difference between keeping and losing your licence.

In some situations, people are caught on red light cameras even though they did not actually run the red light, or because another road user causes an obstruction or problem while you are over the line.

The good news is that you are allowed to fight the matter in court and provide any evidence to prove your version of events; such as photographs of the incident, or expert witnesses who can give evidence about how the cameras operate.

Generally, if you wish to appeal the offence, your lawyers will try to negotiate with police to have the charges dropped before you go to court.

We can do this by writing to police explaining your side of the story, as well as any problems with their case.

Only if police refuse to drop the charges will you go to court. If you end up in court, your case will go to a defended hearing in the Local Court before a Magistrate.

Both sides will be allowed to present their side of the story in court, as well as any evidence. This means that you will have the opportunity to call any expert witnesses, such as people who understand how red light cameras operate, to come and give evidence to support your case.

You can also give evidence in court about what happened.

After the magistrate has heard all the evidence and arguments from both parties, they will decide whether or not the charge stands – in other words, whether or not you are guilty.

Leniency appeals

Alternatively, if you accept that you did run a red light, you can appeal to the court for leniency.

This means asking for the magistrate to deal with the matter in a different way, which may mean that you avoid accumulating demerit points and paying a hefty fine.

Often, this can mean the difference between keeping and losing your licence – which can impact your ability to travel and work.

At Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, we have extensive experience representing clients in leniency appeals.

We understand how important your licence is for work and other duties. That’s why we fight hard to have your matter dealt with in the most lenient manner possible.

Our lawyers frequently convince Local Court magistrates to deal with red light offences by way of a ‘section 10 dismissals or conditional release orders,’ which is where you are found guilty of the offence but no conviction is recorded. This also means that you get to keep your licence – which can make your life a lot easier.

Why Sydney Criminal Lawyers®?

You usually only get one shot at an appeal, so it’s vital that you get the right legal team on your side.

The highly-skilled legal team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® have successfully represented clients in hundreds of red light camera matters. In fact, our lawyers appear in court on a daily basis in relation to these charges – so you can trust in our experience.

In fact, our experience has led us to develop specific techniques to deal with red light camera cases, to ensure that you get the best possible chance at a favourable outcome in your case.

We understand how important your licence is for work, transport and even performing daily tasks, which is why we fight hard to protect your rights, no matter how difficult the case is.

Our lawyers will assist you right from the start; by writing to police and explaining your side of the story. We can help you collect any evidence that will bolster your case, such as photographs of the incident.

If police refuse to drop the charges at an early stage, we can have the matter heard in court, where we can call evidence from expert witnesses about how red light cameras operate. Often, this type of expert evidence can help you win your case.

Our experienced lawyers are well-known and highly-respected by magistrates and judges, and have a proven track record of obtaining outstanding results in red light camera cases.


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