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Vinny Vijay

BCom, LL.B, G.D.L.P
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Associate Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer
"A highly sought-after and respected defence lawyer who is vastly experienced in courtroom advocacy at all levels of the criminal justice system."

Mr Vinny Vijay is an Associate Criminal Defence Lawyer at our firm.

He is a highly sought-after and respected defence lawyer who is vastly experienced in courtroom advocacy at all levels of the criminal justice system.

Vinny has several years of experience practising exclusively in criminal defence.

Throughout his career, Vinny has regularly appeared independently in a broad range of criminal cases, including:

  • Complex Local Court defended hearings,
  • Bail applications in the Local, District and Supreme Courts,
  • Sentencing proceedings in the Local and District Courts,
  • Mental health applications such as section 14 applications (previously known as ‘section 32 applications’), fitness hearings and the defence of mental impairment, and
  • All manner of appeals, from licence appeals in the Local Court, to firearms reviews in the NCAT, to severity and conviction appeals in the District Court and New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal.

Vinny is also vastly experienced in preparing and instructing counsel in jury trials, from commercial drug cases, to aggravated sexual assaults, manslaughter and murder.

He has substantial experience in successfully representing clients in pre-trial applications such as forensic procedure applications and committal hearings, resulting in cases being thrown out of court, and has a special interest in the abuse of powers by police officers including unlawful arrests and searches.

Vinny brings a forensically minded approach to criminal law, ensuring his clients benefit from meticulous preparation and effective execution of case strategy, as a product of Vinny’s extensive knowledge of legal and procedural requirements that prosecutors must satisfy to proceed with cases.

Putting this knowledge to practise frequently enables Vinny to have charges withdrawn or dismissed in court.

He is a passionate and empathetic defence lawyer who is tenacious in ensuring his clients have the greatest prospects of success, doggedly pursuing lines of inquiry – from potential defence witnesses and exculpatory evidence, to forensic investigation by experts – in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Vinny is an integral part of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Vinny's Clients Say

Resulted in 2 charges being dismissed and no criminal conviction

Without a doubt the best financial investment I have made to date. The quality, professionalism, and the expertise provided by Vinny during my high profile case against David Elliot, all things considered has to be well noted and considered extensively by anyone who seeks the services of this law firm. Vinny was able to represent me well, he listened, recommended, and defended with high degree of accuracy with regard to law and for the desired outcome. I would like to personally thank Vinny and the team at Sydney criminal lawyers for the consistent endeavours that resulted in 2 charges being dismissed and no criminal conviction of a 3rd charge to be dismissed after a period of 6 months good behaviour. I can not stress enough the need for anyone individual to highly consider this law firm and Vinny\'s expertise, I was most certainly in great hands.Thank you Vinny.

Great outcome for my legal matter

A massive thank you to Mr Vinny Vijay and Sydney Criminal Lawyers for helping me achieve a great outcome for my legal matter. His professionalism, knowledge and experience has guided me to build a strong case. He was also very responsive with my emails and phone calls. Would highly recommend Mr Vinny Vijay.

He always knew how to communicate with me even im not English speaker person

I got the best outcome possible after working hard and doing things to help my self thanks to two men, Mr. Tuan Phan and Mr. Vinny Vijay. Mr. Tuan was my lawyer since the beginning of my extremely serious case, he worked so hard I have no words to describe how much easier my life been since he took my case. Always finding solutions, giving me options, motivating me and the most important for such a traumatic time in my life he always knew how to communicate with me even im not English speaker person. Mr. Vinny after 8 months of hard work he was the one representing me in Dubbo Local Court, he was very detailed and he knew everything about me. He was so precise and informed about everything happening, what to say and how, he was my best defence in court. I can’t be more happy than I am now and all this is thanks to this two excellent and hard worker lawyers. I will always be grateful for all the time you invested in me to help me come back to a normal life. Sydney Criminal Lawyers are amazing.

Definitely the best law firm in Sydney

I was assisted by Vinny Vijay. He is a wonderful lawyer and human being. He kept me being positive about my case and eventually I received the best result that I could ever imagine. Definitely the best law firm in Sydney and I would not hesitate to recommend Vinny to anyone.

Well informed about every law and option possible

Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas and I’m writing a more than well deserved 5 ⭐️ review ( because it’s not the option to put 10 ⭐️). Since the beginning with the free consultation, Sydney criminal lawyer knew how to guide my in such a traumatic and hard moment I was passing through, they assigned me the best lawyer possible Mr. Tuan Phan. Tuan was always there for me helping me in this hard path and long path that lasted more than 8 months. Always gave me the best advices possibles and anytime I needed something he was there for me, he is such an amazing professional and it’s very well informed about every law and option possible to get my dream outcome and best outcome possible due to the seriousness of my case. For the final court I couldn’t be more lucky that in Sydney Criminal Lawyers works another absolute amazing lawyer that was the one assigned for my sentence day in Dubbo, regional NSW, he is Mr. Vinny Vijay. Vinny was my best option due his familiarity with the Dubbo Local Court. Since the moment one Vinny knew everything about me. He knew from the bottom to the top exactly what to say and how to say things in court, he was my best defendant lawyer possible for the most important day of my life. I cannot be more happy that I am know and everything it’s thanks to this two Gentleman that putted everything they had to give me a second chance in life, I will always be grateful to them. Thanks Sydney Criminal Lawyers, you were the best option I could have chosen.

Their deep insight into the justice system brought me peace of mind

The lawyers who defended me, Sherleen Chand and Vinny Vijay, held my hand every step of the way. Their strategy worked brilliantly well. Abiding by their plan and their deep insight into the justice system brought me peace of mind.
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