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Suite 3, 27 Hunter Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
Across the road from Justice Precinct carpark


Our Parramatta offices are located at Suite 3, 27 Hunter Street – across the road from the Justice Precinct Carpark.

Our criminal and traffic defence lawyers represent clients in Parramatta courts on a daily basis, and are familiar with the magistrates and judges who preside there. We consistently achieve outstanding results in Parramatta for both criminal and traffic offences, ranging from drug possession, drink driving and AVO to complex and serious jury trials.

If you are going to court, we offer a free first conference with an experienced defence lawyer who will explain your options and the best way forward.

So call us anytime on (02) 9261 8881 to book your conference with Australia’s most awarded criminal law firm.

About Parramatta Local Court

Parramatta Local Court is located at 12 George Street, which is a short walk from our Parramatta office.

The types of criminal and traffic cases heard in Parramatta Local Court include:

  • Drink driving, driving whilst suspended or disqualified, and other traffic cases
  • Drug possession and small drug supply cases
  • Common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm cases
  • Apprehended violence orders (AVOs)
  • Fraud, larceny and property offences
  • Indecent assault and child abuse material cases
  • Firearms offences
  • Bail applications, sentencing hearings, section 32 applications, committal hearings, and defended hearings.

The court also deals with more serious cases which may ultimately end up in one of the higher courts, such as Parramatta District Court (also known as Sydney West Trial Courts).

About Parramatta District Court

Parramatta District Court (also known as Sydney West Trial Courts) is located at 6 George Street, just across the road from the Local Court.

The types of criminal cases heard in Parramatta District Court include:

  • Drug cases including supply, manufacture, cultivation and importation
  • Assault and wounding-type cases
  • Break and enter, and robbery cases
  • Substantial fraud and property offences
  • Sexual assault and other sex offences
  • Sentencing hearings, appeals against severity and conviction, bail applications and trials.

About Parramatta Childrens Court

Parramatta Childrens Court is located at 2 George Street, right beside the District Court.

The court deals with a wide range of cases involving young people, and the rules relating to court proceedings and the available penalties are often very different to those imposed in the adult courts.

About Parramatta Weekend Bail Court

The Bail Act requires police to bring those who are refused bail at the police station before a magistrate as soon as practicable – which may mean on the weekend when most courts are closed.

Bail applications – also known as ‘release applications’ – are heard on the weekends in the same building as Parramatta Childrens Court, which is located at 2 George Street Parramatta.

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