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Free First Appointment

If you have a court date for a criminal or traffic case, we offer a free first conference with a specialist criminal defence lawyer, who will advise you of your options and the best way forward.

We also offer a free first conference for those who have received an unsatisfactory result in the Local Court and are considering an appeal to the District Court.

If you can’t come into one of our many offices including in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool, we’re happy to arrange a conference over the phone or via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

If you don’t have a court date and would like to obtain advice from one of our experienced lawyers, we can arrange a general conference for a fixed fee of $300 + GST ($330).

All conferences are obligation free.

Please let us know if you are driving into our head offices in the Sydney CBD, and we will be happy to arrange free on-site parking.

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Going to Court? Call For Your Free First Appointment

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