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Patrick O’Sullivan

Patrick O'Sullivan
Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer
B.A., LL.B, G.D.L.P.
(Barrister & Solicitor)
"An exceptional criminal defence lawyer who is vastly experienced in serious and complex criminal cases"

Patrick O’Sullivan is a Senior Criminal Lawyer who joined our profession-leading team several years ago, after working for two other boutique specialist criminal defence firms in the Sydney CBD where he was exposed to a diverse range of criminal law cases.

Patrick has represented clients across the gamut of courts and tribunals in New South Wales, from serious and complex cases including murder, robbery in company, kidnapping, sexual assault and commercial drug importation, to less-serious cases such as drug possession, assaults and AVOs, drink and drug driving, and driving whilst disqualified.

He is an exceptional courtroom lawyer, having successfully represented clients in many local court defended hearings, sentencing hearings in the local and district court, severity and conviction appeals in the district court, and bail applications in the local, district and supreme courts.

He is also vastly experienced in preparing and instructing barristers in complex District and Supreme Court jury and judge-alone trials.

Patrick is an affable lawyer who has his clients’ interests at heart at all times. His commitment and dedication are reflected in his outstanding track record of results, as well as the trust and confidence he instils in those he assists.

He is passionate about ensuring that his clients are kept thoroughly informed throughout the court process, and applies his impressive grasp of criminal law and procedure to developing and implementing defence strategies that achieve exceptional results.

Patrick is an integral part of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Patrick 's Clients Say

Level of professionalism was of a high standard

I reached out to Sydney Criminal Lawyers around 2.5 years ago in a final attempt at finding and securing a decent lawyer as my previous experiences with other lawyers were just horrendous. Patrick O'Sullivan was only allocated my case half way through the court process. I was initially concerned about this change but Patrick's calm and professional demeanour put my mind at ease quickly. Unlike my negative experiences prior to approaching SCL, Patrick was a breath of fresh air. 1. Patrick's level of professionalism was of a high standard. 2. Patrick always maintained a friendly demeanour, I felt comfortable reaching out to him even for the most trivial of things. He was very patient and this is a quality I found severely lacking in many other lawyers. 3. Patrick returned all my emails and phone calls within a few hours, and if he couldnt talk at the time he would email me to schedule a consult at my convenience, not his. Previous lawyers would reply after 1-3 weeks or not respond at all. 4. Patrick was supportive, sympathetic and non judgemental. He encouraged me to persevere but also avoided setting unrealistic goals, he was transparent and honest about the possible outcomes instead of simply telling me what I wanted to hear as a client. 5. Patrick was well prepared and thorough even forming a contingency plan instead of relying solely on one approach. Other lawyers failed to do this. 6. Patrick is not only knowledgeable and well versed in his field but he also demonstrated his competence in court when he presented strong arguments that ultimately persuaded the judge to overturn the local courts decision. Thank you Patrick for all your help and support during this incredibly stressful time. I wish you the best in your career and all future endeavours.

A wonderful outcome where charges were dismissed

Patrick O'Sullivan represented my daughter and was very thorough and knowledgeable. Many thanks for all your efforts in achieving a wonderful outcome where charges were dismissed. Sydney Criminal Lawyers are great. Thank you!!!

Better than expected outcome

Patrick performed well under unexpected time pressure today. I engaged Patrick's services to defend me on a traffic violation matter. Due to an unexpected sentencing request today from the local magistrate, his quick thinking and negotiation skills with the sitting magistrate, allowed us the opportunity to take some extra time to re-hone our initial submission. When we returned to present the case a couple of hours later, I was very pleased that the extra time he had taken to carefully, methodically and diligently redraft and improve my initial submission, contributed to a better than expected outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend you seek Patrick's services should you need them regarding any traffic violation's you may have. Kind regards JG

Dealt with Judge very efficient, effective and professional

I would highly recommend Rasheen Mahmodian and Patrick from Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Service and the way she dealt with case was amazing, professional, highly qualified and smooth. She plays the court and dealt with Judge very efficient, effective and professional way at one go. I am really happy what she and Patrick did with my case matter related to traffic offence. On top of that, I myself felt my case was too complicated and too much mix up. Thanks to her and Patrick I got my license back and could be as usual my life back on track. It was really stressful for the past couple of months. Before contacting Patrick I was not sure and clear .

Expert advice which lead to a great outcome

Thank you to Fahim & Patrick for their professionalism and expert advice which lead to a great outcome and relatively stress-free experience.

Result much better then we expected

I was a client of Patrick and Tuan. Patrick assisted me leading up to my court date going backwards and forwards with emails but ended up needing to follow through on his family duties but was super informative and reassured me my matter will be handled by his friend Tuan who will ensure I am looked after. After being a nervous wreck and unsure of my future, Tuan kept me calm and took me away from the courthouse to spend some time talking to me away from the court setting. He was informative of the process ahead, what he thought our likely and best scenarios were and our plan of attack as well the vibe for the court room through out the day. Tuan took the extra time to ensure some extra work was done that laid off and give us a result much better then we expected. Thanks Tuan for your assistance and will contact you and Patrick in future if the need ever arises!

Helped me a lot

Patrick is a good lawyer who help me a lot and we get the best result in the court.


The situation and circumstances were unique about my case. When approached law firms, almost everyone came to a conclusive advice to plead guilty at court date and seek lenience from the magistrate.
SCL took the approach differently and I really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Patrick who dealt the case. He made representations based on police’s own fact sheets, evidences, previous verdicts of similar cases and made it clear about the merits on this case to the prosecution side.

Patrick was professional and supportive during a stressful time

Patrick was professional and supportive during a stressful time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that may need it.

Great communication and always puts he's clients first

Patrick O'Sullivan great lawyer. Best lawyer I've used by far. Respectful and shows a lot of interest in the case we'll determined to achieve the best results. Great communication and always puts he's clients first. Very happy having him as my lawyer. IM FREE !!! Thank you so much for all of your help and support throughout my case.

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