Sydney Drug Defence Lawyers


Being charged with drug offence can be difficult and stressful for anyone.

However, having the right drug defence lawyers on your side can relieve the burden and ensure you get the best outcome.

So whether you are caught with a few ecstacy tablets at a party or charged with commercial importation, get drug lawyers who know how to protect your freedom and your future.

Drug Defence Lawyers

Drug Possession

Drug Premises

Illegal Searches – Getting Drug Charges Dropped

Drug Supply

‘Deemed’ Drug Supply

Drug Supply on ‘Ongoing Basis’

Drug Manufacture

Cultivate Prohibited Plant

Drug Importation

Possess Unlawfully Imported Border Controlled Drug

Possess Border Controlled Drug – s 307.5, 307.6 and 307.7 Commonwealth Criminal Code

Commercial Drug Trials

MERIT Drug Program

Drug Court

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