Sydney Criminal Lawyers is Australia’s most awarded criminal law firm because we consistently deliver outstanding outcomes and provide an exceptional level of service to our clients.

We have been recognised in a range of awards programs – from prestigious business awards with rigorous assessment processes such as the Telstra Business Awards and Small Business Champion Awards, to industry specific awards such as the Global Law Awards, Lawyers Weeekly Law Awards, Legal Elite Law Awards, Lawyer International Awards, ACQ5 Law Awards and LexisNexis Innovation Index which are decided by those within the legal profession.

Some of our most recent awards, memberships and accolades include:

CorporateINTL Global Awards - Winner 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 Criminal Defence Firm of the Year in Australia

Corporate INTL is a respected network of over 1 million business leaders, lawyers and advisers worldwide, connected through a global internet network and the Corporate INTL magazine. The coveted Global Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in professional fields such as law, accountancy and consultancy. The award of 'Criminal Defence Firm of the Year in Australia' is the most sought-after and competitive in the the domestic field of criminal law. Candidates are put through a rigorous selection process involving a lengthy and involved application and multi-staged assessment, and the winner is ultimately selected after performance and achievements are subjected to careful analysis.

Global Law Experts - Winner 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015 Australian Criminal Law Firm of the Year

The Global Law Experts annual awards celebrate excellence, innovation and performance across legal communities from around the world. The awards are designed to recognise the most deserving law firms and legal professionals across the globe, and winners are determined through a rigorous process of nomination, application and a multi-stage assessment. The award of Australian Criminal Law Firm of the Year is the organisation's most prestigious in the field of criminal law in this country.

ACQ5 Law Awards 2018, 2017 & 2016 Australia - Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year

The ACQ 5 Law Awards celebrate achievement, innovation and brilliance in the field of law. The nomination and assessment process rely not only on information provided by the candidates themselves, but a careful assessment process and all award winners are chosen by members of the legal profession. The award of Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year is the most competitive and prestigious in the field of criminal law.

Corporate Live Wire - Innovation & Excellence Awards - Winner 2018 & 2017 Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year

The Corporate Live Wire Awards "represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields." The assessment process for the law awards places a heavy emphasis on finding firms which set the standard in terms of client service including around-the-clock accessibility, client satisfaction as demonstrated by a range of metrics including publicly posted reviews and absence of complaints, quality of service delivery as evidence by case results, and the implementation of innovations which improve access to information about the law and to lawyers.

Corporate Insider Business Excellence Awards - Winner 2018 & 2017 Criminal Law Firm of the Year - Australia

The Corporate Insider Business Excellence Awards recognise organisations that demonstrate best practice in their given field. The law awards look at quality of service as demonstrated by case results, client testimonials, costs and overall excellence. The selection process goes through three main stages. The first is nomination, followed by an assessment process which narrows down the field into finalists, and a panel of experts including those in the relevant field then determine the ultimate winner.

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2018, 2017 & 2016 - Winner Criminal Defence Firm of the Year Australia

The Finance Monthly Law Awards celebrate and recognise excellence from law firms and legal professionals who have consistently excelled in all aspects of their work and set new standards of client service. A lengthy process begins the previous year to determine these honourees. This comprises an online voting process, including personal nominations. After votes are compiled, the research team analyses individual and firm performance through information made available via client feedback, news reports and market data. Finance Monthly’s research team then collates the votes and examines all the nominations to compile a definitive list of industry leaders. As a result those celebrated represent a wide range of respected individuals and firms from all over the world. Finance Monthly’s awards process honours those at the top of their game as they continue to provide first class legal services.

2018 & 2017 Finance Monthly Global Law Awards - Winner 2018 & 2017 Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year – Ugur Nedim

The Finance Monthly Law Awards celebrate and recognise excellence from law firms and legal professionals who have consistently excelled in all aspects of their work and set new standards of client service. A lengthy process begins the previous year to determine these honourees. This comprises an online voting process, including personal nominations. After votes are compiled, the research team analyses individual and firm performance through information made available via client feedback, news reports and market data.

Three Best Rated - Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, NSW - 2018 & 2017

Three Best Rated applies a 50 point inspection to select the three leaders in a given trade or profession. The process looks at reputation, results, history, complaints, reviews, satisfaction, trust and cost in order to determine overall excellence.

True Local Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2018 - Finalist, Business of the Decade

Since its creation in 1999, the Australian Small Business Champion Awards has become the most prestigious and comprehensive awards program dedicated to small businesses throughout the nation. The awards are described as "the pinnacle of business success. They recognise the values associated with successful small businesses. These values include service, commitment, leadership, endurance, courage, innovation, performance, persuasion and generosity."

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards - Winner 2017, Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year - Australia

The annual Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards employs a three stage selection process - nomination, followed by public voting and finally judging. After firms are nominated, votes are taken from the magazine's readership of 179,587 to narrow the field down to finalists. A panel of judges then applies ten selection criteria to determine the ultimate winner. These criteria are: 1. Involvement in significant legal cases and legal activity, 2. Legal expertise and innovation, 3. Innovation in client care, 4. Size (value) of involvement within transactions, deals & cases, 5. Peer recognition and personal achievement, 6. Strategic thinking and planning, 7. Previous accolades and entries within the international legal guides, 8. Supporting material, covering statements and evidence supplied, 9. Amount of documented activity in the last 12 months when compared to industry peers, and 10. The number of votes that had been received.

Corporate Vision Legal Elite Awards - Winner 2017 Australian Lawyers of the Year

Corporate Vision is an organisation dedicated to shining a spotlight on the brightest, best performing and most deserving companies and individuals from around the business world. The company is fiercely passionate about recognising outstanding achievement, game-changing innovation and stellar performance, and its awards are carefully tailored to provide detailed and in-depth analysis of the very best each market, industry, sector and region has to offer. Every award winner is chosen solely on merit, through an intense process of gathering votes gathered from its network of respected industry partners and the company's own rigorous in-house research, which looks at a range of metrics including client reviews,results record, reputation, complaints record and overall performance.

Lawyer International Global Awards - Winner 2017 Criminal Defence Firm of the Year – Australia

The Lawyer International Global Awards recognises organisations and advisers that have performed to exceptional standards during the previous year. The 2017 awards utilised a rigorous judging process which not only considered the 37,773 votes received, but looked at many other factors including client testimonials on a range of platforms, industry reputation, citations and references by other sites and case results. But more than this, the organisation performed 'cold calls' on finalists which sought to determine speed and quality of client service, and flexibility to clients' situation. The organisation states, "The winners, quite simply, represent those firms and individuals that are instrumental to the businesses that engage them, thus ensuring a swift, positive outcome is always achieved, These firms and individuals continually go above and beyond, always providing a high degree of demonstrable evidence which is consistent with positive comments from both clients and peers... The Lawyer International Awards programs provide a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary teams and distinguished organisations, based on the simple principles of veracity, accuracy and insight."

Global 100 - Winner Best Criminal Law Firm 2017

The Global 100 Awards distinguish the 100 leading firms and individuals in the world, with votes received from a global readership in over 163 countries worldwide. The purpose of the awards is to select a list of law firms that are truly leaders within their chosen areas of specialisation. The awards follow a very specific, comprehensive process, not commonly used elsewhere in the legal industry. Following the closure of the voting process, firms are shortlisted and selected as follows: 1. Assessment stage: For each category awarded a proprietary method of analysis ranks winners based on their domestic and international work. This ranking method produces a list of shortlisted firms, based on a very comprehensive set of criteria. 2. Judging stage: Once all votes have been received, an independent panel of judges reviews the votes within each category. The judges assess the following: (a) The strategic nature of work conducted, (b) The complexity of work conducted, (c) The scale of work conducted, (d) Whether the work conducted was done so in a speedy manner, and within budget, (e) Any ground-breaking or innovative processes used during completion of conducted work, (f) track record of results, and (g) track record of reviews and other forms of testimonials. The judges focus on the complexity and strategic significance of work conducted, as well as results and client satisfaction. The awards program provides a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary team’s and distinguished organisations.

Apac Insider Australian Enterprise Awards - Winner 2017 Best Criminal Law Firm

The 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards are designed to recognise and reward the outstanding accomplishments made by those within the industry - leading lights that have been changing the game with their inventive thinking and inimitable ways of obtaining exceptional results... The winners are decided upon via votes gathered from the organisation's network of respected industry partners and its own painstaking in-house research. Each award nominee is carefully examined, with a judging panel assessing performance over the past 12 months, the nominee's commitment to innovation, its methods and customer service to ensure that only the most deserving firms are awarded a coveted trophy.

M & A Global Awards - Winner 2016 Law Firm of the Year - Criminal Defence - Australia

M & A Global is one of the world’s leading awards programs, covering 163 countries and attracting votes from the magazine’s 108,000 subscribers as well as industry leaders. Each nomination is subjected to a comprehensive assessment process, designed to separate the truly remarkable from their peers. Once finalists are selected, a panel of judges examines material submitted by the finalists and conducts its own research to select a winner. The comprehensive selection and judging process ensures all winners are truly at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

Feedspot - Best Criminal Law Blogs on the Planet in 2017

Feedspot is a world-leading, United States based company which selects the best blogs in various fields and lists them on its website. The Sydney Criminal Lawyers blog is the only blog selected that is not from North America.

APAC Insider Business Awards 2015 Winner - Best Criminal Law Firm NSW

The 2015 APAC Insider Legal Awards recognises law firms in the Asia-Pacific region which have achieved world-leading results in their area of legal specialisation. Candidates must demonstrate consistent high performance and class-leading outcomes in their field of law. Those results are scrutinised and performance is assessed against a large number of candidates in each category, and the successful candidate is recognised in the APAC Insider magazine.

LexisNexis 2015 Legal Innovation Index - Winner

LexisNexis Legal Innovation Index seeks to provide national recognition to the most innovative law firms in Australia and New Zealand, through initiatives that deliver uniqueness and value to their clients and differentiate their organisation.

Telstra Australian Business Awards - 2015 NSW Finalist

The Telstra Business Awards celebrates outstanding achievement in small and medium business. It is Australia premier business awards attracting thousands of applicants in each state and territory every year. Sydney Criminal Lawyers was one of only 5 finalists in the small business category, and the only law firm in NSW to reach the final.

Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards Innovator of the Year 2015 - Finalist

The legal profession's leading magazine, Lawyers Weekly, is the authoritative source of independent news, analysis and opinion about the practice of law in Australia. The Australian Law Awards represent recognition from within the legal profession of exceptional achievement in the field of law.

Criminal Law Accredited Specialist

Only a small portion of lawyers in NSW are 'Accredited Specialists'. An Accredited Specialist is a lawyer with at-least 5 years of experience in a particular field of law who has been certified by the Law Society of NSW as an expert in the area. Only the very best lawyers are awarded Accredited Specialist certification. It is the Law Society’s assurance of quality, experience and expertise. Sydney Criminal Lawyers is spearheaded by Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers.

Legal Aid New South Wales

Sydney Criminal Lawyers are members of the Legal Aid Commission's General Criminal Law Panel and Serious and Complex Criminal Law Panel, in recognition of our experience and expertise in the field of criminal law.

The Law Society of New South Wales

The Law Society of NSW is the body which accredits lawyers in our state.

Cover of Excellence

The Cover of Excellence is a scheme which bind law firms to monitor, enforce and improve the professional standards of lawyers and protect clients. Law firms must continually maintain excellence in professional standards including client service in order to display the logo.