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RMS Driver Licence Suspension Set Aside for Red P-Plater


Our client is an 18-year old apprentice plumber.

He is a red P-plater who had adverse entries on his traffic record, despite having had his driver licence for a short period of time.

He was detected driving at a speed of 132 km/h in a 90 zone (42 km/h over the speed limit).

He was issued with an on-the-spot police suspension for a period of 3 months and a

He paid the fine and served the time off the road.

After the 3 month, the RMS issued him with a notice of suspension for the offence of exceed speed limit greater than 30 km/h for an additional 3 months to continue from the police suspension.

He elected to have the appeal determined in Court.

He completed the Traffic Offenders Program, provided an apology letter and gathered character references from his employer outlining his need for a licence for work and personal medical reasons.

Our lawyers made extensive verbal submissions in court to the effect that the decision of the RMS to suspend our client’s licence be set aside.

His Honour was persuaded and set aside the RMA suspension, meaning he did not have to spend any further time off the road and he could keep his job.

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