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Not Guilty of Sexual Assault and Legal Costs Awarded

Our client is a 28–year old officer of the Australian Navy. He was originally charged with aggravated sexual assault in company, against a woman his friend (our first client) met at a bar in Newtown before the pair attended our... read more

Doctor Permitted to Continue Practising During Proceedings and Ultimately Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

Our client is a 31- year old male doctor who resides in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs.  An allegation was made that he sexually assaulted a female a co-worker, who was also a friend of his at the time of the alleged... read more

Not Guilty of All Six Charges of Sexual Assault and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

Our client is a 27-year old engineer who resides in the inner-west suburbs of Sydney. He arrived in Australia as a teenager from mainland China with his parents, before learning English before at a technical college. He was later accepted... read more

Bail Granted Before All Charges Dropped Over Sexual Assault and Strangulation Allegations

Our client is a 30-year old male Uruguayan national residing at Bondi, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. According to the prosecution’s ‘statement of facts’, the 29-year old female complainant attended a Sunday evening gathering at her friend’s Bondi apartment. Around 15... read more

Charges of Sexual Touching Without Consent Dropped

Our client is employed with an information technology company in Sydney. He was charged with one count of sexually touching a female without her consent. The accusations arose after a work Christmas party in North Sydney. According to the police,... read more

Bail Granted Despite Allegations of Serious Child Sexual Offences

Our client is a 38-year old truck driver from the Penrith area. He has been charged with eight separate sexual offences against a child over a period of time, being: Indecent assault, person under the age of 16 years Sexually... read more

Not Guilty of Sexual Touching Without Consent

Our client is a 44-year old male doctor who resides in the northern suburbs of Sydney. An allegation was made that he committed the offence of ‘sexual touching’ (previously known as ‘indecent assault’) against a 14-year old girl, who was... read more

District Court Severity Appeal Successful for Middle-Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 37-year old woman who lives in Maroubra, in Sydney’s south. She is employed as a doctor at a public hospital in Sydney. She attended a Christmas party for her workplace, where she consumed a number of... read more

No Criminal Record, Licence Disqualification or Fine for Mid-Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 65 year old woman who is employed as a clinical researcher for a pharmaceutical company and resides in the South Sydney area of Kensington. She attended a hotel in Kings Cross on an evening to meet up... read more

RMS Driver and Rider Licence Suspensions Set Aside on Appeal

Our client is a 35 year old consultant for a number of insurance companies. He has an unrestricted driver licence and a P1 motorcycle rider licence. He has several entries for speeding offences, two mobile phone offences, a red light camera... read more
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