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The Sydney Criminal Lawyers® defence team is vastly experienced in assisting drivers to obtain optimal outcomes in traffic cases, including helping drivers to avoid licence suspensions and disqualifications, and remain conviction-free by achieving ‘section 10s’ and ‘conditional release orders without conviction’. 

So, whether you have received a fine which comes with demerit points or are charged with a serious driving offence, contact us now to arrange a conference with an experienced traffic lawyer who will fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

If you’re going to court, we offer a free first conference for all traffic cases.

We also offer fixed fees for most traffic cases.

So Call us 24/7 on (02) 9261 8881 to book your conference.

To read more about our lawyers, click on their profiles below.

Ugur Nedim

Principal Lawyer B.A., LL.B., G.D.L.P., LL.M. 25 years of experience

Vinny Vijay

Senior Associate BCom, LL.B, G.D.L.P

James Clements

Senior Associate B.A., LL.B, GDLP 19 years of experience

Mariecar Capili

Senior Associate B.Sc, LL.B, GDLP

Patrick O’Sullivan

Senior Criminal Lawyer B.A., LL.B, GDLP

Sherleen Chand

Senior Associate LL.B, G.D.L.P.

Deniz Nedim

Senior Criminal Lawyer B.A, LL.B, G.D.L.P.

Lingwei Kong

Criminal Defence Lawyer Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies, Juris Doctor, GDLP

Natalija Labanc

Criminal Defence Lawyer B.A., LL.B, GDLP

Nathan Hous

Criminal Defence Lawyer  (好宁生/律师) B.A., B.Econ, Grad Cert (Finance), Juris Doctor, GDLP, MBA (current), 北京语言大学 (S3/R3)

Tandy Machisa

Criminal Defence Lawyer B.A.(Psychology), LL.B, GDLP 

Christian Niyonsaba

Criminal Defence Lawyer LL.B

Recent Success Stories

Client Testimonials

He is very knowledgable (Jeffrey Y.)

Tuan Phan represented me in court for my case and he did a very good job. He is very knowledgable and tried his best to obtain the best possible outcome for my driving offence and I am extremely grateful for that. Would highly recommend Tuan.

Best possible outcome today (Aleksandar M.)

I would like to thank Mariecar for getting my the best possible outcome today on getting my habitual offenders quashed.

Glad to see a law firm cater to the needs of the people (Christine W.)

Glad to see a law firm cater to the needs of the people who would probably only need legal advice on traffic/criminal matters. This firm is accessible to the public in a non intimidating manner and has the clients’ concerns at heart.

I am extremely happy with the outcome (Kevin B.)

A great level of service was received by Kent Park. Kent was helpful throughout the whole process, communication received was clear and Kent was always very professional.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of getting my driving suspension cut down by half with my poor driving record.

Positive result of no conviction (Richie B.)

A great outcome with a positive result of no conviction. Professional service with lawyers that take the time and effort to achieve positive results for their clients. Highly recommend.

Kent Park helped me through a very tough time due to a serious traffic offence. He was very professional, helpful and kept in close contact with me during a very stressful few months. He achieved the best possible outcome for me and i couldn't be more thankful for his help and support.

Non criminal conviction and also squash 3 of my HABITUAL OFFENCE on the same day (Viet N.)

Thank you Fred Cao for your knowledge and skills of handling my case of driving while disqualified for the third time, with such experience and helpful tips on the matter it help me get the result of a non criminal conviction and also squash 3 of my HABITUAL OFFENCE on the same day of matter. Words cannot describe how amazed I was with how much work he has put in for my case. I''m very grateful.

Thank you so much.

No conviction and no fine for a Mid-Range PCA case (Sr B.)

Senior Criminal Lawyer Tuan Phan helped me get a No conviction and no fine for a mid-Range PCA case, this is near ‘impossible’ under the new stringent laws. Tuan’s courtroom skills and knowledge of the law was lauded by the magistrate. Tuan saved me from a criminal conviction, can’t thank him enough. Don’t look anywhere else for the best criminal lawyer and they also provide best value for money.

Very helpful and responsive (Derock S.)

Called Sydney Criminal Lawyers for a driving offence matter on a Sunday and they put me in touch with Tuan straight away, he was very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Highly recommended.

Reduction in my driving suspension (Donald S.)

Kent managed and directed me throughout my driving offence matter with great skill. He articulated my situation to the presiding magistrate extremely well. He managed to secure a reduction in my driving suspension from 6 months to 1 month. This is a splendid outcome.



I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again as my lawyer (Roy F.)

Fred Cao done a great job with my drink driving charge considering my past record and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again as my lawyer.

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    I was very lucky to have James Clements as my lawyer. He is very professional…

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