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Winston Terracini

Senior Counsel (NSW) Queen's Counsel (WA & Tas)
(Barrister We Instruct)
Senior Counsel (NSW) Queens Counsel (WA & Tas)
Arguably Australia’s most prominent barrister

Winston Terracini SC is a barrister from Sir Owen Dixon Chambers in Sydney who we instruct in serious criminal cases.

Arguably Australia’s most prominent barrister, Mr Terracini SC is renowned for his impressive cross-examination skills, which have proven effective in trials that require the systematic dismantling of witness testimony.

His courtroom demeanour and demonstrated ability to crack even the most compelling witnesses has led to him to be universally recognised as one of Australia’s leading silks.

Mr Terracini specialises in complex murder and manslaughter cases, with a history of defending notable clients including Gordon Wood and Keli Lane. His extensive knowledge of the criminal law is highly regarded by the legal profession.

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