Mr Saleh is a Senior Criminal Lawyer with a wealth of experience representing clients from a diverse range of backgrounds in courts and tribunals throughout the state, from the Local and Children’s Courts to the District and Supreme Courts of NSW.

He commenced his career working with disadvantaged people at the Parramatta Community Justice Clinic before moving on to gain experience with specialist criminal law firms in Sydney, and finally moving up to become a member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

Mr Saleh has built a solid representation as an exceptional courtroom advocate, consistently achieving outstanding outcomes and earning the respect of his clients, his peers and the judiciary.

His advocacy portfolio ranges from Local Court defended hearings, to Local and District Court sentencing hearings, to bail applications in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, severity and conviction appeals in the District Court, and complex criminal trials.

He appears in all types of matters, from drink driving, drug possession, assault and AVOs all the way up to murder, commercial drug importations and supply, sexual assault and large-scale fraud trials.

Mr Saleh is a dedicated defence lawyer who is passionate about fighting for his clients and ensuring they are kept informed throughout the criminal process. He works tirelessly to achieve optimal outcomes in the shortest possible time – allowing his clients to move on with their lives with minimal disruption.

He is meticulous when it comes to the preparation of complex criminal cases, and has an excellent track record of getting cases withdrawn or charges downgraded through careful analysis of the evidence, independent investigation of facts at issue and intense negotiations with police and the DPP.

Mr Saleh’s clients can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality representation from a respected lawyer with the experience, dedication, passion and commitment to achieve exceptional results – whatever their case may involve.

Ali's Testimonials
Good behaviour bond without a conviction

Ali Saleh of Sydney Criminal Lawyers stood by me and fought very hard for me in court today.

The outcome of a good behaviour bond without a conviction is the best outcome I could have hoped for. His representation has enabled me to move forward with my life, keep my employment and for that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you Ali for all your advice glad I found you

Cath H.

Would highly recommend these lawyers

Thanks Ali and particular thanks to Jason Koh for representing me in court today. It was such a scary experience to go through but Jason handled everything confidently and smoothly. Would highly recommend these lawyers.

Jan T.

I appreciate the Sydney Criminal Lawyers team for the excellent service

Ali Saleh represented me at court. He was an excellent lawyer and very professional. I appreciate the Sydney Criminal Lawyers team for the excellent service. Thank you guys.

Samuel T.

I have achieved the outcome I desired

I have achieved the outcome I desired. I was represented by Ali Saleh and he was great!

Wenny L.

Better than I could have hoped for

I had drug supply charges and wasn’t too sure my first option lawyer was up to the seriousness of the charges so I contacted SCL from jail. The result was better than I could have hoped for, and the advice and service from Ali Saleh and his team were top shelf. 5stars all the way. Thanks Ali.

Robert S.

Achieve the best possible outcome

Ali Saleh was extremely professional and provided me a great comfort and support during the intensive negotiations revolving my domestic assault case, and was able to achieve the best possible outcome. I would whole heartly recommend his services to anyone needing legal support.

Jayson C.

Ali was an amazing help during my case

Ali was an amazing help during my case, gave us the emotional security and comfort that was much needed.

D. N.

I thought lawyers were all the same

I thought lawyers were all the same especially for a minor case which we were facing. But we were always feeling anxious. We went to visit the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to get a second opinion and fortunately we were able to meet Mr Ali Saleh. With a short discussion with him my concerns were all clear. We left our matter with him and everything went very well. Thank you Mr Ali. You have saved us. Highly recommend him.

Keiko K.

I received a good behaviour bond with no conviction

Result obtained with Ali Saleh was very good. I received a good behaviour bond with no conviction. I appreciate greatly Ali’s support during this challenging time.

H P.

Perfect Service

Perfect Service by Ali and Saba.

Joseph M.

He was confident and very reassuring in one of the most stressful episodes of my life

Ali Saleh’s advice was spot-on and his preparation was excellent.

He was confident and very reassuring in one of the most stressful episodes of my life.

I received a good behaviour bond and no conviction, something which is vital to my ongoing employment.

Thank you so much Ali. I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Emily M.

Stress free result

Such a relief got section 10 (b) stress free result thanks to Mr. Ali Saleh.

Prince B.

One of the most well prepared lawyers I have ever met

As a practising barrister I am often briefed by Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. Outstanding lawyers, especially Mr Ali Saleh, who I must say is one of the most well prepared lawyers I have ever met.

Wali S,

He got me out of jail

I had a matter in the district court. I was in custody and Ali Saleh assisted me. He got me out of jail and reduced my sentence. I recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to anyone in trouble. They helped me and my family get on with our lives.


Sam I.

I received a Section 10(1)(a)

My matter was concluded yesterday and I received a Section 10(1)(a). I am so thankful for such a good result as this has been a very stressful and upsetting experience and I am so glad I can now put it all behind me.

Many thanks to Ali for representing me in court, his professional manner and also his kindness in what was to me a very stressful situation was much appreciated. Thanks also to Avinash, Saba and other staff who worked on this case.

Karen K.

High level of professionalism

Mr Ali Saleh showed a very high level of professionalism and was able to assist in my court matter. Would definitely recommend Mr Saleh for any legal matter. Thanks!

Alex S.

I walked away without a conviction

Mr Saleh appeared for me at my district court sentence. From the outset I was very comfortable with his advice. He advised of the best approach and I acted on it. Everyone from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® assisted with the preparation.

I walked away without a conviction. For this I am forever grateful. My job, relationship and life was on line.
Thank you to Ali and Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

Jebil S.

I was wrongly convicted

I appeared on district court for a matter that I was wrongly convicted and Ali Saleh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® helped me from start to finish for me to walk out without a conviction.

Roshan D.

The result speaks for itself

Mr Saleh represented me for charges relating to assault, choke and AVO. The matter was listed for hearing. He went above and beyond to ensure the truth came out. We obtained footage that showed I was clearly innocent and the allegations were made up. Mr Saleh negotiated with the police and they withdrew all 5 offences and the AVO at the hearing date.

The best part of it was when I saw the alleged victim being taken down by the police to the police station for questioning after my matter was dismissed. I’m glad I chose Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. I chose them because of their reviews and case studies and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The whole team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® assisted with this case and the result speaks for itself.

Thank you.

Fess K.

Ultimately successful

Ali Saleh did an excellent job in representing me with my Section 32 application that was ultimately successful. Thank you.

John Q.

Best possible outcome

Ali Saleh was extremely professional and handled the matter quickly and smoothly. He achieved the best possible outcome and I would highly recommend.

Alex K.

I could not have asked for a better result

Thanks Ali Saleh I could not have asked for a better result extremely happy. Thanks again

Garry B.

I can’t believe the outcome I got

I can’t believe how fantastic and amazing Ali Saleh is. I can’t believe the outcome I got. His service was spot on!! My god did he make me feel stress free and got my life back together, the way he spoke about my case was incredible and I wasn’t suspecting the outcome I got 😊. This man is a true legend, such a nice bloke, and warm welcoming you get from him you could tell he’s liked by many people. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ( Ali Saleh )

Jack T.

Shocked with the outcome

Absolutely shocked with the outcome and the service we got from Ali Saleh recently. It was extremely brilliant the way he handled my case and got me the results which I never thought of. He made this stressed situation so much easier to deal with. 100% recommend ALI SALEH one of the best out of all around. Unfortunately I can’t give you more than 5 stars.

Prabhnoor S.

A stressful situation made clear and simple for us

Don’t be fooled by his extremely calm demeanour, Ali Saleh is focused and delivers. In fact, we could not have asked for a better result. The back office is also organised and supportive. A stressful situation made clear and simple for us.

Thank you so much.

A lady approached us outside of the courtroom afterwards and asked for Ali’s contact details. Highly recommended.

Michi C.

I am very grateful to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

I recently found myself in a situation that I never thought I would end up in. I contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers® because of their reputation but have always been dubious of authenticity of such reviews as these. I decided go for an initial consultation and was assigned Ali Sales as my lawyer to talk things through. Following the consultation, I came away feeling confident in my assigned lawyers knowledge and experience handling situations similar to mine. I can honestly say, that having now come to the end of my terrible journey, I now know that sometimes reviews can be genuine. I am very grateful to Sydney Criminal Lawyers® for all the support and high quality service I received from Ali Saleh and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Sam A.

Couldn't be happier with the outcome

Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Ali was superb! I would highly recommend his services!

Cameron C.

Unconditional effort and time put fourth

I Strongly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, specifically Ali Saleh in relation to the unconditional effort and time put fourth by him during my case. In what was an extremely stressful situation for myself, family and peers, he created a solid foundation of support through his immense networking to minimise the stress placed on us during the trial.
His compassionate nature in conjunction with his interpersonal skills enabled him to generate a great rapport with myself and others around me, giving me copious amounts of confidence leading up to my hearing.

Mitchell G.

Extremely happy with the outcome

Ali Saleh is the go to man! extremely happy with the outcome of a section 9, good behaviour bond.

Kris N.

Can’t describe how happy I am

Can’t describe how happy I am with the outcome. With a charge of hitting a police car twice and a high range drink driver, I have walked out of court a free man, all with the professionalism of Ali and Sydney Criminal Lawyers®! Amazing

Oliver V.

We were speechless and ecstatic about the result

My partner had more than 10 charges against him, including driving whilst suspended and driving without a supervising driver as he was on his L’s.

He was in Silverwater MRCC for 4 weeks after have already been given bonds and bail conditions stating under no circumstance was he to drive.

He had already been in lock up twice before the detention, spending a night up in Amber Laurel and five nights being shuffled between numerous different lock ups and police stations; therefore on his third appearance in court, we expected remand.

Being 19 and wide-eyed to the reality of his situation, he was not coping being locked up so when Saba Reaze was able to get him out on Section 9 Bonds we were speechless and ecstatic about the result.

Saba triumphed and championed Luke’s cause, to wit; a result that we thought not even possible was achieved.

Section nine bonds meant he was let out on the day of court on the 24th April 2018; it had seemed so far out of the realm of possibility, that it wasn’t even discussed as an option.

I didn’t even know Saba could have achieved this result it is so outstanding, we are beyond grateful, thanks to Saba Reaze and Ali Saleh for their help to Luke.

Tara M.

Highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

Highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

Ali Saleh represented me over an assault occasioning bodily harm charge.

I pleaded not guilty and walked away with the case being dismissed.

Very happy with the outcome.

David L.

Dashing Solicitor

Mr Saleh is a dashing Solicitor. I rang Mr Saleh about a case a had pending and with the information Mr Saleh presented me with i did not have to go to court. I recommend that if you have a situation let Mr Saleh give you legal advice. Again dashing thanks for listening to my review have a wonderful evening.

Ahmad E.

Professionalism, knowledge and confidence

I would like to recommend the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® after recently handling my drink driving charge. Special recommendation should go to Ali Saleh, my lawyer, for his professionalism, knowledge and confidence in bringing about the correct result. He put me at ease in the unknown territory of the Courthouse. I am very pleased with the outcome and to walk out of court with my licence firmly tucked back in my wallet was an excellent feeling. Thanks Ali for a FIVE STAR effort.

Mark R.

My AVO breach charges was dropped

My AVO breach charges was dropped and i am happy with the result. Ali Saleh handled it very professionally.

I was very fortunate to be assisted by Ali Saleh. He was extremely positive, honest and supportive throughout the entire ordeal.

I highly recommend engaging Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and Ali Saleh for anyone who is facing criminal charges.

Raj C.

I highly recommend engaging Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

I highly recommend engaging Sydney Criminal Lawyers® due to their professional and friendly service just to name a few!

I was very lucky and fortunate to be assisted by Ali Saleh. He was extremely positive, honest and supportive throughout the entire ordeal.

Ali Saleh knew exactly what was required in order for me to receive a Section 10, which I did receive without any issues thanks to him!!

Ali truly portrayed an honest and true character whilst working with him, which definitely helped ease the pressure from the situation, as I felt I was receiving genuine advice at all times.

The costs involved were 110% reasonable and affordable.

Ali is my go to Lawyer!!

Kunal S.

Section 10 without any bond

Great services … Ali Salah was our lawyer

It was little complicated case and we were on appeal but Salah handle the case very well and we get the section 10 without any bond.

Jamal A.

Very happy with outcome

Very happy with outcome. ALI one of the best lawyers . Congratulations.

Bernardete C.

An advo of 2 years was reduced to 6 months

Ali saleh is a great lawyer and would highly recommend to anyone facing criminal charges. Ali handled the case with a high level of professionalism, was able to keep me calm and negotiated with police prosecutors the day before court. When the case went to court there was no hesitation from the prosecution to approve a section 32 and the case was dismissed. An advo of 2 years was reduced to 6 months. Thanks Ali for the great work !!! I can finally get my life back on track and move forwards. I would highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® especially Ali in particular. I’m very happy with today’s outcome!

Patricia G.

He spoke to me as an equal

I was issued with a subpoena to give evidence in a criminal case and was very worried and stressed about it. I obviously needed expert legal advice. My usual lawyer, who I had used for a number of years, referred me to their internal criminal law expert. I met with him and not only did he instill fear into me he also saw it as an opportunity to extort $3K from me. My gut feeling told me to find someone else. This is when I contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and met with Ali Saleh, one of their Senior Criminal Lawyer.

Ali was very knowledgable in the type of matter and everything involved from the police to the prosecution as well as what my role would be. He spoke to me as an equal and gave me practical advice and comfort about the situation. The fees were very reasonable and when I asked if he thought I would need legal representation beyond our initial meeting and during court appearances he said no and that I had nothing to worry about.

Compared to what my family lawyer’s rep was trying to do I was amazed he did not take advantage of me. Turns out he was right. My statement was not tendered to court and I was not required to give evidence. I know this is lengthy however I am so grateful for what he did that I want others to know. He even took my calls and answered my text messages after our meeting. I highly recommend Ali and Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. Thank you for helping me!

Paul S.

I’m so happy with the outcome it couldn’t be better

I highly recommend Ali for any criminal matter. Ali handled the case professionally and calmly and was able to negotiate with the prosecution to get a section 32 application approved for an assault occasioning actual bodily harm charge, and an ADVO reduced from 2 years to 6 months. No criminal charge was recorded and the case was dismissed.

Ali negotiated with police and the prosecutor and answers all my texts and calls regarding the case in a timely manner. At first i was so stressed about the legal charges that I was skeptical in which lawyer to go with but I’m glad I stuck with Ali. I’m so happy with the outcome it couldn’t be better.

Ali negotiated the case so well there was no hesitation from the prosecution to approve the section 32 . He also referred me to a great psychiatrist for the report who wrote a fantastic report. Thank you Ali and Sydney criminal lawyer for all your help during this tough time !!!

Patricia G.

patient and a professional lawyer

Ali saleh is a very patient and a professional lawyer he assisted my friend with his case and got him his best result he managed to stop the police from charging him.

Hussein Z.

Professional, excellent and well prepared lawyer

Ali Saleh from SCL, is a Professional, excellent and well prepared lawyer with great personality to deal with, who represented me in the court which I was absolutely happy with the results.

I will highly recommend him to anyone, because he will get you the best results that will make you happy.

Thanks Ali your the best.

Roben H.

Licence suspension period from 3 month down to 2 weeks

Successfully reduced my licence suspension period from 3 month down to 2 weeks by their expertise. Good job Ali and Pamela!

Tim T.

Unbelievable result thank you

From the moment I walked into SCL office in Castlereagh St I was greeted by total professionalism. Ali Saleh greeted me, read the paperwork and gave me a professional and realistic opinion on what I was charged with, which was high range PCA whilst speeding 22 km over. He represented me in court and I walked out with a six month suspension which got backdated to two, and no fine. Unbelievable result thank you once again Ali. I have no hesitation in recommending Ali Saleh …. top job mate

S B.

Great legal advice

Ali Saleh offered me great legal advice. I recommend him to everyone.

Ali M.

They handled the matter with priority and respect

Excellent…. I had a very sensitive mother to deal with and they handled the matter with priority and respect. Their communication was very good and rates very fair. I would recommend Ali and Saba to prospective clients.

Chris M.

The best case scenario as stated by the magistrate himself!

Would like to thank both Pamela and Ali for working on my case. Really appreciate the effort as my case resulted in a section 10 good behaviour bond; the best case scenario as stated by the magistrate himself!

Nabhan K.

Case withdrawn

I was charged with common assault and by online search I found Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. They prepared for my case. I am thankful to Pamela, Hayder and special thanks to Ali Saleh for making me understand about the court proceedings and to come at hearing, handling it professionally and to get the case withdrawn by them. I would highly recommend Ali Saleh to everyone who want a right advice on their assault case and to work towards success.

Jaspreet G.

Very professional, well prepared and compassionate

Ali Saleh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is the guy you need to see. Very professional, well prepared and compassionate. Managed to reduce my 6 month licence suspension to 4 weeks. Turned a very stressful experience into a fruitful one.

Sajad B.

Kept me out of prison

I would like to thank SCL especially Ali Saleh for the professional Advise. Ali kept me out of prison and for that I am forever grateful.

I would definitely recommend Ali and SCL team for the professionalism shown.

Andre M.

Professional, fantastic and sagacious

I will highly commend Ali Saleh , who is professional, fantastic and sagacious. I was charged driving whilst suspended which would punish me with $3000+ fines and 1 year suspension. Since this was my first time go to the court and I was quite nervous. Ali helped me to reduce my stress and told me he would back me up. On the court, I just sit behind and listen him. After his magic statement, the magistrate is persuaded to give me a section 10 with good behaviour. That would be the best result I can obtain. Thanks for Ali’s efforts. He is a really really professional lawyer.

Sze J.

Professional and attained the outcome I hoped for

I would highly recommend SCL, my matter was dealt with by Fouad and Ali, both very professional and attained the outcome I hoped for. They handled the case very well. i will definitely come to them for any issues in the future. Thank you so much for everything!

Gabriel T.

Very happy with the result

Very happy with the result that Ali Saleh was able to get for me this morning.

I got a section 10(1)(b) for a breach on a previous section 10 good behaviour by possess prohibited drug and driving under the influence of drugs.

Both seperate occasions.


Nathan L.

An authentic defence lawyer

Ali Saleh an authentic defence lawyer, represented family member in severity appeal.

At the District Court a lesser sentence was granted due to Ali whom supported his clients mental stress from a head injury.

A compassionate , respectful lawyer whom was comprehensive and understanding of our family’s situation.

A 5 star Result.



Extremely professional and friendly

Ali Saleh is the name if you want the best outcome in your criminal case.

Highly recommend SCL especially Ali.

Extremely professional and friendly.


Result well beyond expected

I would like to make a sincere thank you to the team at SCL namely Steve Patrick who on the sentencing date got a result well beyond expected.

Big thanks!!!

I would also like to to thank Ali Saleh for the background work on the case who was available on call when needed.

From intial consultation to end result, these guys are who you want.

Thanks again SCL.

Carl G.

Case dismissed, charges dropped!

Ali Saleh, remember this name if you want to win a case you thought you never had a chance of winning.

My partner and I were both charged with common assault and both had an ADVO put against us.

We went in expecting to be charged along with the ADVO and walked out with the case dismissed, charges dropped and even the ADVO was dropped!!!

We needed these charges dropped due to my job role.

Can not thank him enough for allowing me to persue my career.

Thank u again Mr Saleh!!!!!

C. Smith

The best possible outcome, a section 10!

Ali Saleh represented me for my offence and got the best possible outcome, a section 10.

He was very compassionate, professional and always there to answer any questions before the hearing.

I have never been to court before, and he led me from start to finish, and how to handle myself in there, and his submission was very professional and a great approach.

Highly recommended.

Darren C.

Got the section 10

My first time in court, great to work with Ali.

Got the section 10 with a mid range.


Highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

I will highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

The lawyer who represented me was Ali Saleh, he is the best lawyer in town, very friendly and professional.

Choosing the right lawyer is just so important, Ali managed to get the traffic charges withdrawn before the mention date.

It was the best outcome I could have wished for and I will highly recommend Ali to just about anyone. You won’t be disappointed!


Professional service, highly recommended

Ali Saleh went above and beyond the call, swift and professional service, highly recommended.

David R.

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