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Deniz Nedim

Senior Criminal Lawyer
B.A, LL.B, G.D.L.P.
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer
Deniz Nedim is an Experienced Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer who Regularly Appears in a Wide Range of Criminal and Traffic Cases

Mr Deniz Nedim is an experienced senior criminal defence lawyer who regularly appears in a wide range of criminal and traffic cases, from drink driving, drug possession, assaults to more serious criminal charges.

He also assists Barristers during difficult and complex Defended Hearings and Jury Trials.

Clients benefit from Deniz’s cutting-edge legal research skills, his excellence at briefing medical and forensic experts and his commitment to ensuring that our cases are thoroughly prepared for Trial.

Deniz has developed into a competent and dedicated Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and is a valuable member of our first-class Criminal Defence Team.

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