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Fouad Awada

Senior Associate
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer
Senior Associate and Highly Sought-After Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer

Mr Fouad Awada is our firm’s Senior Associate and a highly sought-after criminal defence lawyer.

He has a wealth of experience in complex and serious criminal cases, and possesses the rare ability to quickly digest enormous amounts of material, ascertain issues in dispute, identify deficiencies and other problems in the prosecution case, and formulate and implement effective case strategies that result in the dismissal of charges and not guilty verdicts.

A fearsome, formidable and highly-respected courtroom lawyer, Fouad also consistently persuades the police and DPP to withdraw or downgrade charges early in the proceedings.

He has successfully defended matters ranging from drug possession, assault and drink driving, through to complex commercial drug supply, importation, serious assaults, sexual assaults and dangerous driving matters.

He is also uniquely experienced in representing corporate clients during investigations and prosecutions for alleged regulatory offences, and in providing exceptional representation against Crime Commission and ICAC prosecutions, and ‘white collar’ criminal prosecutions generally.

Fouad is highly committed to his cases and compassionate towards his clients, providing them with guidance and support throughout what can be otherwise be an unduly stressful period in their lives.

He prides himself on providing accurate advice about the law and legal options in a way that is easy to understand, and has represented clients from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Fouad speaks fluent Arabic and has close ties to the Arabic community. He lends his time to lecturing youth and is actively involved with a number of charities, including the St Vincent De Paul Society, Red Cross Foundation and Legacy.

He is an integral member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

Fouad's Testimonials

Good Lawyer!

Fouad Is a really Good Lawyer!

Realistic advice

I have no hesitation recommending this firm. I was represented by the senior associate Fouad and I obtained an excellent result. Realistic advice and very down to earth!

The judge was happy

My brother was charged by DPP with a number of serious crimes. He had consulted lawyer Fouad about this over a year ago. There were a few other people charged and Fouad negotiated the charges and appeared in court in Downing Centre District court. He prepared our documents and the judge was happy that he had sent all of these to him before the court date unlike other lawyers there. He represents my brother very well and we got a fantastic result. For the service we get the fees were great. Excellent lawyer Fouad.

I would recommend him for complex criminal charges

I couldn’t have been happier with my lawyer. Fouad was very supportive and realistic and told me what to expect. He didn’t give me unrealistic advice and I am very grateful for that. It is because of Fouad that I am not in a jail cell, and I would recommend him for complex criminal charges. He negotiated my charges and strategically put me in the best legal position. Highly recommended!

Very good result

Best result from Fouad and getting very good lawyer. He knows the law very good and in court he get very good result. I thank you.

Got me the best result possible

Foaud was very honest and direct about my options and the evidence that was on the table. He was able to guide me through the whole process of something quite uncomfortable and at the end of it got me the best result possible.

Saved my life

Fouad Awada he is very good lawyer. All I can say is he just saved my life.

He knew how to deliver a very balanced submission

Fouad was excellent in court. He knew how to deliver a very balanced submission with a somewhat hostile magistrate. I have no doubt that without him, things could have been a lot worse. Instead, I got the best outcome I had hoped for.

Pleasure to work with

I was represented by Fouad, and he was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Fouad and I am very happy with the result.

I would be in jail had it not been for Fouad

I would be in jail had it not been for Fouad. The knowledge and expertise he demonstrated was profound. The best and most fortunate decision I made was having Fouad by my side. He is a true lawyer and will go out of his way to get the result.

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