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Kent Park

Senior Criminal Lawyer
B.AppFIN, LL.B, G.D.L.P.
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Lawyer
" A highly sought-after criminal defence lawyer who is well respected by colleagues, prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike"

Kent Park is a highly sought-after criminal defence lawyer who is well respected by colleagues, prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike.

Kent joined our defence team after having been employed for a number of years in a boutique criminal defence firm in Sydney, and has many years of experience representing clients in a range of criminal law and driving cases.

Kent is widely-recognised as a formidable courtroom lawyer with the ability to formulate and implement defence strategies that result in cases being dropped or, when they proceed to defended hearings or jury trials, dismissed on legal or evidentiary grounds.

He appears in a wide range of cases, from drug possession, driving driving, assaults and apprehended violence orders to commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, manslaughter and murder cases, in all levels of the court system and a range of tribunals.

He also appears and advises in matters involving the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Kent’s career-long specialisation in criminal law has enabled him to develop a thorough knowledge of this complex and ever changing field of the law, and to implement that knowledge in order to achieve optimal outcomes for his clients.

His proficiency in criminal law has led to his appointment to both the Summary and Indictable Criminal Law Panels of the Legal Aid Commission of NSW.

Kent is passionate about the interests of his clients, which is reflected in his outstanding track record of results and client satisfaction – and he is committed to ensuring that his clients are kept informed and protected from the start to the finish of their cases.

Kent is an integral member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

Kent's Testimonials

Highly recommend using Kent

Extremely happy with the level of service received from Kent. He was incredibly professional and was able to get me the result that I wanted. I would highly recommend using Kent for anyone looking for a lawyer.

Demonstrates a high degree of legal skill

Kent, from Sydney Criminal Lawyers, demonstrates a high degree of legal skill. He is respectable amongst fellow peers. He exercises a great deal of professional courtesy and acts with due diligence. He is polite and punctual in all his dealings. I thoroughly recommend his advocacy services.

He is a great asset for SCL

Kent Park, did a great job and very professional. He is a great asset for SCL and I would highly recommend.

Got the result I was hoping for

Kent got put on my case only a few days before the date but was able to get the result I was hoping for. Thanks Kent.

Non conviction and a clean record

Kent was my lawyer who delivered the results - very happy customer. I highly recommend this law firm. He was very professional, committed and very thorough. Kept me informed at every stage and I couldn't be happier. My outcome was unexpected and immensely the best ever - a non conviction and a clean record.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Fouad Awada, Kent Park and Julianne Lim at Sydney Criminal Lawyers for their professionalism in handling my case. I was always assured that they were working to achieve the best possible outcome. Through Fouad's hard work and negotiation skills, he has achieved the best outcome that I could hope for. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. You have lifted a great burden from my shoulders. If you are looking for legal representation, I highly recommend the team at SCL.

Always easy to speak to

My lawyer, Kent, did a great job and was always easy to speak to. I'd highly recommend him and Sydney Criminal Lawyers to anyone in need of legal representation.

Our case could have been a lot more worse off than it was

Where do I start? I have so much wonderful things to say about Kent but how to put them into words? He is honest, caring, punctual, reliable, excellent at communication, has YOUR best interest at heart. I would recommend everyone to contact him if in need with legal matters. Our case could have been a lot more worse off than it was. Kent pulled out all the stops and it paid off we were in appeal for the severity we got more than half of the time taken off. He was 100% the reason this happened. Kent was well organised even had graphs and anything that would help. If I tried to contact Kent and he missed my call or msg Kent would always contact me asap and efficiently. I am truly grateful for what he has done for us and our family thank you so much for your honestly and determination. Sydney Criminal Lawyers should be ecstatic to have you on their team. Also a big thank you to Sydney Criminal Lawyers for your reasonable prices, your quickness at solving enquires and your help. Thank you.

I couldn’t be happier!

Absolutely awesome and professional service. The outcome was the best that could be achieved. Thank you Kent. I couldn’t be happier!

He saved my life, job and future

Mr Kent Park was nothing short of impeccable in regard to his work. He has the ability to keep you calm and trusting, while walking you through complicated proceedings, and presents his case in an articulate, concise and professional manner. He saved my life, job and future and got me the best possible outcome, quite unexpectedly, while other legal advisors told me a win for my case was hopeless. He listened to my case without judgement, and relayed the facts before the court, with an almost preternatural ability to influence the room. The man was born for law. I’m so thankful and fortunate to have found Kent, and Sydney Criminal Lawyers. I’m more relieved than I can put into words.
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