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Kent Park

Senior Criminal Lawyer
B.AppFIN, LL.B, G.D.L.P.
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Lawyer
"A highly sought-after criminal defence lawyer who is well respected by colleagues, prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike"

Kent Park is a highly sought-after criminal defence lawyer who is well respected by colleagues, prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike.

Kent joined our defence team after having been employed for a number of years in a boutique criminal defence firm in Sydney, and has many years of experience representing clients in a range of criminal law and driving cases.

Kent is widely-recognised as a formidable courtroom lawyer with the ability to formulate and implement defence strategies that result in cases being dropped or, when they proceed to defended hearings or jury trials, dismissed on legal or evidentiary grounds.

He appears in a wide range of cases, from drug possession, driving driving, assaults and apprehended violence orders to commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, manslaughter and murder cases, in all levels of the court system and a range of tribunals.

He also appears and advises in matters involving the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Kent’s career-long specialisation in criminal law has enabled him to develop a thorough knowledge of this complex and ever changing field of the law, and to implement that knowledge in order to achieve optimal outcomes for his clients.

His proficiency in criminal law has led to his appointment to both the Summary and Indictable Criminal Law Panels of the Legal Aid Commission of NSW.

Kent is passionate about the interests of his clients, which is reflected in his outstanding track record of results and client satisfaction – and he is committed to ensuring that his clients are kept informed and protected from the start to the finish of their cases.

Kent is an integral member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Kent's Clients Say

Helped me feel reassured

I was represented by both Tuan and Kent Park, both were very helpful and made the entire experience a lot more comfortable and helped me feel reassured.

Kent is a good lawyer

Kent is a good lawyer. He truly knows how to serve the client. Thanks Kent

I received a significantly reduced sentence

I had the pleasure of being represented by Kent Park, who received my case on short notice. Facing a charge with a potential sentence of 2 years imprisonment, I received a significantly reduced sentence of a small fine with Kent’s help. He was very easy to communicate with and his candour was comforting and reassuring. His expertise and ability to read situations and take advantage of opportunities helped me get a much better result than I could have anticipated. I highly recommend Kent Park for anyone looking for assurance that they will receive the best result possible.

Kent love your work

Kent love your work. Thank you so much.

This guy was born to do law!

Kent Park was my lawyer and honestly couldn’t be happier with the way he dealt with my situation! Kent is a really good person and listener and always guided and helped me along the way, it was a tough time though he always told me I will be okay and sure enough I’m okay! Kent is a very professional person and has answers to almost any questions, very knowledgeable with laws and knows his stuff! This guy was born to do law, I was always able to contact him no matter what time of day, I would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers to anyone in need! Thank you again.

He explains things very amicably

My lawyer was Kent Park, I would recommend this gentleman, he was very efficient in guiding me to prepare the paperwork. Kent talks with magistrate with utmost respect and honour and also to the point. he explains things very amicably. In My case Kent even discussed my previous court case. Kent will extend his hand as much as possible to pull you out of the Pitt. I was Happy with the outcome in such a case.

Professional and efficient representation

Very happy to recommend Kent Park. Easy to talk with, organised, very calming at stressful times: professional and efficient representation. Achieved a great result for me.

Reduction in my driving suspension

Kent managed and directed me throughout my driving offence matter with great skill. He articulated my situation to the presiding magistrate extremely well. He managed to secure a reduction in my driving suspension from 6 months to 1 month. This is a splendid outcome. Regards Donald

A non-conviction in a traffic case!

Kent done a fabulous job, helped me to get a non-conviction in a traffic case!!

A highly capable lawyer

I highly recommend Kent Part for anyone in need of a criminal lawyer. He was able to break down specific legislation relating to my case in layman terms thus giving me confidence in knowing my exact position before court. He has a high aptitude for law and prides himself in thorough preparation for every possible scenario during court proceedings. My favourable outcome was entirely based on having a highly capable lawyer such as him.
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