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Leo McLaren

Law Graduate
B.Com, LL.B (Hons), GDLP
(Law Graduate)

Leo McLaren is a law graduate with an outstanding academic record and significant experience in the legal profession.

After graduating from a leading Australian law school with Honours, Leo spent three years in a legal advisory position with a top-tier financial firm where he honed his ability to canvass and digest vast amounts of complex information, identify relevant legal issues, research applicable laws and recognise how they apply to multifaceted scenarios, and implement strategies to achieve optimal outcome for his clients.

As a senior legal adviser, Leo was entrusted with the firm’s largest and most demanding clients, enabling him to develop the ability to concisely communicate complex legal situations.

While that role was rewarding, Leo recognised that his true passion was in criminal defence – so he left the position to join a specialist criminal defence firm in Western Sydney, before joining the Sydney Criminal Lawyers team.

Leo is a highly intelligent, motivated, confident and charismatic professional who is passionate about criminal defence.

He currently assists our Senior Defence Lawyers in developing and implementing effective defence strategies, and upon his formal admission promises to develop into an exceptional criminal defence lawyer.

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