Maryanne was admitted as a lawyer in 2004 and joined the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® team in 2009.

She is an experienced courtroom advocate representing clients in all types of criminal and traffic cases, ranging from drink driving, larceny, assaults and drugs to complex fraud, money laundering, sexual assault and murder charges.

Maryanne regularly represents clients in the Children’s Court, Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court of New South Wales for all manner of hearings, trials and appeals.

She is a dedicated, passionate and highly astute Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer, and is recognised for her exceptional ability to accurately advise clients about their options and the best way forward, to implement effective defence strategies and to persuasively argues cases inside the courtroom.

Maryanne speaks fluent Vietnamese and has close ties to the Vietnamese community, which benefits her Vietnamese clientele.

She regularly receives glowing testimonials for her dedication and compassion towards clients, and her ability to consistently deliver outstanding results in difficult circumstances.

Maryanne is an invaluable member of Sydney’s leading criminal defence team.

Maryanne's Testimonials
Case dismissed within two minutes!

I recommend Jimmy Singh, the best criminal lawyer who has the magic ability to turn your case to a dismissal without bond.

Jimmy instructs you how to make the best document preparation to maximize your odds to win. Jimmy uses the fewest words to convince the magistrate that you are innocent or you have made a reasonable and forgivable mistake.

Jimmy was my right choice, who let the magistrate dismiss the case within two minutes. Unbelievable! By the way, Maryanne Nguyen is a wonderful lawyer as well, who introduced Jimmy to me.

Xiaodong C. 

Result I was hoping for

Thank you to Maryanne! Definitely the result I was hoping for highly recommend.

Connor W. 

Got a better than expected result

Maryanne Nguyen was so helpful, kept me up to date with every detail and so professional. She was amazing under pressure and in the end got a better than expected result.

If you’re in need of a solicitor, this is definitely the place to go.

Evening M. 

Section 10 for two charges

I couldn’t be more thankful to Maryanne Nguyen from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® for getting me a section 10 for two charges. She is highly professional and explains every aspect of the legal process from first consultation to sentencing.

I was very worried about receiving a conviction as it would have ruined many future employment opportunities but Maryanne removed the stress and explained what to do in order to decrease the likelihood of conviction.

I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® as the best firm in Sydney for all criminal related charges. Thank you so much !


I was able to get a section 10 this morning

Maryanne and the team at SCL – I’m deeply grateful for your effort, professionalism and guidance in archiving the outcome i required to resolve my matter. Maryanne has been a great help in explaining how legal proceedings work and was able to get a section 10 this morning. I am forever great full for your guidance in difficult times.

I recommend Maryanne and the team at SCL.



She got me the result I was after

I highly recommend Maryanne Nguyen – from the first visit I had with her she was honest and open about the different possible outcomes and stayed in touch the whole way through to court date to make sure we were well prepared. She was attentive, caring and very efficient. She got me the result I was after and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Maryanne and the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.


Thank you so much Sydney Criminal Lawyers®!

Thank you so much Maryanne at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Docta D.

I am so grateful to have chosen Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

Maryanne is amazing. She supported me as necessary throughout the whole process and demonstrates extreme proficiency in her expertise. Her actions achieved the desired result of a Dismissal today which is the greatest outcome. Her high reputation and ability to build rapport with others is noteworthy too and having her as your lawyer will be absolutely valuable and instill that sense of security during a seemingly uncertain process.

She is very outcome-oriented which is key and is also engaging. I couldn’t thank her enough and am so grateful to have chosen her.

Thank you Maryanne.

Michael J. 

I am forever grateful for the support, guidance and professionalism

I would like to say a HUGE & SINCERE thank you to Maryanne Nguyen. She negotiated a number of critical facts of my case from a potentially career ending outcome, to a settlement that I couldn’t be happier with. This allows me to continue to work in my chosen field and I am forever grateful to her support, guidance and professionalism throughout the lengthy process.

I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer.


Sydney Criminal Lawyers® are the BEST!!!!

I had an amazing lawyers backing me up in my case. Maryanne and Jimmy took all the stress off me and made me feel at ease in the matter. I was absolutely scared and freaked out that I’ll be getting convicted as a criminal and a huge fine but they dealt with the case as it was nothing and the magistrate amazingly took their says into consideration and at the end of the day I walked out with a huge smile on my face and a 12 month good behaviour bond and also, a fine of $109.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® helped me from start to finish and I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with a criminal matter. They 100% come with good service and incredible communication with their clients. Sydney Criminal Lawyers® are the BEST!!!!

Fabez F.

Anyone has any driving matter call these guys

A big thank you to Maryanne and Avinash, great team work and both done a fantastic job and got me the best outcome… Anyone has any driving matter call these guys they will defiantly do the best to get you out of it.

Thanks once again :))

Frank A. 

Should have more stars

Maryanne, she was the Angel in our corner. She was efficient, unbelievably fast in such the short time she had. 1 day to be precise. My son was fearing and told of jail time. Maryanne went to work had her say and we recieved better then we expected. 18 month bond and a small fine of 800 dollars. Cant thank her enough. Should have more stars.

(Published by client on Google)

Rob T. 


I was satisfied with the outcome of my case due to the good work by SCL, and especially Maryanne Nguyen who handled my matter. Fees are advised in advance so you know how much you’re up for, and lawyer-client contact was good. Recommended!

(Published by client on Google)

Adam P. 

Won in court

Won in court. My solicitor was Maryanne. Thought I was gonna go to jail but thank God Maryanne is so good at what she does the case got drop kicked outta the court room. They might seem expensive but you get wat you pay for. This was the second time they saved my ass. First time i had Avinash. He is gun too. Too good at what they do. Highly recommend all crims save their numbers and make sure your misses has it too just incase.

R. James 

Very happy with the outcome

Very happy with the outcome.

Don’t know what position I would be in without Maryanne’s professionalism and guidance. Assured me everything was going to be OK from start to finish and that it was.

Thank you again for you help Maryanne.

Anon A.

Today was a victory in court for a complex matter

Today was a victory in court for a complex matter which none other then Mrs Maryanne Ngyuen could handle in the most professional and incredibly cost effective way I could have ever imagined, I was blown away by how she conducted her self in the court room. She gave great advice and won the case with ease. I am very happy that Maryanne handled my matter. She was always keeping up to date with my affairs even when I would get too busy she would always be there to remind me of things I needed to get onto.

Looking for a lawyer for your case. Maryanne is the one!!!!!

(Published by client on Google)

James D. 

Such an amazing outcome for what was a hard case

Highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. Extremely cost effective and professional leading to the best possible outcome in court.

After being very close to a section 10 bond in my first court appearance we made the decision to appeal my sentence and return to court. On appeal I was awarded the section 10 and able to return to driving straight away. Such an amazing outcome for what was a hard case.

Thank you so much to Maryanne Nguyen you were absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable.

Sam D. 

Would recommend Maryanne Nguyen for any kinds of criminal case

My criminal lawyer was Maryanne Nguyen and she was very professional in approaching my case in court today. It was both cost and time efficient. The results of my case was very satisfying and it couldn’t have been done without the assistance of Maryanne – thank you.

Would recommend Maryanne Nguyen for any kinds of criminal case.

Again, I cannot thank her enough for her service.

Pompeii S. 

Highly recommend this firm to anyone in need

My offence led me to court. The waiting period was very tough to me.

However, with the great help from SCL, the result was favourable. Mia replied to my emails very promptly despite it was 2am. Maryanne is very kind and professional in her work.

Highly recommend this firm to anyone in need.

Thanks so much SCL and Maryanne!!

Mia S. 

I would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

I would like to thank Sydney Criminal Lawyers® very much so, for their Professionalism and their law expertise, They were professional and honest, Specially Maryanne who is sweet, confident and understanding and also Avinash who is on point, sharp and smart.

They done a fantastic job with my case and I’m very happy with the outcome.

I would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

(Published by client on Google)


Very Professional and thorough about the matter we had

Very Professional and thorough about the matter we had.

We could not ask for more!

Not the things that we want to deal with everyday, but definitely great helper when you needed!

Thanks Maryanne!

Bob C. 

Highly Recommend this firm

Highly Recommended this firm, staffs have been attentive along the way, Maryanne represented for me and dealt with a tough matter, she has been detailed, and professional.

She understands what I had to go through I cannot thank her enough for her support emotionally. reliable. The result was much better than what I expected!!! She delivered more than her promises.

I had consult different options before I decide to go with Maryanne, and they all had similar “expectation of the result”.

Thank you Maryanne!

Dan H. 

Thank you Maryanne and thank you Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

Hi Maryanne,

I would like to thank you for your time and effort in helping me with my legal matter today.

You have given me a breath of fresh life today.

Thank you Maryanne and thank you Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

M. J.

I got the section 10 today. You and your team are just so perfect

Dear Mr Nedim,

Thank you so much for your help.

I got the section 10 today.

You and your team are just so perfect.

I cannot believe that everything happened is real.

It is really difficult to find words to express my gratitude. You really saved my life.

Maryanne is so professional and dedicated. She helped me out.

She saved my life as well.

Would be able to convert my gratitude to her when you have free time.

You and your team are best lawyers in the universe.

My highest gratitude.

Best regards,

J. P.

These people and this company are real and worth it. They do what they say with transparency and continue to break stereotypes of lawyers

A few weeks ago a series of poor choices led to me facing a charge for the first time in my life. What’s worse, I was due to fly out on a family emergency and wouldn’t have been around for my given court date, meaning that without representation I was to face the maximum penalty. I was shocked, scared, and had no idea what to do. So I did what any rational 20 something year old would and brought my troubles to Google. SCL was ranked the #1 link, so I clicked it, dialed the number and despite the short notice was invited to come see someone that very day.

Right off the bat despite my panic I was sat down and calmed by the lovely office manager Ms Mia Kowalski who offered me water to drink and encouraging words. I was then seen by Ms Maryanne Nguyen who listened to me explain myself with undivided attention, before offering me solid advice and a quote and assuring me it was negotiable as she understood I was a student and where I was coming from.

When I left the country a couple of days later, despite a 3 hour difference in time zones every question I emailed was answered with nothing but professionalism and courtesy by my assigned lawyer Ms Tina Domm. Some replies even came at a time when Sydneysiders should be sleeping. I was amazed. From there on SCL made sure my court date was successfully pushed by three weeks so I could be present for my matter, I was offered guidance on what documents to prepare, I was continuously treated with respect, and now I am supremely confident going into my rescheduled court date. To top it all off, the discounts I have received for their service in light of my financial situation and circumstances is something I never expected a law firm to ever do. Yet they have.

These people and this company are real and worth it. They do what they say with transparency and continue to break stereotypes of lawyers who are seen as opportunists and money makers, offering a helping hand instead for those like me who have made a mistake but really do want to act positively on a second chance. I have been left humbled by their service and I’d recommend you look no further than them should you ever have the misfortune of being on the wrong side of the law.

Thank you Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

Saim J. 

I was absolutely amazed by the result

I initially contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers® due to their senior team of experienced lawyers, and I was assigned Maryanne after the high level assault I was charged with.

Maryanne by far exceeded my expectations from the start, with not only her professionalism and understanding of my situation, but also her knowledge and confidence of the outcome.

I was absolutely amazed by the result, as it was the best possible outcome that could be achieved. I have no hesitation to recommend Maryanne and the team for anyone seeking legal advice.

J. T.

I will be singing your praises long and loud and will most definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to anyone who needs legal assistance

Dear Maryanne,

Thank you seems very inadequate for the time, effort and assistance which you dedicated to my case at such short notice.

I was so impressed at your level of communication with me, keeping me up-to-date every step of the way. Your professionalism and expertise shone through when needed most.  Today in court, all the required documentation was arranged and everything in order to proceed.

Having already been convicted and fined, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would bear a criminal record for the rest of my life. However, after considering all of the evidence and background which you had so thoroughly prepared,  I was simply given a Good Behaviour Bond, the fines which were previously imposed,  were ordered to be refunded to me and no criminal conviction recorded against my name. The turn-around in events was simply brilliant.

Going to Court is never a pleasant experience but you made me feel at ease immediately we met,  and the result you achieved on my behalf was above and beyond my expectations.

Today,  my life can return to normal and a huge burden has been lifted  from me.

I hope I will not need your services again Maryanne, but rest assured I will be singing your praises long and loud and will most definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to anyone who needs legal assistance.

I wish you all the very best in the future and  once again express my most humble gratitude. You are simply awesome!

Yours sincerely

Michael J.

The result meant that I was still eligible for my job

Maryanne handled my case after I was detected with MDMA at the Listen Out Festival in Sydney. I had never had any experience with courts or its processes which was very nerve wracking. I was finishing my degree and had lined up a job that demanded criminal record checks for employment. Maryanne explained to me the process and guided me through getting the right documents, character references, and writing a letter of apology so that I was prepared as possible for hearing.

Maryanne called me regularly to check up on how I was going and was more than available when it came to queries which eased my nerves a great deal. On the day Maryanne had everything arranged, double checked all the facts about my case, and communicated really well what was happening.

All of this made the experience as pleasant as possible and really helped me remain calm. The final decision by the court gave me a Section 10(1)b which results in no criminal record! The result mean’t that I was still eligible for my job and I was not impacted in the future with work or travel.

Thank you Maryanne!

Angus M.

I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to anyone who seeks for the best experience and high hope to win their cases

Dear Maryanne and Sydney Criminal Lawyers® team,

Thank you again for your help and support my case.

A special thank you to Maryanne that patiently helped and provided me the best service and experience with the court matter. I am so pleased to walk out from the court without criminal record conviction.

It was my first time to involve in this serious matter and I didn’t expect to have a good outcome from what I did. Fortunately, I chose Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

From the first appointment, I didn’t have a second thought to go elsewhere.

The service was quick and convenient to arrange.

The fee was fairly acceptable with the amount of work.

The structure and process were well planned and easy to follow. No false promises and unexpected costs.

I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to anyone who seeks for the best experience and high hope to win their cases.

Best wishes

P. L.

I won my case and walked out of court not guilty of the charge and with 'Apprehended Violence Order' thrown out, which is what I wanted!

I was very pleased to have met Maryanne from Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. I had a matter of fighting an unfair charge put against me that was ‘Occasional Bodily Harm in Company’, of course when I was served with this document I was upset.

Immediately after pleading ‘Not Guilty’ I had to get legal representation where I browsed the internet to view what law firm would best suit my needs, many law firms that I looked up did not advertise pricing which was what made me lose interest, however Sydney Criminal Lawyers® did, with exceptional client testimonials.

This is was what caught my attention, which then progressed me to contact them via telephone. Sydney Criminal Lawyers® offered a high quality service, they are prompt and do not leave you guessing.

They delivered what they promised and empathise with clients, which I think is important.

I won my case and walked out of court not guilty of the charge and with ‘Apprehended Violence Order’ thrown out, which is what I wanted!

Thank you Maryanne Nguyen in assisting with representation and thanks to Sydney Criminal Lawyers® services for making my experience easy as well having great lawyers!!

From one very happy client,


Thank you all again – I am very grateful for everything you all did for me

I want to say thank you for Sydney Criminal Lawyers® for representing me through my recent ordeal with a low range PCA charge. They were very professional and experienced, and I am grateful that I found out about them – through similar reviews – and that they were able to help me through the whole process. My initial phone call with Mr Avinash Singh, who led me through the entire process of preparing my documents and references, and all the subsequent co-ordination and communication from my local court and district court appearances – thank you, Avinash, for being so reassuring and knowledgable throughout everything. Thank you also to Ms Maryanne Nguyen, who represented me in the local court – for being so professional and thorough – and for recommending that I proceed towards a severity appeal. Finally, a huge thank you to Mr Jack Leitner for representing me at the district court – for the time you spent reviewing the case with me, your expertise and brilliance during the actual appeal, and your kindness and concern for my personal well-being.

Thank you all again – I am very grateful for everything you all did for me.

Daniel M. 

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