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Rasheen Mahmodian

Criminal Defence Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Criminal Defence Lawyer
A highly respected criminal defence lawyer with years of experience in the legal profession

Rasheen Mahmodian is a highly respected criminal defence lawyer with years of experience in the legal profession.

She is experienced in all all aspects of criminal law, ranging from Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs), drug cases including possession, supply, manufacture and importation, weapons and firearms cases, fraud and dishonesty charges, property, and traffic offences.

Rasheen is known for her commitment to her clients, her passion and dedication to her cases, her calm demeanour and professionalism in high-pressure situations, her deep knowledge of criminal laws and legal processes, and her ability to formulate and implement strategies to ensure clients achieve optimal outcomes.

Rasheen regularly appears in all court jurisdictions in New South Wales, including Children’s, Local and District Courts, as well as various tribunals, and is highly-respected by colleagues, prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges.

She also regularly briefs senior barristers for complex District and Supreme Court jury trials, who rely on her thorough preparatory work in the lead-up to these serious hearings.

Whether fighting to have her client’s charges withdrawn or downgraded, or making submissions before Magistrates and Judges to have cases thrown out or clients otherwise found not guilty, Rasheen’s exceptional preparation and persuasive presentation is invaluable to her clients, who regularly remark that they are thankful they placed their trust in Rasheen at a very important time in their lives.

Rasheen’s is a client and results-focused lawyer, who has the rare ability to communicate complex legal issues in an understandable way, and is known for her reassuring and empathetic demeanour – making difficult situation a great deal easier for those who have entrusted her.

Rasheen is an integral member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Rasheen's Clients Say

Excellent result

Excellent result from lawyer Rasheen Mahmodian.

Walked me through the process from the very start and made complex matters very easy

I will like to thank SCL for my matter. Rasheen is an amazing lawyer. Very calm demeanour, very honest and real with about possible outcomes from the start, and she did an amazing job. It was a miracle with the outcome. She’s very passionate & thorough. She walked me through the process from the very start and made complex matters very easy.

Her use of words were well-prepared and precise

First of all, I would like to thank the SCL team because since the first contact, they display genuine supportiveness and they made the contacts really easy for me. Mr. Wissam Philopos arranged a conference with me to discuss my matter and I want to acknowledge his professionalism and empathy at every stage, he went above and beyond with the elements we could use for my matter and made everything crystal clear. Due to other commitments, he could not attend to the court with me but it did not stop him to keep in touch with what I needed. His assertiveness and correct words made this stressful time easier to carry out. He contacted Ms. Rasheen Mahmodian, who accompanied me the date of my appearance at the court and made me feel comfortable and always was checking how I was feeling. Since she was in front of the Magistrate and his team, she remained concentrate and her use of words were well-prepared and precise. They, as team, gathered the evidence they asked me to collect, with they defended me, ending up with a great outcome and a life lesson that will remain with me forever. This review is the less I can do for such an amazing professionals and human beings and I will recommend them with people I know they're facing similar matters, because I have no doubts they will be the outstanding lawyers they were with my at every time.

I wouldn't have got the result I did for which I am grateful

I can't say enough for how helpful Sydney Criminal Lawyers have been to me. Especially the help of Rasheen Mahmodian who helped me prepare and make sure I was ready for court. I wouldn't have got the result I did for which I am grateful to Rasheen.

I regret that I did not contact Sydney Criminal lawyers in the very beginning

For those who want to plead not guilty for self-defense case, I strongly recommend to discuss with Rasheen, she is the one to help. I met with her yesterday in head office and impressed by her professionalism, experience and great attention to details. Her easy-going personality and empathy made the whole talk stress free. I regret that I did not contact Sydney Criminal lawyers in the very beginning, otherwise I would have saved a lot of time and money. Unfortunately I paid another law firm too much to withdraw.

I’m very happy with the result

Trusted Rasheen with my case and I’m very happy with the result. Will be using her again if need be in future. Thanks again Rasheen!

Guided me through the whole process

I would highly recommend Rasheen Mahmodian when needing assistance with a court matter. She was very efficient and guided me through the whole process. She was effective in giving advice and on the day provided all over greatly qualified service and was professional throughout the whole process.

Dealt with Judge very efficient, effective and professional

I would highly recommend Rasheen Mahmodian and Patrick from Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Service and the way she dealt with case was amazing, professional, highly qualified and smooth. She plays the court and dealt with Judge very efficient, effective and professional way at one go. I am really happy what she and Patrick did with my case matter related to traffic offence. On top of that, I myself felt my case was too complicated and too much mix up. Thanks to her and Patrick I got my license back and could be as usual my life back on track. It was really stressful for the past couple of months. Before contacting Patrick I was not sure and clear .

Her knowledge and easy going personality really stood out

I want to sincerely thank Sydney Criminal Lawyers, in particular Rasheen Mahmodian, for all her help and efforts in assisting me with my court case. It was my very first driving offence and I appealed to the court about my license suspension. I found her last minute however even within that small time period, Rasheen assured me to be stress free and positive. Her knowledge and easy going personality really stood out, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

They accepted the negotiation and agreed to withdraw the larger charge

Great service, would 110% recommend. Amazing results. I spoke to a lot of lawyers before committing to one. To start with I like the fact I could speak directly with the person who would be representing me and not someone that was assessing for someone else. When I spoke to Rasheen she immediately had a plan of attack and reassured me in regards to possible outcomes. I had 2 x charges, 1 x on the larger end of the scale and had me really concern I thought I might go to jail, so I wanted to be sure I had the right person. Rasheen reassured me and talked me through everything I could do that would assist and improve my case and put it on a hcheck list for me. We decided to plead guilty to the lesser charge and negotiated to have the large charge withdrawn, and if not then plead not guilty. We proceeded with the representations to have the larger charge withdrawn. Rasheen was negotiating with the police everyday to have the larger charge withdrawn and updating me accordingly. They accepted the negotiation and agreed to withdraw the larger charge. This was finalised at sentencing, where I plead guilty to the lesser charge where I received no conviction and a 12 month community conviction order. I was ecstatic with the results as I thought I may be looking at jail time. Rasheen genuinely cares about her clients and goes out of way to ensure they are comfortable and reassured. Would highly recommend Rasheen lovely lady, great lawyer. Well worth the money.
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