Saba Rezae is a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer who has practised exclusively in criminal and traffic law for several years.

He has appeared in courts and tribunals throughout the state in a wide range of cases, from AVOs, common assaults, larceny and drug possession cases to trials for aggravated robbery, commercial drug importation and supply, aggravated sexual assault and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Saba is passionate about achieving exceptional results for his clients, whose interests are well served by his ability to develop effective case-strategies, ascertain deficiencies in prosecution evidence and fight to have charges withdrawn, downgraded or thrown out of court.

Saba is a seasoned court advocate who has the ability to effectively communicate his clients’ arguments, to systematically dismantle prosecution witnesses on the stand and to persuade magistrates and judges into agreeing with defence submissions.

He has extensive knowledge of criminal and traffic laws, procedures and processes, and enjoy constantly updating that knowledge to ensure his clients benefit from his expertise.

He is acutely aware of the stress and anxiety clients can face in criminal cases, and endeavours to put them at ease in the knowledge that they have engaged a lawyer who works tirelessly to further their interests.

Saba is an outstanding criminal defence lawyer and an integral member of the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® defence team.

Saba's Testimonials
Confident in their services
All staff helpful, professional knowledgeable (and confident in their services). Special thanks to Saba for being such a legend and keeping me calm through the process.

Hannah R.

1st consultation for free
I really appreciated having the 1st consultation for free with one of their excellent lawyers, Fahim. This helped give me a clear understanding of my options going forward with my case, and definitely showcased their high calibre of service before I committed to them. I ended up having another excellent lawyer, Saba, represent me on my court date, who managed to get me an excellent result. It is clear this law firm is always busy because of the great work they do, despite this both lawyers I dealt with were always reachable and were speedy with their replies. I would highly recommend using this law firm to represent you in court, they provide an excellent service at a competitive rate.

K W.

I would like to say a Big Thank You
Stressed for the week, but Relived I would like to say a Big Thank You to Saba Rezae, his team and also Sydney Criminal Lawyers for the great outcome in my case. Saba was very helpful, a true professional and was very understanding in my case and gave me advice on preparing for my court date. The outcome for my case was great and that everything had worked out in the end. I take my hat off to Saba Rezae, his team and Sydney Criminal Lawyers, for their help and advice in my case. And I Highly Recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

Alfred F.

Simply outstanding service
Simply outstanding service. I was represented by Saba Rezae in a local court matter and he was excellent. Throughout the process he was professional, always being completely honest and upfront with me and explaining what the various options I had moving forward were. Saba was always prompt in replying to any questions I had and kept me fully informed of the progress of my matter. Saba was able to chart a course of action that involved a Section 32 application, which are notoriously hard and often unsuccessful due to poor preparation by lawyers. This was not the case with Saba. His presentation of my S.32 was expertly prepared and presented with all the information the court needed to hear well thought out. while the application was not granted, the way in which the report was explained to the court led to an excellent outcome of a CCO order. With any other lawyer, I would not have achieved this outcome and would be facing a custodial sentence. I would not hesitate in recommending Saba and Sydney Criminal Lawyers to anyone in need to honest and professional advice and representation with any matter.


Exceptional Solicitor
Saba is an exceptional Solicitor and always makes time for his clients!

Anthony E.

I walked out a few hours later with no convictions
I was on bail for over a year on five charges, two indictable. I went into a contested hearing with Saba Rezae who took on my matter and I walked out a few hours later with no convictions. Saba’s compassion and knowledge eased my trauma and my family is forever grateful.

Karen K.

Excellent defense in court
Thank you very much, especially to Saba Rezae and Sherleen Chand, for the excellent defense in court of my son Niklas. I would recommend them at any time and without any restriction.

Harald M.

A great result
With the support and guidance provided to me by Julianne and Saba. I was able to provide supportive evidence for my appeal. A great result. I am relieved and deeply grateful Thank you K T

Kim T.

I was facing very serious charges
I was represented by Saba, I was unsure at the start of the process as I was facing very serious charges on top of breaching a bond. I was sure I was done for. The moment of truth came and Saba stood before me, every time he opened his mouth with facts and submissions the magistrate nodded. He was so professional and well spoken he is on another level compared to any other solicitor I have seen in a court room. I was absolutely blown away. He not only got me the lowest punishment on the scale, he made it look easy, and with a smile. He has set the bar for lawyers in Sydney. I am mind blown with the way Saba presents a case. He is without a doubt Sydney best criminal solicitor. On a whole different level and he will make you feel safe the whole process. Forever grateful

Tyson Fifita

This is an excellent firm
This is an excellent firm which provides detailed experiences outcomes, they would sit down and provide patience advises in their conference rooms, I was assisted by Saba which was well organised and prompt to time, he would tell true outcomes in every situation so there is no surprise element. In the case i had obtained the best outcome possible in which less than 2% of people could achieve, I cant thank Saba enough and the whole Sydney Criminal Lawyers firm for helping and assisting me throughout the issue, it can be stressful but they took the stress off me and handled my case.

Jas H.

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