Saba Rezae is a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer who has practised exclusively in criminal and traffic law for several years.

He has appeared in courts and tribunals throughout the state in a wide range of cases, from AVOs, common assaults, larceny and drug possession cases to trials for aggravated robbery, commercial drug importation and supply, aggravated sexual assault and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Saba is passionate about achieving exceptional results for his clients, whose interests are well served by his ability to develop effective case-strategies, ascertain deficiencies in prosecution evidence and fight to have charges withdrawn, downgraded or thrown out of court.

Saba is a seasoned court advocate who has the ability to effectively communicate his clients’ arguments, to systematically dismantle prosecution witnesses on the stand and to persuade magistrates and judges into agreeing with defence submissions.

He has extensive knowledge of criminal and traffic laws, procedures and processes, and enjoy constantly updating that knowledge to ensure his clients benefit from his expertise.

He is acutely aware of the stress and anxiety clients can face in criminal cases, and endeavours to put them at ease in the knowledge that they have engaged a lawyer who works tirelessly to further their interests.

Saba is an outstanding criminal defence lawyer and an integral member of the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® defence team.

Saba's Testimonials
He didn't waste a single word. Everything was precise.

Thank you Saba Rezae

Recently I was charged with three serious assault charges that I knew I was innocent of. The problem I had was to find a lawyer that would objectively and subjectively review my situation. A lawyer that I could completely trust and put my future prospects in their hands.

The moment I met Saba and spent 5 minutes with him I knew that I at least had a fighting chance of success.
He was tough with me. He was effective and was never swayed or wavered from his strategy. But ultimately to see him deal with this matter in court was just an amazing experience. He was respectful and calm with the arresting officer. He was calm yet sharp as an arrow with his points. He didn’t waste a single word. Everything was precise. His knowledge of my case was better than mine. Which is exactly what I needed. The way he presented my evidence and case was far superior to senior barristers and that I have dealt with.

Saba worked with my evidence and pieced together what was relevant and what was not. He is a gifted and talented man. I have no doubt that his future success is assured and I would always back this man and vouch for his intentions and skills.

All my charges were dismissed. This was inconceivable when you consider the stature of the plaintiff in the community. He proved to me that justice is still out there. But only if you know what you’re doing and that you know how to handle the facts that count and the ones that don’t.

Thank you Saba you have changed my life. I knew I was innocent and you showed and proved it under very difficult conditions. I am indebted to you and I wish you all the success life rewards you with.

God bless you.

Max T.

All charges were dismissed, no conviction recorded and no disqualification

Excellent law firm. I would like to specifically thank Saba Rezae for the substantial amount of effort he put into my matter. I was facing 4 x Driving Whilst Disqualified charges and 1 x Obtaining a License By Making a False Statement. Saba managed to get me the best possible result, all charges were dismissed, no conviction recorded and no disqualification was imposed on my license. Because of Saba I can now look forward to getting on with my life without this conviction, I can not thank him enough. I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Very satisfied with my experience

I would like to thank Saba Rezae for giving me the best possible outcome. I was very satisfied with my experience with him. He was very honest and professional and always quick to respond. His experience shone through with his suggestions or recommendations to gain the best result which was achieved. Highly recommended and can’t thank enough.

Rafael T.

Great leadership

Hire Saba Rezae of Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, a great member of a great nation under great leadership and succeed.


Perfect Service

Perfect Service by Ali and Saba.

Joseph M.

The best lawyer I have ever met

Mr. Saba Rezae is the best lawyer I have ever met. He gives hope and best advice . Thank you Saba Rezae.

Ankit C.

I received a Section 10(1)(a)

My matter was concluded yesterday and I received a Section 10(1)(a). I am so thankful for such a good result as this has been a very stressful and upsetting experience and I am so glad I can now put it all behind me.

Many thanks to Ali for representing me in court, his professional manner and also his kindness in what was to me a very stressful situation was much appreciated. Thanks also to Avinash, Saba and other staff who worked on this case.

Karen K.

Exceptionally talented lawyer

Saba Rezae from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is a exceptionally talented lawyer that has been nothing but helpful throughout a tough situation we have been placed in. I am extremely happy with his work ethic & I highly recommend him to anybody that needs a great representative. He truly is fantastic!

Jemma F.

These solicitors know the law and will fight for an outstanding result

I recently had a driving matter in my favour due to using the professionalism of SCL. My driving matter isn’t your standard every now and then ticket as I had 2 habitual offenders under my belt. I’ve been disqualified for over 5 years and had to do something about this. It was when I was browsing online and came across a new law via the SCL website that gave me the information and guidance to attempt to re obtain my license.

I had Saba Rezae represent me and got me over the line. At first whilst at court I had a slight feeling that I wasn’t going to win the case as my my driving record truthfully is quite shocking but Saba reassured me that he’ll fight for me. The end result is I now can re-obtain my license wiping off 10+ years. I will happily say the experience was always held professionally and can assure that these solicitors know the law and will fight for an outstanding result. Thank You

Luke T.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has been nothing but amazing

My experience with Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has been nothing but amazing. Given the difficult circumstances of my case, Saba had been realistic, advising me of the best possible outcomes whilst also outlining the strengths and weaknesses of my position. Saba was an exceptional lawyer who was able to promptly guide and provide information through each step of the way to be able to ensure the most effective strategies were utilised to combat the case. In the end we were able to achieve the best possible outcome – a section 10! This has allowed for me to be conviction free and I can’t thank him enough. Would highly recommend.

Steven V.

His performance in court is undeniable

First of all, I would like to thank Saba and his team for their help. They worked very hard to get the best results for me. Section 10. It made me very happy and grateful. They are very professional. I would like to thank Saba here. His performance in court is undeniable. Thank you again Saba.

Yanzuo C.

Best possible outcome

Saba is very professional. He explains all the steps he is going to take to ensure the best possible outcome. He is perfect. I highly recommend him for driving cases. Thanks Saba!

Ali S.

Best result

Saba was my lawyer and he was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone. He is smart, tenacious and works tirelessly to get the best result for you.

Daniel H.

Definitely knows what he is doing

I had the pleasure of being represented by Saba Razae in a criminal case I had in Burwood local court. He was very professional and and realistic (explaining the pros and cons and the most important thing to mention he never gave me fake hope)

Mr. Saba Razae always were there to answer any question and concerns. My charges were really serious ( x2 Assault occasioning actual body harm) and conviction could destroyed my life, I still can not believe the AMAZING results of my case “charges were dismissed “

Mr. Saba Razae is an EXCELLENT attorney and definitely knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him.

Mr. Saba Razae is the best of the best!!!!!!

Thank you.

Ninoska B.

We were speechless and ecstatic about the result

My partner had more than 10 charges against him, including driving whilst suspended and driving without a supervising driver as he was on his L’s.

He was in Silverwater MRCC for 4 weeks after have already been given bonds and bail conditions stating under no circumstance was he to drive.

He had already been in lock up twice before the detention, spending a night up in Amber Laurel and five nights being shuffled between numerous different lock ups and police stations; therefore on his third appearance in court, we expected remand.

Being 19 and wide-eyed to the reality of his situation, he was not coping being locked up so when Saba Reaze was able to get him out on Section 9 Bonds we were speechless and ecstatic about the result.

Saba triumphed and championed Luke’s cause, to wit; a result that we thought not even possible was achieved.

Section nine bonds meant he was let out on the day of court on the 24th April 2018; it had seemed so far out of the realm of possibility, that it wasn’t even discussed as an option.

I didn’t even know Saba could have achieved this result it is so outstanding, we are beyond grateful, thanks to Saba Reaze and Ali Saleh for their help to Luke.

Tara M.

He was amazing!

I am so happy with the outcome, Saba saved my life! He was So professional, he knew exactly what to say and how to deal with any situation, he was amazing! Thank you so much Saba!

William K.

Extremely happy for the outcome

We’re extremely happy for the outcome of section 32 submission for my son. In particular I would like to thank Saba Rezae who managed very well, asked the right questions, collected the right level of evidence/support document and guided us throughout the process.

Thanks Saba.

Albert H.

Gaining the best outcome possible

Saba resolved my case in a professional and timely manner gaining the best outcome possible when it came to my circumstances. I would recommend this representation to anyone faced with a legal battle.

Connor A.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® they are the best Law Firm

I would like to say thank you Sydney Criminal Lawyers® especially to Saba Razae. I had a very serious and complicated case. But, Saba saved my life and I was very overwhelmed.

From start to finish he was there helping me throughout the whole process of my matter. He did a good representation and amended my matter he was very helpful in explaining every time I rang him.

Last Thursday 12-4-18 is my sentencing day I was very nervous and anxious when I walked into the court room. I thought I thought I would end up in gaol. But luckily I had Saba he reassured me not to worry. He is very professional and confident in court.

I was very happy with the outcome section 9 good behaviour bond. Saba Rezae is the most exceptional senior lawyer that I had encountered. I recommend him to anyone without a doubt..

Once again a million thanks to Saba and Sydney Criminal Lawyers® they are the best Law Firm very professional, well experienced and friendly….

I rate Saba 10/10

Margie G.

Results driven

Saba was very professional in our consultation. He answered all my questions and explained clearly the steps he is going to take to ensure the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Saba as he instilled a sense of confidence and reassured me that he is very results driven.

Sang N.

Would definitely come back if I ever need legal representation

We were represented by Saba, and he was able to provide us the results we wanted. He was very punctual and ran us through everything clearly and would definitely come back if I ever need legal representation.

Terence T.

Realistic and informative

Saba, and the Sydney Criminal team, were extremely helpful in explaining what I needed to do and how to go about getting the best outcome. He was realistic and informative. Most importantly he achieved a fantastic outcome in court which I was truly lucky to get

Anthony R.

Highly recommend this firm
Highly recommend this firm guys. My case was really complicated where i had two major traffic offences. I relied on some other law firm for my initial hearing which was supposed to be good firm as i paid double the amount that average solicitor would charge, but guess what guys… they turned out to be crapy firm as there were not any better than just a document submitting law firm and they started ignoring my calls after the hearing when i wanted to get some clarifications. I decided to lodge the severity appeal as i only had one life time chance to avoid criminal conviction on my record ( considering the appeal would be successful ) and came across Sydney Criminal Lawyers® where my case was handled by one of the senior lawyers called “Saba Rezae”.
Saba was very professional the way he prepared himself for the district court hearing and i was impressed with his confidence in the hearing specially where the prosecutor got some facts wrong and Saba stood up for it and got them corrected and got me a Section 10 for my charges in the end. My life had been upside down from past three months without licence. Thanks Saba for your efforts and your expertise.God bless you mate …… highly recommend ” Sydney criminal Lawyer” guys. 10 out of 10.


I received a section 10 bond

Mr Rezae represented me for a driving whilst suspended matter. He was very helpful and always good for advice. I received a section 10 bond in which is what I was hoping for. Very good form would recommend.

James A.

In less than 10 minutes resulting in a section 10

I was represented by Saba Rezae for a Possess Prohibited Drug (cocaine) charge. From start to finish Saba was great. He had a strategy of how to present my case which, he memorised and presented in a compelling fashion. The Magistrate respected him and it all went like clockwork in less than 10 minutes resulting in a section 10 (1a) unconditional dismissal, no conviction recorded. I am grateful to SCL and now I can get my life back on track and make better choices. Thank you. I highly recommend Saba.

Brett G.

He saved my life

Wow. Just wow. My matter was going on for past 2 years and Ive had lawyers and barrister that I was unhappy and disappointed with then I met Saba. He is without doubt best lawyer I have ever seen. Ever.

Judge had said before that my matter was serious and he was thinking of increasing punishment. Saba put so much time and work into my case before my next court date and stayed in regular communication with me to update me on exactly what is happening with matter. Saba not only got judge to change his mind to not increase sentence but he also convinced him to REDUCE it. The prosecutor tried to fight it but Saba fought even harder and his skills in court is amazing and even better than barristers I have seen.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for his help. Thanks to Saba, me and my wife and my son are no longer going to be deported. He did not just provide me a service. He saved my life. And same with my family. Thanks so much Saba and I will recommend anyone who ever has trouble to you..saba is the best if the best

Mohamma Z.

Very helpful, and very professional
I was represented by Saba. He was very helpful, and very professional. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and achieved the result I was hoping for.

Jarrod M.

Resulted in a great outcome

I have contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers® on numerous occasions to represent me in the court of law. Solicitors Saba Rezae & Avinash Singh both represented me in court which resulted in a great outcome. Much better than what was expected anyway. I definitely recommend this law firm for anyone seeking legal representation for any matter.

Cyrus F.

I can now spend Christmas with my family

I had given up all hope, been told by other places there wasn’t much they could do for me, last minute I contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and gave it my last shot. From the moment my sentencing was called before the court the judges was clearly angry and told me I was going to jail. But luckily I had Saba representing me and using his experience and some outside the box thinking he was able to get me Section 12 good behavior bonds for all 3 of my serious charges. I was prepared for the worst but now thanks to Saba I can now spend Christmas with my family free on the outside, words can’t explain how much I appreciate his expertise, especially considering he had under 24 hours to prepare. I seriously recommend Saba, and Sydney Criminal Lawyers® no matter the situation they will go above and beyond.

Sam L.

All my charges dropped on my first hearing date!!

I would highly recommend this firm as Saba got all my charges dropped on my first hearing date!! He is a great lawyer, he was very informative and would sit down with you very patiently assisting you throughout, most importantly it has to be said that he was always organised and prepared things beforehand, he was very real and true he never told anything that went around circles , he handled my case very professional and knew every step what he was doing that made me feel very confident because i didn’t know anything about law, again thank you Saba and a big thanks to Sydney criminal lawyers® firm

Jason H.

The best ever "Law Firm."

The best ever “Law Firm.” I would like to thank the whole team for their excellent job, especially Saba who was my lawyer and did his best in regards to my case. He is an excellent lawyer with a perfect knowledge in terms of his career. I found him very helpful, kind, expert, and patient. He understood my case thoroughly and did his best! I would definitely suggest him for future cases. Thank you.

Pegah M.

They handled the matter with priority and respect

Excellent…. I had a very sensitive mother to deal with and they handled the matter with priority and respect. Their communication was very good and rates very fair. I would recommend Ali and Saba to prospective clients.

Chris M.

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