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Recent Criminal Cases


Drug Supply Charges Dropped

All drug charges have been dropped after our defence lawyers successfully argued that the prosecution evidence against our client was not strong enough to go to a jury trial. Our client is a 42 year old man from Waterloo who... read more

Drug Supply and Proceeds of Crime Charges Dropped

All charges were withdrawn and dismissed in Downing Centre Local Court for our 30 year old client from Italy after the analysis of the alleged prohibited drugs came back negative. Police observed our client approaching several people and selling capsules... read more

No Conviction for Man Charged with Supplying Ecstacy Tablets

The Magistrate in Downing Centre Local Court was persuaded to discharge our 24 year old client without recording a criminal conviction against him despite being found in possession of 8 tablets of MDMA (‘ecstacy’). Police approached our client in a... read more

Good Behaviour Bond for Cultivating Drugs for Commercial Purpose

Our 37 year old client was initially charged with ‘strictly indictable’ offences of ‘cultivate by enhanced indoor means prohibited plant for commercial purpose’ for growing 14 large cannabis plants under 4 tents in his Camperdown apartment and with supplying ecstacy.... read more

Charges Dismissed due to Mental Health

Here are some recent examples of our criminal defence team getting charges dismissed due to mental health under ‘section 32: The Magistrate in Ryde Local Court dismissed charges of larceny against our 37 year old client who was caught stealing... read more

Supply Charges Dropped and No Conviction Recorded for 10 Ecstacy Tablets

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® convinced the DPP to withdraw two charges of ‘drug supply’ against our 20 year old Menai client, then obtained a ‘section 10 dismissal’ in Downing Centre Local Court for the remaining charge of ‘drug possession’. This means... read more

Suspended Sentence for Ongoing Drug Supply and Participate in Criminal Group

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® obtained ‘Suspended Sentences’ (no prison) in Downing Centre District Court for our 22 year old client for ‘Supply Drug on Ongoing Basis‘, 11 charges of ‘Supply Prohibited Drug’ and ‘Participate in Criminal Group’. The case involved the... read more

No Conviction for 13 Ecstacy and Amphetamine Tablets

No conviction was imposed upon our 23 year old Clovelly client for possessing 4 tablets of ‘Ecstacy’ and 9 tablets of ‘Amphetamines’. He was initially charged with ‘drug supply’ due to the number of pills, but Sydney Criminal Lawyers® had... read more

All Drug Charges Dismissed

Drug Supply & Drug Possession charges were Dismissed in Downing Centre Court after the Magistrate found there was insufficient evidence to prove that our 22 year old client supplied or possessed drugs. Police officers gave evidence in court that they... read more

No Criminal Conviction for ‘Indictable Quantity’ of Ecstacy

After convincing the DPP to drop charges of ‘drug supply‘ and ‘good in custody’, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® obtained a ‘Section 10’ (no criminal conviction) for our 20 year old Artarmon client who then pleaded guilty to a single charge of... read more
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