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Recent Criminal Cases


Drug Possession Charge Thrown Out Due to Illegal Search

The Presiding Magistrate in Downing Centre Local Court dismissed charges of ‘drug possession‘ against our 29 year old client after police searched his car illegally. Our client was pulled over after he allegedly exceeded the speed limit and drove ‘recklessly’.... read more

Drug Charges Dismissed Due to Illegal Search

The Presiding Magistrate in Hornsby Local Court dismissed drug possession charges against our 21 year old client from Wahroonga who was stopped and searched in a Pennant Hills carpark. Police approached our client claiming he appeared to be ‘acting suspiciously’... read more

Not Guilty of Drug Charges Due to Illegal Search

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® had all drug supply and possession charges dismissed in Downing Centre Court by arguing that the police search of our client’s car was illegal. Our client was driving his vehicle in Ultimo when police pulled him over... read more
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