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Success Stories - Murder / Manslaughter

Here are some of our recent criminal and traffic cases. Names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.


Not Guilty of Manslaughter

Our client is a 40 year old man from Greystanes in greater Western Sydney. He lived with his older brother and elderly mother until her death in September 2017. On 23 August 2017, our client and his brother called an... read more

Not Guilty of Attempted Murder

Our client is a 39-year-old computer consultant and family man from Sydney’s western suburbs. The family’s sleeping arrangements were that our client would sleep in a bedroom with his 7-year-old daughter, while his wife slept in another bedroom with their... read more

High Court Appeal Successful

In the High Court of Australia, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® successfully appealed the murder conviction of accused drive-by shooter Naseam El Zayet, and his conviction was quashed on the grounds that a miscarriage of justice had occurred. read more

Manslaughter Proceedings Withdrawn

After submitting extensive written ‘representations’ to the Director of Public Prosecutions and fighting for proceedings to be discontinued, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® succeeded in having all charges withdrawn against a 41 year old Hunters Hill man charged with manslaughter. read more

Bail for Man Accused of Manslaughter

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® successfully applied for bail in the highly publicised manslaughter case of a 41 year old Hunters Hill man. The defendant was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of 74 year old Janet May Jackson for allegedly failing to... read more

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