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Success Stories - Offensive Language / Conduct

Here are some of our recent criminal and traffic cases. Names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.


No Conviction for Resist Officer, Behave in Offensive Manner and Remain in Premises

Our client is a 36-year-old sales executive from Sydney’s Lower North Shore. He had been drinking at a bar in Oxford Street following a work Christmas party. He left and then attempted to re-enter the premises, but was denied entry... read more

Dismissal for Assaulting Police

The Magistrate in Downing Centre Local Court granted section 10(1)(a) dismissals to our 27 year old client who was charged with ‘assaulting police‘, ‘resisting arrest’, ‘offensive conduct’ and ‘continuing intoxicated behaviour after move-on direction’. The charges arose from an incident... read more

No Conviction for Assault Police x 2; Resist Police and Offensive Conduct

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® obtained a section 10 (no criminal conviction) for our 34 year old Peruvian client who kicked, punched and scratched police near King Street Wharf, Sydney causing abrasions and scratching. Police intervened in an argument between our client... read more

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