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Mental Health Application Successful for Indecent Exposure

Our client is a 26-year-old man undertaking a Masters of Accounting degree. On his first and second day of studies, he exposed himself to two visiting high school students in the throes of physical pleasure. Each complainant reported the matter... read more

Sexual Assault Case Thrown Out of Court and Complainant Under Investigation

Our client is a 44 year old man from the NSW North Coast. He was accused of sexually assaulting his friend of several years. Our client agreed they had sexual intercourse, but was adamant that it was consensual. The cross-examination... read more

Prosecution Drops Sexual Assault Charges

The Defence Team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has once again convinced the DPP to drop charges of ‘Sexual Intercourse Without Consent‘. Our 27 year old client was a friend and colleague of the complainant before they commenced an intimate relationship.... read more

Not Guilty of Aggravated Indecent Assault

Our client is a 48 year old New Zealand citizen residing in Western Sydney, and the complainant is his 10 year old niece. The complainant slept with her father on a bed in the master bedroom of their house in... read more

Defence Strategy Forces DPP to Drop Sexual Assault Trial

Our 37 year old client was charged with ‘Sexual Intercourse Without Consent’ and ‘Assault with Act of Indecency‘ after it was alleged that, in early December 2013, he sexually assaulted a young lady on the corner of Riley and Ann... read more

Not Guilty of All Sexual Assault Charges

The Presiding Judge in Downing Centre District Court delivered verdicts of ‘Not Guilty’ for our 54 year old client who was charged with 7 counts of ‘sexual intercourse with child between 16 and 18 years old in special care’. The... read more

Possess Child Abuse Material Charges Dropped

All charges have been dropped against our 38 year old client from Darlinghurst who was accused of ‘possessing child abuse material‘. Police executed a search warrant upon our client’s home after they intercepted telephone calls and emails between him and... read more

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® gets yet another sex offence withdrawn

The DPP withdrew all proceedings against our 42 year old client from Green Valley who was charged with aggravated indecent assault against a 32 year old female, who was claimed to be cognitively impaired. The pair were allegedly witnessed engaging... read more

Not Guilty of Sexual Assault after Two Week Trial

After a hard-fought trial in Downing Centre District Court, the jury returned a verdict of ‘not guilty’ in favour of our 40 year old client who was charged with ‘aggravated indecent assault‘ and ‘aggravated sexual assault’. It was alleged that... read more

Another Sexual Assault Case Dropped; A little forensics can go a long way!

The DPP has dropped all sexual assault charges against our 28 year old client from Auburn after the analysis of his phone and digital camera proved that the complainant was lying. The 18 year old female complainant gave a statement... read more
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