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No Criminal Record for Mid Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 42 year old criminal defence lawyer in Sydney. He attended a function on Friday evening during which he consumed a beer and several glasses of wine during the course of the night. He waited some time... read more

Not Guilty of High Range Drink Driving and Police Ordered to Pay Costs

Our client is a 35-year old IT professional who had never previously been in trouble with the law. He made a foolish decision to drive the short distance home after a work celebration, where he had been drinking alcohol. Police... read more

No Conviction or Disqualification for High Range Drink Driving

The Magistrate in Parramatta Local Court awarded our 32 year old client a ‘section 10’ for high range p.c.a. which means that he avoids a criminal conviction and gets his licence back. Our client works as an Information Technology expert... read more

Section 10 for Third ‘Drink Driving’ Charge

In Parramatta District Court, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® obtained a ‘Section 10’ ( no criminal record or licence disqualification) for a 38 year old Blacktown man who pleaded guilty to a 3rd drink driving charge was dealt with under ‘Section 10’... read more

No Conviction for L Plater Charged With Low Range Drink Driving

The Magistrate in Downing Centre Local Court allowed our 34 year old client from Mosman to avoid a conviction and a licence disqualification despite the fact that he was an ‘L plater’ and registered a blood alcohol reading of 0.07.... read more

Client Keeps Licence and Avoids Criminal Record for Mid-Range Drink Driving

Our client is a 46 year old Sales Executive living in Frenchs Forest, Sydney. He was pulled over for a random breath test just after 9pm on a Friday night on Blackbutts Road, Frenchs Forest where he registered a blood... read more

Police Withdraw Charges of Low Range Drink Driving and Wilfully Alter Alcohol Concentration

Our client is a 41 year old accountant in a multi-national company. After finishing work on a Thursday night, he drove to a nearby pub where he consumed a meal and 1 schooner of beer. He then drove towards his... read more

No Suspension for Traffic Offence While Being on Good Behaviour Licence

Our client is a 48-year-old truck driver from Edgecliff. He came to us with a lengthy traffic record including 3 prior drink driving offences and a number of speeding offences. He was also on a good behaviour licence. While on... read more

Client Avoids Conviction and Disqualification after blowing 0.111

Our client is a High School Teacher who attended a Hotel in Sydney’s South West with several friends. She consumed a number of apple ciders over the course of the evening, then got into her car and drove towards her... read more

Driver Avoids Conviction after case reduced from High Range to Low Range PCA

A driver who registered a high-range blood alcohol reading of 0.163 avoided a conviction in Downing Centre Local Court after his reading was later reduced to 0.78. The driver was pulled-over for a roadside random breath test near the Sydney... read more
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