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Recent Criminal Cases


RMS Driver and Rider Licence Suspensions Set Aside on Appeal

Our client is a 35 year old consultant for a number of insurance companies. He has an unrestricted driver licence and a P1 motorcycle rider licence. He has several entries for speeding offences, two mobile phone offences, a red light camera... read more

RMS Driver Licence Suspension Set Aside for Red P-Plater

Our client is an 18-year old apprentice plumber. He is a red P-plater who had adverse entries on his traffic record, despite having had his driver licence for a short period of time. He was detected driving at a speed of... read more

Another Licence Appeal Successful

Our client is a 26 year medical science student, with a part time job dropping-off medical supplies to various locations. He has a wife and young child. He was detected by police driving at a speed greater than 45 km/h,... read more
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