Mr Avinash Singh is an experienced, specialist senior criminal defence lawyer who has conducted a large number of criminal and traffic cases to a very high standard for years.

He is particularly exceptional in fighting cases in the Local Court, where he has a long list of victories in a range of difficult matters, including many where his clients were previously advised by other lawyers that they had no chance of success. He has successfully defended a wide range of case-types, including assault cases, AVOs, drug cases and traffic cases.

He is committed to obtaining outstanding outcomes for clients and often succeeds in getting cases dropped before they reach defended hearings or jury trials.

He is also experienced in preparing serious criminal cases for jury trials and in assisting our Criminal Defence Barristers during those trials.

His thorough preparation frequently includes:

  • Obtaining reports from forensic and medical experts,
  • Preparing and issuing ‘subpoena’ to obtain materials that police etc are unwilling to produce,
  • Undertaking physical examination of incident scenes and proposed exhibits,
  • Carefully scrutinising all available materials to find weaknesses in the prosecution case, and
  • Comprehensively briefing our Senior Criminal Lawyers and Barristers.

Avinash ‘leaves no stone unturned’ in ensuring that our valued clients are placed in the best possible position for their District & Supreme Court trials.

Avinash’s dedication and professionalism have made him an invaluable member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

Avinash's Testimonials
"Excellent result, with all charges eventually withdrawn"

Avinash looked after my son’s case, and he was very professional and informative throughout the whole process.

He made us all feel very comfortable, as this was the first time we had needed any representation and we had an excellent result, with all charges eventually withdrawn.

I would like to thank Avinash and highly recommend him and the team at SCL.

Steve L. (Published by client on Google)

"I would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers to everyone"

I was represented by Avinash, he is very professional and helped me understand every step during the court process.

We were able to get a better outcome than what I expected.

I would definitely recommend sydney criminal lawyers to everyone.

Hadi S. (Published by client on Google)

"They got me a section 10!"

Avinash put up an excellent defence for me. I had a drug trafficking and supply charge as well as a possession.

Avinash got the supply dropped and was even able to get me a section ten for the possession charge.

Would highly recommend.

Will D. (Published by client on Google)

"Anyone has any driving matter call these guys"

A big thank you to Maryanne and Avinash, great team work and both done a fantastic job and got me the best outcome… Anyone has any driving matter call these guys they will defiantly do the best to get you out of it.

Thanks once again :))

Frank A. (Published by client on Google)

"I got an outcome I never expected"

Great outcome! Avinash handled my matter very professionally and got an outcome I never expected. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts in my case and guiding my every step. Would definitely recommend.

Christopher S. (Published by client on Google)

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