“I strongly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers”

Jimmy Singh at Sydney Criminal Lawyers represented myself over a period of 10 months. Throughout this time Jimmy was accommodating, organised, and professional. He was always on call and kept me up to date and informed as my case progressed. Jimmy’s extensive knowledge of the law cannot be discounted by any means, I am pleased with his performance handling my case with the utmost manner of professionalism.

I am content with the result and am more than satisfied with the work and service of Jimmy Singh and all the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. I would not hesitate to contact this firm again if an unfortunate situation were to ever arise again.

For serious cases I strongly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers as your primary option if you are looking for the best outcome with your case.

A big thank you to all at Sydney Criminal Lawyers, my family and I can now be at peace, free from the stress and worry of police prosecution and expected financial hardship.

Jim R

“They were brilliant, from start to finish”

Stress free, very good service. They were brilliant, from start to finish.

I am able to put my problem behind me and return to work and get on with my life.

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“Really happy with the time and effort they put into their work”

100% By far the best possible outcome! Really happy with the time and effort they put into their work and into my case. Better than I could have hoped! Can’t say I want to see them again haha but if I ever get into trouble, I know I’ll be calling them!

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“Able to achieve a Section 10 when others said it was not possible”

Thank you Wali Shukoor, who was able to achieve a Section 10 when others said it was not possible.

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‘I would highly recommend if you need a criminal lawyer”

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Mr Wail Shukoor for helping me to achieve section 10 ruling.

Wali was exceedingly professional and attentive.

I would highly recommend him if you need a criminal lawyer.

John S

“Amazing team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers”

A big thank you to Wali Shukoor for getting me a section 10 in court today! I cannot express how happy I am with the outcome. He was really professional throughout the whole process, very organised, came prepared and really put 100% effort into my case. He took his time to answer any of my concerns and had definitely calmed all the nerves I had. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Thank you again Wali and the amazing team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

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“I strongly recommended”

One of the best lawyers I ever had experienced in my offence as they are very high in demand and also even I lost all my points on license still they give a time to fight my case and I win with getting section 10 on top so I strongly recommended go for it specially Wali Shakoor and Jimmy Singh.

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“Would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers”

Was stuck in a sticky situation with limited time and one of the senior criminal lawyers (Wali Shukoor) was able to really help me out.

Would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers!

James S

“Great service and excellent support”

Thank you Wali Shukoor for the great services and excellent support.

He is very professional.

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“Extremely satisfied and highly recommended”

A great lawyer from a great law firm provided great services and finally achieved a great result.

Wali Shukoor was very professional in dealing with my case and got section 10 eventually, which was the best result I could hope for.

Extremely satisfied and highly recommended.

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