Maryanne was admitted as a lawyer in 2004 and joined the Sydney Criminal Lawyers team in 2009.

She is an experienced courtroom advocate representing clients in all types of criminal and traffic cases, ranging from drink driving, larceny, assaults and drugs to complex fraud, money laundering, sexual assault and murder charges.

Maryanne regularly represents clients in the Children’s Court, Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court of New South Wales for all manner of hearings, trials and appeals.

She is a dedicated, passionate and highly astute Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer, and is recognised for her exceptional ability to accurately advise clients about their options and the best way forward, to implement effective defence strategies and to persuasively argues cases inside the courtroom.

Maryanne speaks fluent Vietnamese and has close ties to the Vietnamese community, which benefits her Vietnamese clientele.

She regularly receives glowing testimonials for her dedication and compassion towards clients, and her ability to consistently deliver outstanding results in difficult circumstances.

Maryanne is an invaluable member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

Maryanne's Testimonials
"Case dismissed within two minutes!"

I recommend Jimmy Singh, the best criminal lawyer who has the magic ability to turn your case to a dismissal without bond.

Jimmy instructs you how to make the best document preparation to maximize your odds to win. Jimmy uses the fewest words to convince the magistrate that you are innocent or you have made a reasonable and forgivable mistake.

Jimmy was my right choice, who let the magistrate dismiss the case within two minutes. Unbelievable! By the way, Maryanne Nguyen is a wonderful lawyer as well, who introduced Jimmy to me.

Xiaodong C. (Published by client on Google)

"Result I was hoping for"
Thank you to Maryanne! Definitely the result I was hoping for highly recommend.
Connor W. (Published by client on Google)
"Got a better than expected result"

Maryanne Nguyen was so helpful, kept me up to date with every detail and so professional. She was amazing under pressure and in the end got a better than expected result.

If you’re in need of a solicitor, this is definitely the place to go.

Evening M. (Published by client on Google)

"Section 10 for two charges"

I couldn’t be more thankful to Maryanne Nguyen from Sydney Criminal Lawyers for getting me a section 10 for two charges. She is highly professional and explains every aspect of the legal process from first consultation to sentencing.

I was very worried about receiving a conviction as it would have ruined many future employment opportunities but Maryanne removed the stress and explained what to do in order to decrease the likelihood of conviction.

I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers as the best firm in Sydney for all criminal related charges. Thank you so much !

Jake (Published by client on Google)

"I was able to get a section 10 this morning"

Maryanna and the team at SCL – I’m deeply grateful for your effort, professionalism and guidance in archiving the outcome i required to resolve my matter. Maryanne has been a great help in explaining how legal proceedings work and was able to get a section 10 this morning. I am forever great full for your guidance in difficult times.

I recommend Maryanna and the team at SCL.


Hernan (Published by client on Google)

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