Wali Shukoor is a respected senior criminal defence lawyer with years of experience in a range of jurisdictions, from the Local and Children’s Courts to the Supreme Court of NSW and Court of Criminal Appeal.

He represents clients in all case types, from drink driving, drug possession and assault all the way up to commercial drug supply, large-scale fraud and homicide cases.

Wali has an exceptional track record of winning defended hearings, producing optimal outcomes in sentencing proceedings and achieving bail for clients throughout NSW.

His meticulous preparation, passion for defending the rights of his clients and persuasive courtroom skills set him apart from many other criminal lawyers.

Wali is also an expert in charge negotiations, regularly managing to have cases dropped early in the proceedings.

Clients certainly benefit from Wali’s experience, expertise and courtroom skills whatever their criminal or traffic problem.

Wali's Testimonials
"All charges dropped"

Don’t know about Sydney Criminal Lawyers but Wali Shukoor!

This guy writes down every thing you say every single word. He’s a very intelligent and passionate guy.

Knows what he’s doing. Best thing you will feel the confidence that you are dealing with some one who’s very knowledgeable.

In court he speaks loud and confidently and has a reply to every statement of the prosecutor, that mean you voice is the last thing the judge listens to.

I was very shaken sitting at the back of the court room but he kept looking back towards me and gave the confidence. He will take time if needed and also explain you every step of the court proceedings so you will be clear and understanding what’s going on.

I have had a nasty experience with this case but Shukoor brought me the win, all charges dropped and officer in charge looked silly after.

I’m really happy with his service and professionalism.

If you believe in yourself you can believe him that he will bring the best out come you expect.

Thanks Shukoor and all the best for you next assignments.

(Published by client on Google)

"Recommended to anyone that is in any sticky situation"

Absolute great job from the Sydney Criminal Lawyers team. My Lawyer Wali Shukoor did an excellent job with my case. Expecting a jail term sentence but instead i received an unbelievable Good behaviour bond from the Campbelltown court house today. Recommended to anyone that is in any sticky situation.

Chris N. (Published by client on Google)

"The service was professional and representation was exceptional"

I highly recommend Wali Shukoor, as his assistance with my court case and representation in court resulted in a successful outcome in which I received a Section 10 instead of a criminal record. From the very beginning, he helped ease the stress. The service was professional and representation was exceptional.

James (Published by client on Google)

"Could not be happier!"

I highly recommend wail, fought my case all the way! Very professional. Got me the best outcome for my circumstances and appeal today. Section 10 with good behaviour bond. Could not be happier!

Mark (Published by client on Google)

"Incredibly professional and hard working lawyers"

Incredibly professional and hard working lawyers. Thanks Wali for doing such a great job!

Mark V. (Published by client on Google)

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