Wali Shukoor is a respected senior criminal defence lawyer with years of experience in a range of jurisdictions, from the Local and Children’s Courts to the Supreme Court of NSW and Court of Criminal Appeal.

He represents clients in all case types, from drink driving, drug possession and assault all the way up to commercial drug supply, large-scale fraud and homicide cases.

Wali has an exceptional track record of winning defended hearings, producing optimal outcomes in sentencing proceedings and achieving bail for clients throughout NSW.

His meticulous preparation, passion for defending the rights of his clients and persuasive courtroom skills set him apart from many other criminal lawyers.

Wali is also an expert in charge negotiations, regularly managing to have cases dropped early in the proceedings.

Clients certainly benefit from Wali’s experience, expertise and courtroom skills whatever their criminal or traffic problem.

Wali's Testimonials
"I am now conviction free"

After never being trouble and ending up in a bad situation and facing court it’s very stressful and daunting but thanks to Wali’s professional help and knowledge I am now conviction free.

Wali Helped me get the best possible outcome I could have hoped for!

I will never need another criminal lawyer as I vow to steer clear of any bad situations for life.  I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing a professional honest solicitor.

I too looked around at other companies but the fixed price and all the recommendations I read made me feel at ease I’m glad I made the decision to use these guys!

Thanks again Wali. I’m one happy girl!

Melissa B. (Published by client on Google)

"Extremely happy with the outcome of section 10 - good behaviour bond!"

I would highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers especially Wali Shukoor and Jimmy Singh!Extremely happy with the outcome of section 10 – good behaviour bond!

Wali and Jimmy helped me professionally and easy to work with!I would like to express my great thankfulness to Sydney Criminal Lawyers and to Wali and Jimmy!

Lei Q. (Published by client on Google)

"I am now conviction free - clear criminal record!!!"

I chose this firm as they were the fastest in responding, provided free consultation and set up rates with no additional charges.

My case was represented by Mr Walli Shukoor. He did not only help with my case by also supported me and helped me manage the stress which is greatly appreciated. He kept me well informed till the end. He was not just able to get my charges dropped that would likely result in criminal record, loss of points and a fine but also able to achieve the best possible outcome.

I am now conviction free – clear criminal record!!!

I highly recommend using this firm. It is best and affordable law firm with best response and outcome.

Thank you Walli and your team for you excellent work

Velibor T. (Published by client on Google)

"Professional and experienced lawyers"

I have no hesitation in recommending SCL to anyone in need of professional and experienced lawyers, Osman Samin demonstrated he was extremely skilled in his craft. He displayed understanding and empathy about the situation.

Thank you Osman, Wali and SCL

Christian O. (Published by client on Google)

"Outcome of section 10 - good behaviour bond!"

Extremely happy with the outcome of section 10 – good behaviour bond! I would especially like to thank Wali for the work he has put in to my case. He was very assuring, easy to work with and well prepared.

Thank you !

Debbie (Published by client on Google)

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