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Fahim Khan

Senior Associate
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Associate
Senior Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyer with an Exceptional Track Record of Outstanding Results

Mr Fahim Khan is a Senior Associate of Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

He is an exceptional criminal defence lawyer with several years of experience in a wide range of criminal law and traffic cases.

Over the years, Fahim has built a reputation as a highly knowledgeable, strategically-minded lawyer and a formidable courtroom advocate.

He regularly appears in courts and tribunals throughout New South Wales, from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court and NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Fahim is known for his expertise in complex crime, having developed an outstanding track record in successfully defending commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, complex fraud and murder allegations.

His in-depth knowledge of procedural and evidentiary requirements, as well as legal defences, allows him to identify deficiencies in the prosecution case, and to formulate and implement strategies that regularly lead to serious criminal charges being withdrawn and thrown out of court – including in situations where clients have been advised to plead guilty by other, less-capable lawyers.

In addition to serious crime, Fahim represents clients in a range of Local Court cases including drink and drug driving, licence appeals, unlicensed driving, drug possession and small supply, larceny, fraud, sexual touching and all types of assaults and AVOs.

He is a highly sought after lawyer who is respected by prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike and is passionate about ensuring his clients receive the strongest possible legal representation, whatever their case may be.

What Fahim's Clients Say

Thank you for getting me the best possible outcome.

I would like to thank Fahim Khan for his professionalism and understanding throughout my legal proceedings. He is an astute lawyer who explained the entire process to me in a compassionate manner. Thank you for getting me the best possible outcome.

The best legal advice I could get

The best legal advice I could get. Thanks a million, dear Fahim Khan for your professional legal job that you've done for me.

He did great job for my case

I'm thankful of Mr Fahim Khan. He did great job for my case in the local court and also when we went for appeal. We got great result from both and he is very professional, experience and well prepared for hearings. Thank you.

High proficiency and standards

I really appreciate the service and top level of legal consultation by professional lawyers.
Fahim Khan, my lawyer, who, really did his job in high proficiency and standards which could lead the case on its best way. He amazingly gathered the required evidences and at the same time preparing me to present in an appropriate legal style at the court.
All the best for you and Sydney Criminal Lawyers legal firm. Thanks...

Best possible outcome on a very sensitive case

This is a gesture of appreciation, not only from myself but also on behalf of my family, to Fahim Khan from Sydney Criminal Lawyers. His outstanding legal support and assistance on one of my loved one's legal case was incredible. Despite our desperation and traumatic tears of solitude, Fahim inspired us without promising miracles or tricks. Since the first moment we met Fahim, he greatly assisted our legal issue with the right professional advice to get the best possible outcome on a very sensitive case like ours. We have great confidence in him and I am happy to recommend Fahim Khan As he's become our family lawyer. Thank you Fahim

Great professionalism and empathy

My experience with Sydney Criminal Lawyers was one of great professionalism and empathy. Our lawyer Fahim Khan was knowledgeable, honest and diligent all throughout my son’s case. He’s an amazing human being and made sure to keep us informed and supported during our difficult times. I highly recommend Fahim as he’s not only an amazing lawyer, but a great human being who's sensitive and understanding towards his clients needs.

It is rare a lawyer has such sensitivity towards their clients needs

Sydney Criminal Lawyers has been an incredible contribution towards ensuring justice was achieved for one of my best friends. Without their diligence, understanding and kindness, we wouldn't have achieved such a desirable result. The lawyer Fahim Khan was proactive in ensuring my best friend was fairly sentenced as well as empathetic towards their unique situation. It is rare a lawyer has such sensitivity towards their clients needs. Overall, it was a very professional experience and I highly recommend their services. Nikki

Very fortunate and grateful

I am very fortunate and grateful to have Fahim Khan represent me for my case. Fahim is extremely professional, knowledgeable and respectful. It was one of my most difficult and stressing part of my life however Fahim was always calm and knew exactly what had we needed to prepare for my case and achieved the best outcome possible which I was something I could only dream about. Thank you once again Fahim and SCL Team for your services and assigning Fahim represent my case.

Very professional and got us the best result possible

Fahim Khan assisted us greatly, very professional and got us the best result possible. Thanks again.

Confident, supportive and calm during a personally stressful situation

Fahim Khan was fantastic! He was quietly confident, supportive and calm during a personally stressful situation. Fahim was incredibly knowledgeable in regards to my matter which helped it all run seamlessly. He ensured I did all that I could to get the best outcome in my case. I could not recommend him enough and am very grateful for his work and help on this matter.
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