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Fahim Khan

Senior Criminal Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer
Senior Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyer with an Exceptional Track Record of Outstanding Results

Fahim Khan is an exceptional criminal defence lawyer with several years of experience in a wide range of criminal law and traffic cases.

Over the years, Fahim has built a reputation as a highly knowledgeable, strategically-minded lawyer and a formidable courtroom advocate.

He regularly appears in courts and tribunals throughout New South Wales, from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court and NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Fahim is known for his expertise in complex crime, having developed an outstanding track record in successfully defending commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, complex fraud and murder allegations.

His in-depth knowledge of procedural and evidentiary requirements, as well as legal defences, allows him to identify deficiencies in the prosecution case, and to formulate and implement strategies that regularly lead to serious criminal charges being withdrawn and thrown out of court – including in situations where clients have been advised to plead guilty by other, less-capable lawyers.

In addition to serious crime, Fahim represents clients in a range of Local Court cases including drink and drug driving, licence appeals, unlicensed driving, drug possession and small supply, larceny, fraud, sexual touching and all types of assaults and AVOs.

He is a highly sought after lawyer who is respected by prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike and is passionate about ensuring his clients receive the strongest possible legal representation, whatever their case may be.

Fahim's Testimonials

Fahim got me a fantastic result

I had a high rang PCA accident involving three cars. Was put in touch with Fahim. He was very upfront in the first meeting and did not pull any punches. Fahim guided me through the process of references apology letters and documentation. Fahim got me a fantastic result for what I had done I can only say thank you

Great job from very beginning to the end

Fahim did great job from very beginning to the end. He was very transparent in the initial free consultation to clearly state my position and setup expectations on what's coming including the cost. Unlike other lawyers I spoke to who tried to scare the hell out of me without knowing any details on my case. He was very clear on minimum I should do to fight the charges and have a chance on better outcome. He kept following up with authorities and was always available for any of my questions. Really hope I won't need him anytime soon but if so he is definitely my preferred choice.

Helped me every step of the way

Sherleen and Fahim were brilliant helped me every step of the way. I would not hesitate to use Sydney Criminal Lawyers again. Top work.

He delivered the impossible

I'd like to give mention to Fahim Khan a lawyer who I've had helping me with a legal matter for the past few months. Right from the outset he told me my chances of success. His a passionate, honest lawyer who will go out of his way to help you. I cannot thank him enough. He delivered the impossible where other lawyers at different firms said there is no chance in I was seeking. His a true asset to this company.

Acquitted of charges

I recently observed Fahim Khan representing a friend of mine in a criminal case. He worked tirelessly over a long weekend to ensure he and the client were fully prepared. He was very professional, committed and represented my friend very well, who was acquitted of charges.

Managed the outcome we were wishing for

I just wanted to say Fahim Khan from Sydney Criminal Lawyers is an exceptional lawyer He worked on an appeal case which was not straight forward and managed the outcome we were wishing for. Fahim is incredibly hard working and has gone above and beyond for us. He is very approachable and superb at what he does. I would recommend Fahim to anyone requiring assistance with any criminal legal matter. Thank you once again Fahim!

I could not have had a better experience with a lawyer

Fahim presents himself in the most professional manner and clearly prepares everything to his maximum capacity. He is very confident in his skills and has an impressive rapport built with other professionals based off his hard work. Fahim also reminds his clients that he is extremely approachable and can always be contacted to receive excellent advice and support every time. I could not have had a better experience with a lawyer. Thank you Fahim and SYDNEY criminal lawyers, all the best.

Professional and experienced

Fahim Kahn is a professional and experienced criminal lawyer who really cares about his clients. I highly recommend his advice and Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

Went to great lengths to ensure we won

Fahim did an excellent job in representing us. He was passionate about our case and went to great lengths to ensure we won.

Was a great outcome

Fahim worked on my case. He broke everything down really simple for me and he was very confident in his approach which helped relieve a bit of stress and anxiety. Was a great outcome and would highly recommend.

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