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Fahim Khan

Senior Associate
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Associate
Senior Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyer with an Exceptional Track Record of Outstanding Results

Mr Fahim Khan is a Senior Associate of Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

He is an exceptional criminal defence lawyer with several years of experience in a wide range of criminal law and traffic cases.

Over the years, Fahim has built a reputation as a highly knowledgeable, strategically-minded lawyer and a formidable courtroom advocate.

He regularly appears in courts and tribunals throughout New South Wales, from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court and NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Fahim is known for his expertise in complex crime, having developed an outstanding track record in successfully defending commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, complex fraud and murder allegations.

His in-depth knowledge of procedural and evidentiary requirements, as well as legal defences, allows him to identify deficiencies in the prosecution case, and to formulate and implement strategies that regularly lead to serious criminal charges being withdrawn and thrown out of court – including in situations where clients have been advised to plead guilty by other, less-capable lawyers.

In addition to serious crime, Fahim represents clients in a range of Local Court cases including drink and drug driving, licence appeals, unlicensed driving, drug possession and small supply, larceny, fraud, sexual touching and all types of assaults and AVOs.

He is a highly sought after lawyer who is respected by prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike and is passionate about ensuring his clients receive the strongest possible legal representation, whatever their case may be.

What Fahim's Clients Say

Excellent results

Great service. Thanks Fahim for your great work. Excellent results. More than happy to refer to friends in future

Presented such a good case that the jury came back not guilty within half an hour

Thanks to COVID and other delays, the matter our family had to deal with had dragged on for more than three years -- then Fahim Khan (solicitor) and Jack Tyler-Stott (barrister) presented such a good case that the jury came back not guilty within half an hour. We can't imagine a better result! Fahim did meticulous work, cutting through a lot of clutter, and giving strong advice on how best to present ourselves on the stand. Jack was very reassuring, dismantled the prosecution's wilder claims, and made sure the truth of our statements was obvious. Thanks for dealing so well with an anxious and overthinking defendant, and congratulations on such a success!

Helped my case get the best outcome possible

Fahim was extremely helpful the whole way through. Helped my case get the best outcome possible. Would seriously recommend.

Very professional and knows what he is talking about

Great lawyer Fahim Khan help my son out of a tuff spot, very professional and knows what he is talking about, recommend him or his practice, top class service.

A really good dedicated and focused person

Really love their services, they have talented lawyers especially the one I’ve been appointed to, Fahim Khan a really good dedicated and focused person has helped me with my court matter and advised me what to do in order to receive good outcomes and it went really well with his guidance. I recommend anyone seeking for a lawyer to go for Mr Fahim Khan. And also this wonderful lady named Rosemary van Niekerk a legal secretary who has also helped me through the process and I thank them a lot for the service they have provided me. They definitely deserve a raise!!!

A much better sentence than what we were expecting

Very happy with the manner in which I was represented by Fahim Kahn. Very easy to speak to and straight to the point when discussing the lead up to sentencing. On sentencing day the knowledge and experience shown by Fahim was amazing. Despite police and the crimes manager being difficult to deal with leading up to the day, Fahim stayed calm and respectful and through discussions with the prosecution, was able to achieve an amended facts sheet without going to a dispute the facts hearing. This lead to a 15-20 minute sentencing hearing and a much better sentence than what we were expecting.

He was very prepared

Fahim was my lawyer and I had concerns in the beginning and I didn’t receive much communication leading up to my case. On the day he was very prepared and got me an almost I achievable outcome. Very happy

The case and court appearances where handled with a high level of professionalism

Very happy with the outcome of my case and very satisfied with the effort and work put in by Fahim Khan. The case and court appearances where handled with a high level of professionalism. Would highly recommend his work. Absolute quality here 10/10.

Respected from everyone who works in the court

Fahim is an outstanding lawyer. I would definitely recommend Fahim and the other lawyers at Sydney Criminal Lawyer SCL to anyone involved in a criminal matter. I thought facing court would never happen to me, however life proved the opposite. My matter apparently simple on the surface was actually complex with a lot of intricacies. Fahim took me through it with simplicity and translated it for police and court. On the day of the hearing, he did some remarkable back and forth negotiations with prosecution, explained to me the options available and made critical changes to the facts sheet accepted by police. I was impressed and I am not sure other lawyers would have obtained the same result. He will take care of your case and speak well in front of the Magistrate. He is quick-witted and articulate which gives him an edge on prosecution. He is also respected from everyone who works in the court. He achieved the best possible outcome which was a no conviction. Thanks so much, Fahim. I wish you the overwhelming success you deserve.

Got the outcome we were aiming for (no convictions)

Thanks to Fahim for his professional help. Straight from the start he was straight to business told me my options and explained the entire proceedings and options clearly so I easily make my decisions and kept realistic expectations. Got the outcome we were aiming for (no convictions) thanks to his hard work and help.
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