Fahim Khan is an exceptional criminal defence lawyer with several years of experience in a wide range of criminal law and traffic cases.

Over the years, Fahim has built a reputation as a highly knowledgeable, strategically-minded lawyer and a formidable courtroom advocate.

He regularly appears in courts and tribunals throughout New South Wales, from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court and NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Fahim is known for his expertise in complex crime, having developed an outstanding track record in successfully defending commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, complex fraud and murder allegations.

His in-depth knowledge of procedural and evidentiary requirements, as well as legal defences, allows him to identify deficiencies in the prosecution case, and to formulate and implement strategies that regularly lead to serious criminal charges being withdrawn and thrown out of court – including in situations where clients have been advised to plead guilty by other, less-capable lawyers.

In addition to serious crime, Fahim represents clients in a range of Local Court cases including drink and drug driving, licence appeals, unlicensed driving, drug possession and small supply, larceny, fraud, sexual touching and all types of assaults and AVOs.

He is a highly sought after lawyer who is respected by prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike and is passionate about ensuring his clients receive the strongest possible legal representation, whatever their case may be.

Fahim's Testimonials
A massive thank you
A massive thank you to Fahim for helping us out with charges against my husband. We had a good outcome with no convictions recorded. Also to Jason Koh with helping us with preparations for court and working late into the night on our case and personally speaking to us throughout the night. Would recommend these lawyers and firm to my friends in the future they go above and beyond for their clients.

Deb T.

Non conviction and a clean record
Initially was apprehensive and doubtful. However my outcome was not expected and immensely much better - a non conviction and a clean record. Fahim was my lawyer who delivered the results - Very happy customer.

P D.

Very professional and very experienced
I had the pleasure of Sydney Criminal lawyers senior Fahim Khan. Fahim is very professional and very experienced. He dealt with my matter in full confidence. Thank you Fahim it was a pleasure.

Mustafa G.

I am very impressed
Fahim was representing me and I managed to get a CRO with his help. I am very impressed with his responsiveness, professionalism and his hard work in my case. Will definitely recommend Fahim and his law firm to whom is in need for a good lawyer

Austin W.

Came out with one of the best outcomes
Fahim was really helpful today, we came out with one of the best outcomes we could get, really helpful and made things easier for me. Would recommend.

Jeston K.

Ended up winning against all odds
Fahim is a great guy, and a very excellent lawyer. In the course of my court dates, I come to personally know him, and he paid great attention to my case. In the end, we ended up winning against all odds because of his amazing lawyer skills. I'd highly recommend Fahim to anyone facing an uphill court case.

Matt B.

He was thorough, concise, professional and realistic
I had a fairly tricky traffic case. It meant a lot to me that I had the best representation to see it through to get a positive result. Initially, I felt the administrative side of SCL let me down and caused some concern and doubt with me. Thankfully, this was resolved, albeit late in the proceedings, some weeks after my initial consultation and subsequent fee payment, and only a week prior to court attendance date. Fahim Kahn, the lawyer assigned to my case, called me to go over the matter. He was thorough, concise, professional and realistic. And when it came to the crunch - in court, up against a tough magistrate - Fahim rose to the occasion and presented my genuinely worthy case convincingly, honestly and with personable and persuasive concern. Thankfully I received the result I had hoped for, seemingly, against all odds. And I feel that it was as much my own supportive material as it was Fahim's ability to convey it to the magistrate. Needless to say, but I am eternally grateful for Fahim's experience and skill in providing the representation for me that he did.

Emmanuel G.

Highly professional and effective team of lawyers
A highly professional and effective team of lawyers and staff. I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers for any legal matter. I cannot thank our lawyer, Fahim, enough for his understanding and hard work.

Danielle S.

120% effort
Our lawyer Fahim achieved the best possible outcome for my father, so my father can move on with life. Fahim was very professional throughout, and because of the 120% effort he made, the whole court process was very smooth. When coming to a situation where it could impact your life, trusting a lawyer who will represent you well definitely makes a huge difference!

Do R.

Highly recommend him!
Khan is awesome highly recommend him!

Reyne K.