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Fahim Khan

Senior Criminal Lawyer
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer
Senior Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyer with an Exceptional Track Record of Outstanding Results

Fahim Khan is an exceptional criminal defence lawyer with several years of experience in a wide range of criminal law and traffic cases.

Over the years, Fahim has built a reputation as a highly knowledgeable, strategically-minded lawyer and a formidable courtroom advocate.

He regularly appears in courts and tribunals throughout New South Wales, from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court and NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Fahim is known for his expertise in complex crime, having developed an outstanding track record in successfully defending commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, complex fraud and murder allegations.

His in-depth knowledge of procedural and evidentiary requirements, as well as legal defences, allows him to identify deficiencies in the prosecution case, and to formulate and implement strategies that regularly lead to serious criminal charges being withdrawn and thrown out of court – including in situations where clients have been advised to plead guilty by other, less-capable lawyers.

In addition to serious crime, Fahim represents clients in a range of Local Court cases including drink and drug driving, licence appeals, unlicensed driving, drug possession and small supply, larceny, fraud, sexual touching and all types of assaults and AVOs.

He is a highly sought after lawyer who is respected by prosecutors, magistrates and judges alike and is passionate about ensuring his clients receive the strongest possible legal representation, whatever their case may be.

What Fahim's Clients Say

He got me excellent results

I asked for legal help from Mr Fahim Khan at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. He is very helpful and was diligent with my case. He got me excellent results and I am thankful to him. Thank you so much :)

Lawyer who genuinely cared about my situation

I had a matter where I was planning to self represent. However, I decided to get some legal advice and had a free consultation on a weekend with Fahim Khan of Sydney Criminal Lawyers. The assistance and advice that I received from Fahim during that consultation was valuable and he struck me as an intelligent and knowledgeable lawyer who genuinely cared about my situation. I decided to appoint Fahim as my lawyer and he studied and understood my case thoroughly in a short period of time. He understood how important the proceedings and the outcome was for me. The outcome was what I wanted. I can not thank Fahim and Wali enough for their hard work, advice and execution of my case.

I would strongly recommend this firm

Extremely happy with the service and outcome. Fahim has been so helpful, understanding, and extremely professional in explaining the possible steps and outcomes. He is very knowledgeable and had answers to all my questions. He did a fantastic job while defending my case and got all the charges dismissed. I would strongly recommend this firm. Thank you so much, Fahim - you are the best!

Professional and informed me of every step and all possible outcomes

Fahim, your advice and preparation on the matter was much appreciated. You were professional and informed me of every step and all possible outcomes. We got there in the end with an excellent result.

Relieved my anxiety

Fahim’s professionalism and commitment to my case was nothing short of outstanding. Fahim was transparent, and informed me of the best possible outcome that could be expected in my case from the very first contact I had with him. Fahim's support and guidance during this process was exceptional, and relieved my anxiety by the way he provided me with clear instructions of what I needed to compile before my court date. Without Fahim's support and guidance, I would not of achieved the result that I obtained in my case, the best result possible for my circumstances due to his preparation and advocacy in court. Fahim is a credit to Sydney Criminal lawyers and I would highly recommend him in any legal matter that you may be experiencing. Thank you Fahim, you made the most negative situation in my life as positive as it could be, and worked above and beyond to ensure I would receive the best possible outcome, which you achieved.

Best possible outcome

Fahim got me the best possible outcome under the circumstances and represented my case with professionalism.

Great help and support

Fahim Khan has been of great help, service and advise to me. I had a very high profile case, and media coverage. - He kept me informed about the progress of my case and advised the appropriate actions. - Infact all the team of Sydney Criminal Lawyers have been of great help and support, whenever I had a interaction with them. Results I Got: 1. Initial strict bail conditions were reduced to minimum bail condition by Fahim arguing on my behalf in court. 2. Finding the best available Barrister for my case after fully understanding the case and consulting with me. 3. Case gets dropped, even before going to Trial. Saving money, mental tension and lots of other hassles. - Plz remember court cases and issues takes time. You needs to be patient and in control of your mind and emotions so you can work with your lawyers, advise them, take advise and than get the best results possible. Thank You Everyone.

Knowledge won on the day

Mr Fahim Khan was my Lawyer in an unusual traffic case. A real minefield of legal traps set by Police, but Mr Khan negotiated retraction of one matter which allowed leniency on the next. An excellent outcome after a very stressful nine months. Mr Khan never gave me false hope, coaching me in what may transpire, but tact and knowledge won on the day. Well done Fahim!

Highly professional, focused and diligent

I was represented by Fahim from SCL for a severity appeal in District Court. He was highly professional, focused and diligent with the preparation of the case. Things went well and we were able to achieve a non-conviction. Needless to say I am very happy with this result and would recommend Fahim to anyone as a very capable and effective lawyer.

The desirable outcome

Fahim was my lawyer and he has been very professional and my case has the desirable outcome. I am really thankful for the hard work that he has put the case in.
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