Julianne is a specialist criminal defence lawyer who is considerably experienced in a wide range of criminal and traffic cases, from drug possession, drink driving, common assault and apprehended violence orders to serious and complex charges including sexual assault, complex fraud, arson and drug supply.

She has an exceptional track record in helping clients to avoid criminal records if they wish to plead guilty, and in achieving dismissals where they wish to plead not guilty and have their cases determined in court.

She is a persuasive courtroom lawyer who is meticulous in her preparation and seamless in her execution.

She has instructed barristers in a number of District Court trials, gathering exculpatory evidence and implementing defence strategies which have been instrumental in achieving not guilty verdicts.

Julianne is a dedicated lawyer who goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are kept informed throughout the court process.

She is passionate about achieving optimal outcomes for all of her valued clients, and is a key member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

Julianne's Testimonials
Great deal of care and compassion
I highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Julianne Lim looked after my matter with a thorough understanding and explanation of the prospects/options moving forward. More importantly, she guided me through what was otherwise a traumatic ordeal with a great deal of care and compassion. She was able to conduct the case extremely professionally and achieve milestones in the matter despite a short turnaround time—resulting in no conviction. I cannot recommend Julianne and the firm more highly.

Wil A.

What I had hoped for
Highly recommend lawyer Fahim Khan! He gave me direction in terminology easy to understand. He was very kind and understanding throughout the whole process. He gave me complete understanding of every step to take and every document needed, and how it would help me in court. He kept me up to date with regular phone calls. Julianne Lim who represented me at court was amazing! She was very caring and empathetic of my situation. She gave me clear explanation of processes and put me at ease. The outcome of my appeal was what I had hoped for. Highly recommend Julianne as well! Very happy to have worked with Sydney Criminal Lawyers!

Isabella T.

The outcome of my appeal was what I had hoped for
Julianne was amazing! She was very caring and empathetic with my situation. She gave me clear explanation of processes and put me at ease. The outcome of my appeal was what I had hoped for. Highly recommend Julianne to anyone in need of a lawyer!

Isabella T.

end result was superb
Ms Lim was professional, excellent representation. She was extremely generous with their time to explain the context and process. And the end result was superb. Highly recommended.

S. D.

A great result
With the support and guidance provided to me by Julianne and Saba. I was able to provide supportive evidence for my appeal. A great result. I am relieved and deeply grateful Thank you K T

Kim T.

Thanks to her I got the best possible result
I had fewer than 24 hours before my court appearance and I called Sydney Criminal Lawyers, hoping for the best. I was able to consult with Julianne that afternoon and she expertly guided me through the entire process end to end, and I finally felt at ease regarding my matter. Thanks to her I got the best possible result that I initially thought was almost unattainable. Looking back, I'm so glad I decided to go this route, as the alternatives would have been so much more uncertain and stressful. Especially with my tight time constraints, who knows what could have happened had I not contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Julianne made me feel that I was in very capable hands. She made herself available for contact the entire day and night for any questions or materials I had, and she was very quick to respond. She knew almost exactly what would go down in the courtroom. She's a superhero! Thank you!

Jack C.

All I could have hoped for
Julianne managed to obtain a non-conviction at the District Court appeal, which is all I could have hoped for...Even though the initial Magistrate’s ruling was disappointing, Julianne felt she would be able to obtain a better result at an appeal at the District Court given my circumstances, and she was right! She has been very reassuring throughout the whole process, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

J H.

Direct and to the point
Julianne is fantastic. Taking over my case just the day before the hearing, she was very attentive and caring, showing great compassion. Best of all, we achieved a better than expected outcome. Julianne's approach is direct and to the point, while always showing a caring and friendly approach. I agree with another review which states she presented much better then some senior solicitors on the day. Thank you Julianne.

Luke A.

She was excellent!!
Would recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Julianne was very helpful gave us an outcome she wanted to target and she achieved it. She was excellent!!

Adam P.

We're deeply appreciated for what you have done for us
Thank you so much Julianne and Mr. Singh. Me and my partner are very happy with the great result on 7th December 2018. You guys are really me and my partner's guardian angels! Especially to Julianne, we're deeply appreciated for what you have done for us, you always stood by our side and help us walking through the hardest period of time. We will never ever forget your big efforts! You guys are really awesome and super heroes! We highly recommend this professional lawyer firm!!

Mehdi Hoseini