Ms Sherleen Chand is a Senior Criminal Lawyer with an impressive and varied career, which has seen her involved in Australian Taxation Office prosecutions all the way up to preparing and defending complex criminal trials.

With a strong work ethic and considerable specialist criminal law experience, Ms Chand is known for her thorough preparation of cases, high level of client service and exceptional presentation inside the courtroom.

She appears in courts throughout the Sydney metropolitan area on a daily basis, in matters ranging from licence appeals, assaults, drug possession and drink driving cases to commercial drug trials, sexual assaults, robbery and substantial fraud allegations.

She is respected by magistrates, judges and prosecutors alike for her ethics, professionalism and cutting edge knowledge of criminal and traffic law. She is an impressive advocate inside the courtroom and a persuasive negotiator when dealing with police and the DPP, which allows her to have cases dropped when others may fall short.

Ms Chand’s experience ranges from Local Court hearings, to sentencing hearings in the Local and District Courts, severity and convictions appeals in the District Court, bail applications in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, and instructing counsel in lengthy jury trials.

She goes above and beyond when it comes to trial preparation, giving clients the edge when they are facing one of the most important events in their lives.

She keeps her clients updated and informed throughout criminal proceedings, helping to ease their burden however difficult their situation may be.

Ms Chand’s clients benefit from her work ethic, professionalism and demonstrated commitment to their interests.

Sherleen's Testimonials
She was always there for me whenever I needed her

Sherleen Chand is a legend. I am thankful to her for giving me second opportunity in life. She was upfront regarding my matter the first day I met her and she got me the result which gave me an opportunity to rebuild my life again. She was always there for me whenever I needed her and answer my questions promptly whenever I had any. And today on the sentencing day she assured me what the result was going to be and boom it happened.

Once again, thank you Sherleen I owe you the second opportunity you gave me.

Ashish P.

Sherleen Chand got the result for me that I was hoping for

Professional and direct; Sherleen Chand got the result for me that I was hoping for. Grateful and delighted.

Sandra T.

Showed more presence and confidence than other lawyers

Being new to Australia, I was unsure where to start looking for legal advice. I thought the excellent google reviews were too good to be true, but Sydney Criminal Lawyers really are this good.

I was quickly given an appointment with Sherleen and within 5 minutes I knew this company was for me. It would have been easy for her to tell me everything would be ok just so I hired her, but she was realistic and honest which is what I needed with the serious charges I was facing.

Samuel was assigned my case he gave me simple achievable instructions I could follow and advice that would give me the best chance of a good result. What really impressed me was inside the courtroom, I sat through a number of cases before mine and Samuel showed more presence and confidence than other lawyers who had obviously had many more years’ experience in the profession than him.

Samuel got me a Section 10, the best possible outcome and I can’t thank him enough. If you’re in some trouble and reading these reviews I would recommend getting in touch with him.

Graham S.

Attained a successful case in court yesterday

Extremely satisfied! Attained a successful case in court yesterday. Sherleen Chand is by far the best lawyer I’ve been to yet. She did an amazing job. We had no hope to get my licence back within 3 months for mid range drink driving. Not only did I get my licence back, but no conviction and fine as well. Fantastic service many Thanks!👌👌

Harshil P.

Thrilled for the outcome

Professional, outspoken and well represented by Sherleen. I’m thrilled for the outcome.

Kimo F.

Section 10 thank you for earning me my second chance

Sherleen Chand took care of my case & did an amazing, hardworking & made my experience at court a lot more comforting. Section 10 thank you for earning me my second chance.

Anthony D.

Cool, calm, and collected

Sherleen was cool, calm, and collected, even during my moments of panic. She was extremely composed on the stand, during what turned out to be a very long day. Would certainly recommend.

Michael C.

Huge result given the nature of the accusation

Big thank you to Sherleen Chand and Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. Sherleen have successfully acquired bail for me at local court through written submissions, which is a huge result given the nature of the accusation. Thanks to her professionalism and hard work I am out and spending time with my family, strongly recommended to any one who needs a professional lawyer for heavy criminal cases.

A L.

Successfully got my partner out on bail

Big thank you to Sherleen Chand, as she successfully got my partner out on bail, very happy for her services and strongly recommend her to anyone that needs a strong representation in the court of justice!


All charges drop!

Sherleen is very professional and efficient!

All charges drop!

Definitely recommend to anyone that needs help with the law!

She is also very helpful in explaining matters in a simpler form for me to understand.

Kenneth C.

I ended up getting up a good result

I had a court case at Waverley local court and was represented by Michael Moussa, senior managing lawyer. He called me the day before and reassured me of a positive outcome. On the day, I was super nervous but I ended up getting up a good result. Michael is an excellent lawyer who looks after you and answers all questions effectively. I highly recommend Michael to anyone with serious offences.

Earlier I was assigned to Sherleen Chand, senior criminal lawyer, who also thoroughly advised me on the documents to prepare to help me get the best outcome. In addition, she also arranged the psychologist for me, who prepared an excellent court report for me. I also highly recommend Sherleen Chand if you are facing serious charges.

Thanks to these 2 lawyers, I can now focus on uni and work as well as, be able to live my life without worries.

Safwat H.

Got the best result possible

Lawyer Sherleen Chand was very good, got the best result possible.

Ebony R.

Drop all my driving offence charges on my first hearing date!!

I am so happy and thank you so much Sr Lawyer Sherleen Chand for the outstanding performance in the court. That’s why I have got Section 10. I would highly recommend this firm and Sherleen Chand helped me to drop all my driving offence charges on my first hearing date!! She is a great lawyer and very informative and would sit down with you very patiently assisting you throughout, most importantly , she will advise you what to say , how to say in the court. Very affordable legal cost also. Once again thank you Sherleen and a big thanks to Sydney criminal lawyers® firm.

Remesh C.

Great representation and good result

Great representation and good result. Lawyer Ms Sherleen Chand, I am so grateful to you and your firm that make me happy after hearing my two offences make it section 10 dismissal today. I have amazed about your knowledge and the experience to handle all sort of criminal and driving offences. I will introduce to all my community if they need any sort of legal advise. Once again ‘thank you’ to Sherleen Chand and their team for the great result.

Remesh C.

Professional service and knowledge

Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, Words cannot describe how Happy or Satisfied I am with the outcome of my case, but gotta say, you are exactly what your known for, the best Criminal law firm in Sydney. Your staff, have provided 100% commitment, Professional service and knowledge in their level of Expertise. I would like to give extra credit to my Lawyer who handled my case very professionally and worked so hard to get the outcome I wanted, Sharleen Chand.

I was not confident in getting the outcome I wanted given the serious nature of my crime, even though Sydney Criminal Lawyers® have assured me, in my initial consultation (which was free), that I won’t get imprisonment while the other lawyers told me I would, but with Sharleens Confidence, dedication and willingness to help my case, I was surprised with the outcome of my case.

If you are in doubt of the outcome of your case, I really recommend you all to go and see Sharleen Chand or any other lawyers in Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. They have proved to be the best criminal law firm in sydney and perhaps, in Australia.

100% Commitment, Dedication, Willingnes to help, Professional Service and Getting the Best Outcome Ever!

Thank you so Much to Sharleen and the rest of the staff at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

Ja R.

Professional and competent

After the initial free consultation with Avinash, I knew this law firm was very professional and competent in dealing with the court system, I was represented by Sherleen Chand, and got the best possible result, I would highly recommend SCL to anyone

ES J. R.

Very professional and friendly

I have been charged with Habitual offender with 5 years suspension of my licence but Miss Sherleen help me to quash this Habitual offender. She was very professional and friendly. She was well prepared for my case and get me good results.

I will highly recommend Miss Sherleen.

Garry R.