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Sherleen Chand

Senior Associate
LL.B, G.D.L.P.
(Barrister & Solicitor)
Senior Associate
Highly Sought-After Senior Lawyer with an Outstanding Track Record of Successfully Defending Clients Accused of Serious and Complex Crime

Ms Sherleen Chand is a Senior Associate of Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

She is a highly sought-after criminal defence lawyer who has an outstanding track record of successfully defending clients who are accused of serious and complex crimes; including several notable murder, intent to murder, manslaughter, aggravated sexual assault, multi-million dollar fraud and commercial drug importation, supply and manufacture cases.

Sherleen is a formidable defence lawyer who is respected by judges, magistrates, police and DPP lawyers alike, and is frequently able to persuade prosecutors to discontinue criminal proceedings altogether, or accept significantly reduced charges in cases where the prosecution evidence is strong.

Sherleen is also vastly experienced in interlocutory matters such as bail applications and committal hearings, having achieved success in cases where clients received advice from others lawyers that positive outcomes were impossible to achieve; including bail in commercial drug cases involving in excess of 300 kilograms, murder allegations and extremely serious multiple sexual assault allegations, and the discharge of defendants at committal hearings despite the prosecution evidence initially appearing to be insurmountable.

She excels at developing and implementing defence strategies that achieve results, and has the ability to digest enormous amounts of material, identify flaws and build defence cases that lead to positive outcomes.

She also has substantial experience in less serious matters that remain in the Local Court, such as many assaults, drug cases, larceny and fraud cases, AVOs and traffic matters such as drink and drug driving, driving whilst disqualified, negligent driving and licence appeals.

Sherleen’s clients benefit from her experience and expertise, professionalism, dedication and dogged determination, and her formidable courtroom skills.

She is an integral member of Sydney’s best criminal defence team.

What Sherleen's Clients Say

The smartest in the court room

A big shout out to Sherleen who represented me for my bail. She was composed and smart in the court room. Fred Cao later took up my case and throughout the process he kept giving me words of encouragement. The first day I met him, he told me the best outcome and that was what we got and even lesser. Fred for me was the smartest in the court room, very composed and detailed in his submissions. Am so grateful for his works. Every penny I spent was worth it. Thank you so much as I have my life back.

Their deep insight into the justice system brought me peace of mind

The lawyers who defended me, Sherleen Chand and Vinny Vijay, held my hand every step of the way. Their strategy worked brilliantly well. Abiding by their plan and their deep insight into the justice system brought me peace of mind.

The most lenient sentencing

My overall experience with Sydney Criminal Lawyers has been very professional and responsive. Sherleen and Fred have both been amazing support for me through the difficult times. They have been very responsive whenever I had questions and gave detailed explanations to make me comfortable. They presented my case in the best way possible and got me the most lenient sentencing. I recommend them without a doubt.

I wouldn’t have got the result that I got without your amazing work!

Thank you so much Sherleen! I wouldn’t have got the result that I got without your amazing work! Now it’s time to get on with my life.

Very professional and knew exactly what she was doing

Sherleen Chand was a great lawyer. Very professional and knew exactly what she was doing. I am very thankful that she took the time to look over my case and am very pleased with the out come. Many thanks.

Very professional, helpful and represented us well

We worked with Sherleen Chand who was very professional, helpful and represented us well.

Happy with the outcome

Sherleen Chand handled my case very professional happy with the outcome. I highly recommend her thank you again.

Professional law firm with very good team

Very professional law firm with very good team, in particular Sherleen who gets great results. Highly recommend using them.

Delivered the optimal result

Counsel Sherleen Chand presented my case and was by all means exceptional. She achieved what I hoped for. It is about how she applied her legal knowledge and experience in the context of opportunity and dynamic negotiations, which delivered the optimal result. 5/5 for sure. Thank you SCL.

What I really liked about Sherleen was

Sherleen Chand was a pleasure to deal with. What I really liked about Sherleen was the fact that she would always respond to my calls, texts or emails in a very timely manner, whereas some lawyers you’re constantly chasing them down. She was all over my case and up to date with everything after it being handed to her at the last minute. She left no stone unturned and was up front and honest with me the whole time. Sherleen was very well spoken and confident in the court room and knew exactly what to say when and when to just be quiet. We got the non conviction we were after. Would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with any sort of matter.
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