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Medical Neglect: Albanese Must Deliver Labor’s Long-Promised Medicare into Prisons

“It is my experience, in general, people come out of prisons in worse conditions than when they commenced the situational trauma of incarceration,” Gerry Georgatos remarked, in commencing the keynote speech at the Indigenous Justice Forum in Brisbane on Thursday....

The Offence of Intent to Murder in New South Wales

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A shooting at the offices of a Sydney law firm has led to the arrest of a 79-year old man, who has been charged with intent to murder.  The man opened fire at the offices of Van Cooney Lawyers on...

Why NSW Police Should Have Stayed Out of Mardi Gras

After the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Board requested the NSW Police Force will not march in Saturday’s parade, bowing to a pressure campaign, which involved the likes of NSW premier Chris Minns, police minister Yasmin Catley and even...

NSW Police Out of Mardi Gras Has Been a Long-Time Coming, as March Requests Cops Not Attend

The long-time-coming disinviting of the NSW Police Force from this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is no surprise. The circumstances that saw the Mardi Gras Board finally agree with long-term calls for the cops out of Mardi Gras...

Despite the Evidence on the DFAT Site, Wong Still Denies Recent Weapons Exports to Israel

“We know that Australia is not just silent when it comes to the genocide, but Australia is deeply complicit,” said Greens Senator David Shoebridge at the 25 February Palestine Action Group rally in Gadigal-Sydney’s Hyde Park. This was the 20th...

Australia Will Detain Citizens in Long-Term Isolation Without Charge, On the Say So of the US

The use of solitary confinement or isolation is controversial to say the least, as this method of punishing an inmate by detaining them alone in a cell is said to cause psychological harm. And when it comes to prolonged isolation,...

“The Last Setter Colonial Project”: Gadigal-Sydney Won’t Stop Demanding Gaza Ceasefire

“I stand before you here as someone who has lost 70 members of the Zorob family since the start of the genocide and many others before,” local Palestinian man Mohamed Zorob told the 20th Palestine Action Group rally of Gaza...

The Offence of Assault Causing Death Whilst Intoxicated in NSW

A New South Wales man has been charged with assault causing death over the death of a security guard outside Royal Hotel at Sutherland in Sydney’s south.  The 30-year old security guard, who had moved from Saudi Arabia to Australia...

Assange Appeals for His Life, Global Press Freedoms and International Justice

Award-winning Australian Journalist Julian Assange was too sick to attend the most vital appeal of the US request to extradite him, which the UK has already greenlighted, and this was because the White House and 10 Downing Street have been...

The Marrickville Declaration Asserts Civil Society Resistance to AUKUS

Former PM Scott Morrison is the architect of AUKUS: a pact between Australia, the UK and the US involving exorbitant costs, increasing militarisation of the public sphere, the introduction of nuclear military technology and an ever-growing US military presence on...
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