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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He has a focus on social justice issues and encroachments upon civil liberties. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, he wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

Police Routinely Breached Legal Rights During COVID, Reports Confirm

by Paul Gregoire
To say COVID policing has been overbearing is an understatement. The reliance upon the police to enforce pandemic restrictions on public movement and assembly in such a draconian manner, only added credence to the claims that lockdowns were a means...

Pru Goward’s Opining on the Poor Reveals Deep Political Class Prejudice

by Paul Gregoire
“So long as we keep looking at the billions of dollars they cost us, we will continue to dislike them, reject them and write them off,” says Pru Goward in relation to the poorest sector of the community. The former...

“A Sign of Weakness and Desperation”: Former ADF Major Cameron Leckie on AUKUS

by Paul Gregoire
“AUKUS is a sign of desperation or weakness, because you can’t understand the United States, without acknowledging that it’s an empire. All empires have a lifecycle. And the US is currently in decline.” For most Australians, the prime minister’s announcement...

Extinction Rebellion Cries Foul as the Liberals and Nationals Fumble on Net Zero

by Paul Gregoire
The Liberal prime minister and the Nationals deputy prime minister are currently in a political skirmish over how to reach a policy with a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, after the pair have blatantly resisted taking...

Left Unprotected: An Interview With People With Disability Australia’s Giancarlo de Vera

by Paul Gregoire
The understanding that elderly people and people living with disability were the two key demographics most at risk of contracting COVID-19, and further, that they have an increased susceptibility to greater harms on infection, has been well grasped since the...

As the ACT Moves to Fixed-Site Pill Testing, NSW Police Minister Doesn’t Get It

by Paul Gregoire
NSW police minister David Elliott took the opportunity of Sydney opening up from its extended lockdown to strengthen the understanding that he has no idea about the evidence behind the harm reduction intervention known as pill testing. Elliott told Sky...

COVID-19 Has Infected Medevac Refugees in Long-Term Hotel Detention

by Paul Gregoire
After 18 months of warnings, the inevitable has happened. A number of refugees who’ve been detained long-term by the Australian government have tested positive to COVID-19. These men are amongst the 50-odd majority Medevac refugees currently locked up in Carlton’s...

Public Interest Disclosure Laws Stall as Government Interest Reigns

by Paul Gregoire
High-profile whistleblowers prosecutions – or political prosecutions, as some prefer – have become a prominent feature of the rule of the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison regime, along with the guarding of state secrets to the point that the proposition of open government is...

Calls on Police Minister to Curb Officers Flaunting Insignia Linked to White Supremacy

by Paul Gregoire
Reports of police officers wearing symbols associated with white supremacy or being captured on camera making symbols conveying the same racist message, have been increasing throughout a number of Australian jurisdictions over the past couple of years. The initial report...

Morrison Pushes Laws to Bury National Cabinet COVID Crisis Documents

by Paul Gregoire
At the state and federal levels, there were legislative mechanisms in place to respond to the public health crisis that is COVID-19. As these laws and regulations were drafted, the particular disease they would be applied to was unknown, but...
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