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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He's the winner of the 2021 NSW Council for Civil Liberties Award For Excellence In Civil Liberties Journalism. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, Paul wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

Genocide Complicity Claim Against Australian PM Added to the ICC’s Palestine Investigation

In early March, Sydney law firm Birchgrove Legal presented a communiqué to International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan consisting of 92 pages of documented evidence, claiming that the Australian PM and a number of other high level local politicians are...
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Police Officers Assault Youth in Adult Watchhouse

Footage emerged last week that shows a 17-year-old First Nations boy standing in a room in a Queensland police watchhouse. And at first glance, and without any details of the incident about to unfold, the boy appears to be walking...

Stand With Kostakidis, as the Zionist Federation Attempts to Suppress the Truth

Right now, the Albanese government, in cahoots with the opposition and the mainstream media, are continuing to suppress information about the barbaric genocide the Israeli state is perpetrating upon the Palestinians of Gaza, which comprises of mass killings and a...

Lifesaving Naloxone: The Free, Over-the-Counter Potential Antidote to Synthetic Opioid Overdose

Overdose deaths have been on the rise over recent months as a new type of highly potent synthetic opioid has hit the streets that’s even more deadly than fentanyl, which was the last extra strong synthetic opioid that started being...

NSW Drug Summit Agenda: Decriminalisation, Drug Detection Dogs and Deemed Supply

The Minns government has finally announced it will be holding its preelection promised NSW Drug Summit, which will comprise of a four day forum with two regional dates set for October, along with two dates of hearings to be held...

Albanese’s Antisemitism Envoy Appointment Reeks of Desperation and Prejudice

The UN human rights office announced on Tuesday that the entire Gaza Strip is in famine. This is due to the apartheid Israeli state not only having been slaughtering the more than 2 million Palestinians of Gaza since October, but...

The Refusal of Authorities to Identify White Supremacist Terrorism Will Only Compound It

Many have remarked on the number of stabbings in NSW of late and wondered why that might be. Of course, one reason could be that our government’s support of the Israeli-perpetrated Gaza genocide, conveys a message that violence is okay...

NSW Government Knows We Need Evidence-Based Drug Law Reform. So, Why Block It?

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties posted an image last week of the premier with the word “Failed” stamped boldly across his forehead, with the reason being that Chris Minns had “promised a drug summit” preelection “to introduce meaningful change”...

Does the Nation’s Chief Lawmaker Really Want to Protect Public Service Whistleblowers?

In 2013, attorney general Mark Dreyfus, in an earlier stint in the role, oversaw the drafting and enactment of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth) to establish “a framework to encourage and facilitate reporting of wrongdoing by public officials...

“We Keep Us Safe, We Stop Arming Israel”: Interview with Palestinian Organiser Tasnim Sammak

The globe is bearing witness to the gravest atrocity since the Holocaust. And this, the Israeli state perpetrated genocide upon the Palestinians of Gaza, is underpinned by the same supremacist ideas and land grabbing proclivities as all settler colonial states...
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