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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He has a focus on human rights issues, encroachments on civil liberties, drug law reform, gender diversity and First Nations rights. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, he wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

The Coronavirus: A Civil Liberties Nightmare of Orwellian Proportions

by Paul Gregoire
Imagine a reality where people were forced by the authorities to remain in their homes under threat of steep fines, while outside the police patrol the deserted streets, ensuring that no one steps outside without official authorisation. While this might...

The New Police Powers to Deal With COVID-19

by Paul Gregoire
The NSW Police Force will have up to 70,000 officers deployed on the streets enforcing new coronavirus social distancing rules and self-isolating requirements in an attempt, as NSW police minister David Elliot put it, “to kill this virus before it...

The NSW Government’s New (In)justice Laws: More Power to Police and Prosecutors

by Paul Gregoire & Ugur Nedim
According to NSW Health, as of 8 pm on 24 March, there were 1,029 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in this state, which had jumped by 211 over the prior 24 hours. And it was around this time that state parliament...

The Impact of COVID on Sydney’s Homeless: An Interview With Lanz Priestley

by Paul Gregoire
The Sydney CBD was almost deserted last Saturday evening. With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, most locals were already choosing to spend their night at home. And this was even before the stage one coronavirus prevention measures came into...

Release Immigration Detainees for COVID: An Interview With Advocate Margaret Sinclair

by Paul Gregoire
Photos displaying the cramped living conditions that immigration detainees are continuing to be held in at Avon Compound within the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) detention facility are currently being shared amongst refugee advocates online. The images reveal rooms packed...

Hawaii Five-0 Morrison Has Left the Building: Kids and Teachers Good Luck

by Paul Gregoire
So, there’s a life-threatening virus spreading throughout the community at a rapid pace, and Scott Morrison is doing the best that he can in implementing COVID-19 precautionary measures. However, it seems that in his haste, the prime minister has misread...

Boycott Schools for COVID: An Interview With Workers Organising Resistance’s Kath Larkin

by Paul Gregoire
Over the last week, the risks that COVID-19 poses to Australians have become increasingly apparent. The prime minister’s ban on events involving more than 500 people came into play last Monday. And on Wednesday, a ban on non-essential indoor gatherings...

“Straight-Up Execution”: Australian War Crimes Exposed in Afghanistan

by Paul Gregoire
“You want me to drop this cunt,” asks the Australian SAS soldier as he stands above a defenceless Afghan man. Referred to as Soldier C, the special forces officer is seen pointing his assault rifle at close range at Dad...

The Government is Watching You, But Don’t You Dare Watch It

by Paul Gregoire
According to the count the UNSW Law School is keeping, successive federal governments have passed 85 pieces of counterterrorism legislation since 9/11. And currently, there are five further bills of this nature before parliament. Numerous commentators have pointed out that...

The Next Social Justice Movement: An Interview With the Animal Defenders Office’s Tara Ward

by Paul Gregoire
The High Court of Australia ruled in February that footage revealing greyhound trainers illegally using live rabbits as baits was inadmissible in court, as it had been obtained unlawfully. However, subsequent resulting evidence could be permitted, so those trainers will...
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