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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He has a focus on human rights issues, encroachments on civil liberties, drug law reform, gender diversity and First Nations rights. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, he wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

The State Government’s ‘Future Crime’ Regimes Significantly Increase Police Powers

by Paul Gregoire
March through to May 2016 was a bumper time for the NSW Police Force, as the Baird government gifted it with four new criminal law regimes that enhanced its powers to pre-emptively deal with any perceived future social order threats....

The Rise of Mick Fuller and the Threat to Civil Liberties

by Paul Gregoire
The public persona of current NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller has risen in prominence of late, to the point where he’s become a household name, in a way that previous public servants that have held that position haven’t been. Recent...

Forging Justice for David Dungay: An Interview With Dunghutti Activist Paul Silva

by Paul Gregoire
The Justice for David Dungay Junior campaign held a press conference last Friday in the Domain-Djarrbarrgalli to announce that criminal barrister Phillip Boulten SC has issued a detailed advice outlining that there’s potential for charges to be laid in regard...

Restoring Justice: An Interview With The Cicada Project’s Thea Deakin-Greenwood

by Paul Gregoire
The system of laws and rulings that constitute the Australian criminal justice system are designed to protect the community and its property. And while the function it serves is much respected, it can sometimes be maligned for its emphasis on...

It’s Time to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Australia

by Paul Gregoire
All eyes were on last week’s meeting of the Council of Attorneys General, as there has been a sustained campaign calling on the nation’s top lawmakers to raise the age of criminal responsibility in this country, which currently sits at...

Gathering “for a Common Purpose”: Fuller’s New Anti-Protest Tactic

by Paul Gregoire
After NSW police ordered those gathered at the 28 July Black Lives Matter rally to disburse from Sydney’s Domain or face arrest, a number of protesters converged momentarily on the side of the road out the front of the NSW...

The Prohibition on Protests Is About Silencing Dissent, Not Stopping the Spread

by Paul Gregoire
We all saw the photos of our beloved leader Scott Morrison waving a football scarf around his head and sinking a few cold ones on 13 July 2020, as he was surrounded by mates at Sydney’s Kogarah Oval. Meanwhile, down...

Berejiklian’s Heavy-Handed Festival Laws Aren’t Reducing Serious Drug Incidents

by Paul Gregoire
It’s anyone’s guess as to how the 2020/21 NSW music festival season is going to pan out, as currently, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s a statewide ban on such events. And with cases of the virus on the...

Latham Is Now Championing Morrison’s Religious Prejudice Crusade in NSW

by Paul Gregoire
“The fastest growing form of discrimination in our society is against people of religious faith, especially Christians,” said NSW One Nation MLC Mark Latham in a baffling second reading speech on his recently introduced religious freedoms legislation. The NSW leader...

Illegal Strip Searches Are Sexual Assault, But Police Watchdog Has No Power to Discipline Offenders

by Paul Gregoire
The civil campaign against the dramatic increase in strip search use by NSW police started gaining traction in mid-2018, as it became apparent that Mick Fuller’s troops were engaging in what’s supposed to be a tactic of last resort like...
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