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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He's the winner of the 2021 NSW Council for Civil Liberties Award For Excellence In Civil Liberties Journalism. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, Paul wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

Sydney’s Veteran Drug Law Reformists Call for Decriminalisation of Drug Possession

Sydney has a well-established and well-oiled drug law reform/harm reduction community made up of a group of experts, many with lived experience, who, despite the unwillingness of politicians to see the light, have long been pointing to its direction at...

“For Palestinian Liberation”: Unionists for Palestine’s Erima Dall on the Police Protest Crackdown

As NSW police set upon the 500 nonviolent demonstrators at Port Botany on 21 November with unbridled force, it became apparent that pro-Palestinian protesters are facing criminal charges in the same manner as climate defenders have been over recent years. The...

Stranded: Australia Cuts Lifeline to Remaining PNG Offshore Detainees

Of the 4,194 people who arrived by boat in Australian waters seeking asylum after the Gillard Labor government recommenced offshore processing in 2012 on the pretext that refugees would be resettled in third countries, there remains 60-odd detainees seeking asylum in Papua...

Activists Blockade Pine Gap Facility Due to Evidence of Complicity in the Gaza Genocide

Peace activists blockaded the access road leading to the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap on Monday morning, making it the second time the nonviolent direct action has been staged since the outbreak of the Israeli perpetrated genocide upon the Palestinians...

Getting Arrested at the Nation’s Largest Civil Disobedience Action for Climate

Getting arrested used to be something that the general public considered a mark of disgrace. But that’s changed now that the people understand that government ministers aren’t making decisions that consider the viability of a future for generations to come...

Plibersek’s Murray Darling Reform Bill Completely Excludes First Nations Water Rights

The Murray Darling Basin is the most important river system on the continent. The waters traverse four southeastern states and the Australian Capital Territory. And the region, which currently has a population of 2.3 million people, is also home to...

The Right to Party in Peace: NSW Heavy-Handed Drug Law Enforcement Is Unjustified

The NSW Police Force has spent $46 million dollars over the last decade in order to run its drug detection dog unit. This expenditure has led police officers to conduct 95,000 searches of civilians over the last ten years, with only...

Hate Speech, Gay Conversion and the NSW Faith Lobby: Minns’ Religious Freedoms Crusade

The tossing of international law out the window by Israel, as it attempts to wipe out the Palestinians of Gaza, in a war crimes bonanza so far six-weeks-long, has reverberated across a planet, which is mourning the loss of humanity...

Could Australian Politicians Be Complicit in Israeli War Crimes Perpetrated in Gaza?

A couple of hundred pro-Palestinian protesters converged on NSW premier Chris Minns’ Kogarah office on Monday. Their message was clear: if the Labor leader does not withdraw his support from the smorgasbord of war crimes that the Israeli government has unleashed...

“Ongoing Nakba. Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing”: APAN’s Noura Mansour on Gazan Atrocities

The wholesale massacre of 2.3 million Palestinians held captive within the borders of the 40-odd kilometre strip of land that is Gaza has continued for over 40 days now. And there are no signs of Israel slowing down its all-out...
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