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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He has a focus on human rights issues, encroachments on civil liberties, drug law reform, gender diversity and First Nations rights. Prior to Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, he wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

Running the PM Out of Brisbane: An Interview With Refugee Solidarity Meanjin

by Paul Gregoire
Just after prime minister Scott Morrison entered the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at Queensland University on the morning of 12 October, a group of refugee rights activists emerged out of nowhere to commence demonstrating. The protesters doused the...

Boycott Israeli Apartheid: An Interview With BDS Australia’s Nasser Mashni

by Paul Gregoire
Increasingly, the use of the word apartheid is being applied to the system of governance that’s currently operating in the nation known as Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories – the land of historic Palestine. In mid-2018, the Knesset (Israeli...

Calls for a Murdoch Royal Commission: “A Cancer on Our Democracy”, Says Rudd

by Paul Gregoire
James Murdoch recently told the New York Times that the reason he resigned from the board of News Corp in July, is that his father’s newspaper publishing company is propagating and legitimising disinformation. The younger son of Australian-born media mogul...

The Incarcerated Trans and Gender Diverse Community Fund: A Chat With Witt Gorrie

by Paul Gregoire
A fund to provide support for trans and gender diverse inmates appeared online on 7 October, and within a week it had reached its goal of $30,000. And as the donations have only continued to climb, the organisers’ aim to...

Chomsky on the Plight of Assange: “The Complicity of Many Governments”

by Paul Gregoire
British Judge Vanessa Baraitser is currently deliberating on whether Australian journalist Julian Assange should be extradited to the United States, as he’s currently being remanded in her country on American espionage charges. The extradition proceedings came to a close on...

Calls for Reform Around Police Body-Worn Cameras: An Interview With ALA’s Jeremy King

by Paul Gregoire
A recent Victoria County Court decision has renewed calls in that state to have the laws governing body-worn cameras overhauled. Last month, Judge Sandra Davis found there’s nothing in the law that requires footage from such cameras to be produced...

The Budget’s Climate Denial: An Interview With Economics Professor John Quiggin

by Paul Gregoire
University of Queensland Professor John Quiggin is an economist, who’s had a focus on the environment that goes back years. A former member of the Climate Change Authority, the academic has written on policy topics that range from changing climate...

Get the Hell Out of Bed With Santos, Gladys, Warns Extinction Rebellion

by Paul Gregoire
Traffic on Sydney’s Macquarie Street was brought to a standstill at 4 pm on 14 October, as a bed appeared high on the barricades out the front of state parliament, and upon it was the embodiment of the NSW government...

Sydney University Students Heighten Protest Campaign, As Police Escalate Use of Force

by Paul Gregoire
Sydney University continues to be the frontline of the battle for the right to protest, and the clash to push back attacks on higher education and critical thought. Although the excessive policing that’s causing it to be the epicentre, is...

Sydney University Caught Colluding With NSW Police Over Protests: The SRC’s Jack Mansell Speaks Out

by Paul Gregoire
Since late July, reports on the overpolicing of COVID safe student and staff demonstrations at Sydney University have been doing the rounds of both social and mainstream media. Riot squad, mounted and general duties officers have all been deployed in...
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