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Success Stories - Appeals

Here are some of our recent criminal and traffic cases. Names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.


Successful District Court Appeal Keeps Client Out of Prison

A 53 year old man from Canley Vale called our firm after he was convicted and sentenced to 1 year and 3 months prison in Liverpool Local Court when represented by another criminal law firm. He had pleaded ‘not guilty’... read more

Conviction Appeal Successful for Client who was on a Suspended Sentence

The Presiding Judge in Downing Centre District Court has overturned the Local Court’s guilty verdict against our 34 year old client who under a ‘suspended sentence’. Our client pleaded guilty to Robbery In Company late last year and was placed... read more

Successful District Court Severity Appeals for Drug Possession Charges

Two young men and one young woman who pleaded ‘guilty’ in Deniliquin Local Court to numerous charges of ‘drug possession’ have had their convictions overturned on appeal to Downing Centre District Court. The charges arose after police applied for a... read more

High Court Appeal Successful

In the High Court of Australia, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® successfully appealed the murder conviction of accused drive-by shooter Naseam El Zayet, and his conviction was quashed on the grounds that a miscarriage of justice had occurred. read more

District Court Appeals Successful

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® obtained ‘suspended sentences’ (no prison time) in Parramatta District Court after appealing a case for a 39 year old Brookvale man who was convicted in the Local Court of ‘Affray’ and 2 counts of ‘Assault Occasioning Actual... read more

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