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Not Guilty of Stealing a Motor Vehicle

Our client is a 35 year old man from Crows Nest in Sydney. He was charged with Take & Drive Conveyance and Carried in Conveyance Without the Owner’s consent. The police version of the events was that our client and... read more

No Conviction for 800 Steroid Tablets

Our client is a 24 year old physical education student. Police say they observed him entering a ‘known drug premises’ and exiting a short time later with a package. They followed his car and pulled him over a short time... read more

No Criminal Record for Possessing 7 ‘Ecstacy’ Tablets

Our client is a 25 year old man who works in the marketing industry. Police were conducting patrols outside a popular music festival with the assistance of their drug detection dogs, when a dog indicated the presence of drugs in... read more

No Criminal Record for 14 Ecstacy Tablets

Our client is a foreign national on a working holiday visa. A few months into her stay in Australia, she decided to attend a music festival with a group of friends. On the day of the festival, she was pressured... read more

No Conviction for 8 Counts of Embezzlement

Our client was working for a large retailer and was alleged by the company to have misappropriated nearly $20,000 worth of cash and stock. Even though our client denied almost all of the claims, our client was pressured into making... read more

13 Fraud Charges Dismissed Due to Mental Health

Our client is a 48-year old registered nurse. She was charged with 13 counts of ‘Dishonestly Obtain Financial Advantage by Deception’ under section 192E of the Crimes Act (‘fraud’), and one count of Larceny (stealing). The ‘fraud’ charges each carry... read more

Third ‘Non-Conviction’ for Drug Possession

Our client is a 38-year-old teacher. Police in plain clothes observed him stand up and exit a bar as they were entering the premises with a drug-detection dog. Police decided to approach him, at which time our client immediately produced... read more

No Criminal Record for Common Assault After ‘Facts’ Significantly Amended

Our client is a 31 year old professional musician from the United States, who was visiting Australia on tour. He was charged with common assault after an argument with his partner, where it was initially alleged that he punched and... read more

No Criminal Record for ‘Deemed Supply’ of 15 Ecstacy Tablets

Our client is a 24 year old student who was found to be in possession of 15 ecstasy tablets. During the police interview, he admitted intending to supply the tablets to his friends once they were all together inside the... read more

Client Found Not Guilty of Brutality Charges

Our client is a constable in the NSW Police Force. On a Thursday night, the complainant was ejected by security officers from a hotel in Lidcombe due to his level of intoxication. Our client and another police officer attended the... read more
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