What is a Traffic Offenders Program?

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If you have been charged with a traffic or drink driving offence, your traffic lawyer might suggest that you enrol in a traffic offenders program.

A traffic offenders program is designed to educate drivers who have already gotten into trouble with the law, help them become safer, and reduce the likelihood of them reoffending.

The PCYC is the largest service provider, and runs a number of traffic offenders programs in Hornsby, South Sydney, Bankstown, and other locations around Sydney.

What topics are covered during a traffic offenders program?

The programs are designed to educate drivers about common hazards, and how to avoid dangerous driving behaviours.

There is often a focus on the impact of dangerous driving, or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, on victims and their families.

Some of the topics generally covered include:

  • The impact that factors such as stress and intoxication can have on your driving ability
  • The impact that dangerous driving behaviours can have on other road users
  • Traffic law, and what it means for drivers
  • Road rules and how to understand them
  • Defensive driving skills
  • The role of police and emergency services

Other topics that are sometimes covered include vehicle maintenance, and an insight into the consequences of dangerous driving, including common injuries that occur.

Why should I attend a traffic offenders program?

The main benefit to completing a traffic offenders program is that it provides evidence that you are aware of the seriousness of your charges, and have taken measures to address the issues that might have led to the offence being committed.

When sentencing traffic offenders, magistrates will often look more favourably on those who have completed a traffic offenders program, and you can potentially receive a less severe penalty as a result.

Participating in a traffic offender program can also help you reduce the risk of ending up as a habitual traffic offender, or having a serious accident in the future.

Who is eligible for traffic offender programs?

To be eligible for a traffic offender program, you need to have been charged with a traffic offence, but not yet been sentenced, and you need to agree to participate.

Your traffic lawyer can help you find a suitable program in your area, and in some cases, you need to have a court referral before you are accepted on to the program.

Unless there is a valid reason why you should not enrol on the program, most people will be considered eligible.

How long do traffic offender programs run for?

Traffic offender programs are usually run for six to eight weeks, with sessions being held once a week.

Lectures generally run for two to three hours, and can be held during the evening or in the daytime.

Generally you will have an opportunity to provide feedback on your participation in the program in court, and explain how the program has helped to change your attitudes to driving.

This will be taken into consideration when the magistrate is deciding your sentence.

A traffic offender program can be a very worthwhile use of your time, particularly if it enables you to receive a shorter sentence, and reduces the chance of you ending up in court again in the future.

To locate a traffic offenders program from Hornsby to Bankstown, and find out whether you are a suitable candidate to participate, speak to an experienced, specialist traffic lawyer.


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