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Government Promises to Finally Make Medicinal Cannabis Accessible

At a Council of Australian Governments health council meeting last Friday, all state and territory health ministers signed onto a national scheme to streamline patient access to medicinal cannabis products. Federal health minister Greg Hunt said prescribing cannabis medicine will be left...

Making Medicinal Cannabis Accessible: An Interview with Senator Richard Di Natale

Currently, there’s a private senator’s bill before the House of Representatives that will provide terminally ill patients with rapid access to medicinal cannabis products. But, there are fears the Turnbull government will vote it down. Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale...

Legalising the Inaccessible: An Interview with Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Teresa Towpik

A medicinal cannabis bill that would make it easier for terminally ill patients to access imported cannabis medicines passed through the Senate on Thursday. However, it’s expected the Turnbull government will vote it down in the lower house. This really...

Drug Driving in NSW: Lawful Cannabis Use and Honest Mistake Are No Defence

The medicinal cannabis industry in Australia was long criticised for its slow laborious movement towards accessible product. However, over recent years, the snail pace has developed into a gallop, as the nation, it was announced in January, has now one...

Shoebridge’s National Legalise Cannabis Bill Covers All Grassroots Wants and Concerns

After Australia legalised medicinal cannabis nationwide in October 2016, people who use the plant recreationally have been hesitant of political initiatives to legalise it, even though the lawful use of the fairly innocuous herb is the outcome they desire. And that’s with...

Senator Shoebridge Is Consulting the Community on Legalising Cannabis This Year

Based on the model Greens Senator David Shoebridge has put on the table, legal cannabis could initially be sold at as little as $13 a gram, and even with GST, this could dip to $7 a gram within 5 years...

While Legal Thai Cannabis Is Confined to Medicinal Use, It’s a Broad Definition

Thailand’s removal of cannabis from its illegal narcotic list has led to a sprawling new industry. Michael Balderstone, president of Legalise Cannabis Australia, will tell you that as far as he’s concerned, all forms of cannabis consumption are medicinal, including...

Inside Bangkok’s Legal Cannabis Café

Bangkok’s backpacker mecca Khao San Road has gone through a lot of changes over recent decades. The slick neon-lit bars lining much of the street are a far cry from the more down-home establishments of the past. But the most...

Coroner’s Refusal of Inquest Into Child’s Death Is Motivated by Cannabis, Father Claims

Steve Peek had initially been reluctant to treat his daughter, Suli, with medicinal cannabis, in relation to the unidentified drug-resistant form of epilepsy she was suffering from, which caused constant seizures. Yet, as Suli continued to have adverse reactions to...

Public Demands Cannabis Legalisation, But Government and Big Pharma Have Other Ideas

The overwhelming majority of Australian patients who use cannabis medicines and have come into contact with this country’s medicinal cannabis licensing system – which commenced on 30 October 2016 – will tell you it completely disregards their interests. The Turnbull...
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