Section 60 Companion Animals Act 1998 | Denying Entry to Assistance Animal


Section 60 of the Companion Animals Act 1998 is Denying Entry to Assistance Animal and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

60 Assistance animal not to be denied entry

(1) An occupier or person in charge or control of a building or place open to or used by the public or a person in charge or control of any public transport must not, without reasonable cause, refuse to permit a person to take an assistance animal into or onto, or while accompanied by an assistance animal to enter or be in or on, that building or place or public transport if the person has a disability and is using the animal bona fide to assist him or her. Maximum penalty: 8 penalty units.

(2) A person prosecuted for a contravention of this section is not entitled to any defence to that prosecution that relies for its efficacy on the presence of the animal concerned.